Chapter 8: a few weeks later

'Daisuke… really… I am going to cast a spell on you to make you STOP DREAMING… It's getting way. Over. The. Top…'

The redhead softly blushed. "sorry Dark." He said silently. ' I already have the luck to have those rings with Krad…. So we can ESCAPE once in while, when you two are getting to 'it' again' "t-then I think you'll have to use the rings again tonight... because I'm staying overnight with Toshi."

Dark's eye twitched, and the thief shivered. 'thank you for warning.. But… you do remember that Krad and I first need to take over right?' "Yeah I know…"

The redhead smiled again, and started searching his stuff together.

Two hours later he arrived at Satoshi's house. He rang the bell, and from the moment it opened he immediately kissed The commander. 'Daisuke! The zone PLEASE!?' Daisuke softly pulled back and looked at his boyfriend before rolling his eyes and letting the teenager take over. "thank you…" he said as now Krad was standing in front of him too. Dark grabbed Krad's hand, and immediately after the two boys were themselves again, attacking each other, ready for some naughty stuff.

Chapter 9: the answer

Dark sighed and laid himself on the snow white floor, staring at the walls, which were white too. "I feel like I am in a paper box.." he said annoyed, before remembering the last time. He had drawn something on the wall.

He looked around, only to notice that there was no drawing to be found. He took his marker out of his pocket and sat up, walking to the wall and starting to draw some trees.

Krad followed the kaito with his eyes and sighed deeply before standing up. He walked to the purple haired teenager and grabbed his hand, helping him to draw the trees. Because…. Said softly…. Dark SUCKED at drawing.

Dark softly blushed as he felt Krad's hand cover his, Krad's 'front' against his butt. And Krad…. He didn't notice a thing.

The Kaito felt himself turning hard from the touches and he bit his lip, trying not to let the blond notice.

But the hornyness was just too much, and he suddenly turned himself around, gazing at Krad. "K-Krad… If I'd were you… I..I'd get away from me now….." he said huskily.

The blond stared at him. "Why?" Dark pushed himself against the wall. "because I am this close to attacking you….." he said holding up his hand, leaving about half a cm between his fingers.

To his surprise Krad softly smiled, but he didn't move. "Kraaahhddd.." Dark bit his lip a little too hard now, making a small bleeding wound., but it was like he didn't notice at all. He closed his eyes tightly and covered the bulge in his pants.

Krad now smiled again as he wiped of the blood from Dark's chin, slowly touching the lips too. Dark released a soft moan, and moved his hand in his pants. Krad softly chuckled and bent forwards, capturing Darks lips, licking off the blood, … ,and surprising the other.

After he pulled back he noticed Dark was looking at him confused, making him smile. "You know…. I already made up my mind last week, but I was testing how long you could handle yourself." He snickered softly, and now kissed Dark again, pushing him softly against the wall.

The blond now pulled Dark's hand out of his pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them off together with the purple boxers. Krad gazed at the cock. "WOW… You are BIG." Dark now softly smirked, but meanwhile he blushed.

Krad softly poked the tip. "I wonder if it will fit…" he said dead-serious. "Why don't we try?" Dark said, still horny as HELL. "Because things are turning blue down there…"

Krad snickered. "hmm that is an idea." He said, quickly undoing Dark from his shirt and other clothes, leaving him completely naked. "hey…. I am not the only one getting naked." He said smiling before in 10 seconds time undressing the blond completely.

Dark stared at Krad… "God… even hotter without the clothes…." He softly moved his hand to the blond's ponytail. Krad stared at him, a little threatening. "pleaassee????" the thief asked begging, inclusive the puppy eyes.

Krad gave in. "Okay…But only now…" he said softly, making Dark smile.

Dark now loosened the ponytail, watching the hair fall over Krad's shoulder, while trying to keep in his drool. "You. Are. Sexy." He said, letting his hand go throught the silky hair sofly. He sat down, still against the wall, looking at the blond's member now. He grinned up at Krad.

"what??" "nothing…" Dark once again looked at the member, now taking the tip in his mouth, licking it and sucking it. "hhnnnggg." Krad moaned in surprise, and pleasure of course. He softly grinded his hips forwards, forcing Dark to take more in his mouth than only the tip.

A few minutes long Dark used his technique on Krad's member, working miracles with it, making the blond come pretty fast.

Now the blond decided to take over, he lowered himself and sat himself down onto Dark's lap, teasing the teenager by pressing his entrance against the tip.

"how bad do you want it?" He asked smirking softly.

"hnggrr…. Very very bad." The horny man said. Krad teased him a little more. "then why don't you beg for it?" The sadistic blond asked.

And where Dark normally would protest until eternity, he now used his puppy eyes again, and BEGGED for it.

"please….. Krad…. I need it….bad.." he said pushing his hips up, entering Krad with his tip, making the blond moan. "you'll have to beg more." "why you little sadist…. I know u need it too….. PLEAASSSEEEE??????" he said, now making the biggest pout ever."

"okay…. You convinced me.." the blond said, smirking. Dark smiled and immediately pushed his hips up, making Krad moan loudly as he immediately hit the prostate. (Yeah…. That big… .n_n)

He fastened his pace and pushed Krad on his back, pounding into him deeply, making the uke moan in pleasure.

He smirked as he saw Krad's face, full of pleasure, and started pounding even harder and faster, grabbing the blond's member again, pumping him, and making it hard again.

It didn't take Dark long before he reached his edge (he had been keeping up a few days already), but that didn't mean he pulled out. He stayed inside, pumping Krad hard and fast, and l he suddenly pulled out, taking the member in his mouth again, sucking it and nibbling on it, rubbing it with his tongue, just everything where he could think of, with his mind going blank.

A few minutes later the blond came, moaning Dark's name so load, they both for a second feared that Daisuke and Satoshi could've heard them. But luckily for them, those two were to busy themselves to even notice.

A/N: I am SO sorry that the lemon is pretty lame… but…. I had an idea before I went on vacation to France… But after 10 days of vacation, I lost the idea….. and… it is now.. 1.21 AM in Belgium…. xD So my mind isn't working well anymore….

This is btw… the LAST chapter of this story… for real… no sequel on this one…. Because I can just keep going on and on and on….. OwO