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Forks. The dreary little place in Washington where it rains...like a lot. In some ways I had missed Forks. I missed my dad. The weather was the only thing I did not miss.

I had lived in Forks with my dad for five years until my little incident two years ago. All I will say is cars and copious quantities of alcohol do not mix well. I either faced my father arresting me or moving to Phoenix to live with my mother. Charlie was no good at punishment. I had gone years of drinking and misbehaving and he would never even bat an eyelid. Which to be honest is strange considering he is police of chief in Forks.

I missed my friends most. Of course I had become the most popular girl in our year at school in Phoenix but that was nothing on being the most popular girl in school in Forks. The difference in size of schools was immense. The entire student body at Forks would have to be the equivalent to maybe two years of students at Phoenix.

Charlie met me at the arrivals area of the airport. He was still wearing his uniform, probably came straight from work to pick me up too. He looked at me and tutted. Clearly I wasn't dressed for the weather. So what...I looked great in my black chiffon dress, leggings and ok maybe slightly impractical almost 7 inch heels.

"Bell's, you're going to freeze when you get outside." He grinned at me as I rolled my eyes. "How you doing kiddo? I missed you."

"I missed you too dad!" he took my bag from me and wheeled it along behind us as we talked while walking towards the exit.

The automatic doors opened and a draft blew in, in the process blowing my lightweight dress up. Caught in a Marilyn Monroe moment I tried to hold it down, as my face turned beetroot already. Ok I was completely underdressed, it was fricking freezing! I could just hear Charlie laughing his "I told you so" laugh through the chattering of my teeth. What the hell, It was supposed to be summer? He guided me over to the car park and I groaned when I saw what we would be driving home in. The police cruiser. I hoped to god nobody saw me. "Still not got a car dad?"

"Well there was no point was there. It was only me." He turned round to see me open my mouth to ask for something and cut me off. "And don't think I'll be buying you one either missy. You have a track record." Dammit. He brought that up in record time.

We walked to the trunk of the cruiser and he attempted to lift my suitcase up to place it in. "Jeeez, Bella what do you have in there?" oops I may have packed one too many pairs of shoes, or tops, or skirts or it could be the jeans or makeup? Who knew...I was never a light packer. I didn't want to leave my clothes behind in Phoenix. Phil; mums new husband had just been signed to a major baseball league team and had taken us out shopping before I left. I had never cared for Phil until that moment when he bought me my first pair of Louis Louboutin shoes. He had also made sure there was enough cash sitting in my bank account for me to buy things as my "indigent father" as he put it, would not be able to afford luxuries. Phil was amazing (well I thought so after out shopping trip), my mum was so lucky to have found him. I felt bad for my dad though, he hadn't found anyone else since my mum and was bound to be lonely.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I snapped out of my thoughts to see Charlie looking for help with the case.

"Ha-ha dad" I laughed sarcastically, "you know I can't help you lift that!"

"It's your suitcase Bella, either you help or it gets left here in the car park."

Hmm he had a point.

"You pull from the top, I'll push from the bottom." He suggested. I was actually terrified of him putting his back out and me having to drive the cruiser home. Of course Charlie would never trust me with any vehicle again never mind the police cruiser. He would struggle home driving with two broken legs and arms if it meant I wouldn't have to drive.

After our successful lifting we got into the car and begun our awkward journey to the house. Charlie never knew what to say to me, so once the old "Hey, how are you, what you been up to" conversation had been dried up that was us.

The town hadn't changed much, the same shops and cafes stood in the same places as when I left. Charlie's house was another thing which hadn't changed...like at all. The same slightly peeling wallpaper was in the hall. I walked through to the living room where there were pictures from me at various stages in life on the walls and placed on tables. I walked over to the last school photograph that I had taken at Forks High.

I had spent hours that morning curling my hair and applying makeup so I would look perfect. As soon as I walked out the front door of the house the wind and rain ruined it. I got a detention for being late that morning after running back in to redo my hair and waiting for my tongs to cool down so I could take them to school and fix my hair if needed at any point. I glanced at the class photo; I was sitting in the middle of the front row. Alice my best friend at the time was sitting next to me her long hair tied up in a pony tail. Next to her was Lauren Mallory; she was a bitch, always trying to be like me. She had even curled her hair and worn the same top as me in that picture. I looked at the back row of the picture and found Emmett who had been my boyfriend; smiling cheekily at the camera as if he was about to do something bad. He had actually intended to show the finger for that picture but wasn't paying enough attention and missed his cue.

Two months after that picture was taken I was sent to Phoenix. I wondered how different everyone was now. I barley stayed in touch with anyone, apart from the occasional add on Facebook from someone in Forks I hadn't heard from anyone. I never paid too much attention to peoples profiles either. Speaking of Facebook...

"Dad? Do we have internet yet?"

"No Bells, there is someone coming out to get it all sorted out next week. Your mom already told of your addiction to social networking sites." He sighed at me. "Really kiddo, the world is outside not on a screen. You should go outside more."

I rolled my eyes and stalked off to my room. It hadn't really changed much in the past two years, Charlie must have left it the way I had. Somehow he had managed to carry my suitcase up the stairs by himself. I moved over to it and unzipped it. God it was really, really full, I hadn't even realised how much I had packed. But you couldn't expect me to live without a clean change of clothes.

I pulled the t-shirts out of the bag and began to fold them up before putting them into a drawer. The jeans, dresses and tops were then hung over a hanger and put in the closet. Ahhh...next were my shoes! I would be lying if I said I didn't have a soft spot for shoes. After every shopping trip I had ever been on I always came back with at least one pair of shoes. I had only been able to bring a few pairs in the suitcase but Renee assured me she would have the rest of my shoes and clothes shipped over to me in the next few weeks. I'm sure she was still hoping that I would change my mind. It wasn't really an option though to be honest; Phil was going to be moving around a lot and my mum was lonely without him. I wasn't really exactly the same company as he was for her; in more ways than one...which just disturbed me. I felt a shiver run through me as I tried to push the memory of the night three weeks ago which confirmed to me that I didn't want to be in the same house where they could do that. The next morning I phoned Charlie up and told him I was coming to stay with him and he was thrilled.

There was still six weeks left of summer vacation and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I mean, what was there to do in Forks exactly? I suppose I could go back to running. I used to run through the wooded area behind my house for three miles until I came upon a small meadow area where I would sit and rest for twenty minutes. The meadow as near enough my most favourite place in Forks. The lush green grass was comfortable to sit in; it was the perfect place to relax.

I rummaged about in the closet and drawers I had just tidied clothing away to, to try and find something suitable to wear for a run. I found a pair of red very short shorts; quite why I had packed them to bring here I couldn't quite figure out. Some more rummaging unearthed a white cami top. At the bottom of the closet; obviously something I had left behind when I was shipped off to my mum was a pair of white and pink Sketchers. Did anyone wear sketchers anymore? I had long since abandoned the sneakers for more elegant and graceful shoes.

It would not be a fantastic ensemble but who was going to see me anyway, right? Especially if I got up early enough too. I folded the shorts and t-shirt up and placed them on the old rocking chair in the far corner of my room. I let my eyes sweep around the room that had been so familiar to me three years ago. It just looked childish. Somehow in the space of three years I had outgrown the garish pink on two of the walls as well as the huge life-size poster of Orlando Bloom. I had been completely infatuated with Orlando, stupid teenage celeb crush. I remember the few times when Emmett had been in my room (when Charlie wasn't at home of course) he had ripped me for it. I sighed as I walked over to the poster and began pulling the pins out of the wall and let it fall to the floor.

Stifling a yawn I plodded over to my bed and collapsed down on it. Pulling my phone out of my bag I set the alarm for 90 minutes. I really needed to catch up on sleep, I felt dead on my feet. I let the drowsiness wash over me and I was succumbed in a deep sleep.


I was woken by the alarm feeling slightly more refreshed for my nap. It was around five o'clock. I stretched and climbed out of bed to go down to the kitchen. Charlie was already sitting there eating a bag of crisps and reading the newspaper.

"Hey kiddo, I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out to the diner for some dinner but you were fast asleep when I checked in on you."

"Yeah, I was pretty tired." I mumbled as I let out a yawn. "What's there for eating then dad? I don't really want to go out anywhere to be honest." I turned my back to him to start rummaging around in the cupboards. I came across cans of beans some jars of sauce for pasta and multipacks of crisps. I sighed and made my way over to the fridge hoping fervently that there might be something fresh to eat in there. But...no luck. "Dad what have you been eating? There is nothing in here!"

"Yes, that's why I was asking if you wanted to go the diner." He looked up at me from his paper.

"Dad, seriously have you been going to the diner every night? Honestly you do realise it's not good for you?"

"Bell's I don't want this argument tonight, don't start. I had a long day at work, I'm tired and I've not been shopping for food in a while ok." He pleaded with me.

No such luck. "Seriously, dad. It's not healthy. And you were only at work until 2:00 until you picked me up! How's that long? Can we at least just go to the shops and get some groceries, I'll make dinner." I added trying to soften him up. He hesitated.

"Not tonight Bella. Please just don't start this with me ok. We're going to the diner tonight and tomorrow we can go shopping for food ok?"

Compromise, it's all he had. Fine I would go the diner but from tomorrow on it was going to be all healthy eating. I nodded my head and made my way back up to my room to grab my bag and jacket. I caught my reflection in the mirror, I looked a mess. My hair was sticking out everywhere and my eyeliner and mascara had smudged under my eyes. I sprayed my hair with hairspray and tried to pat it back down to where it should be in attempt to go for the messy unkempt look but ended up having to tie it back off my face. Using a cotton wool tip I removed the traces of makeup from under my eyes. There, I looked less like a panda now. I slipped my heels back on and went back down the stairs.

"You're overdressed Bella. It's just the diner."

"I wasn't going to get changed; I'm quite comfortable in this." Comfortable was the exact opposite of how I felt in my clothes and I would have given anything to wear a sweatshirt and jeans moping about the house, but I had an appearance to keep up; I was Bella Swan, the popular well dressed girl who liked to have a good time.

"You're not in Arizona anymore, you are going to freeze." He shook his head at me as he held the front door open waiting for me to go out to the cruiser.

"Ugh dad, do you think you could even consider me getting a car? You wouldn't even have to pay for it! I swear, I wouldn't do anything stupid." I begged him.

"Bella, no. I can't trust you with a car. You're only just back here with me; I don't want to have to send you back to your mum again." He was already threatening me with another eviction?

"You can't trust me? Mum and Phil trusted me with a car." I could see Charlie's jaw clench when I said his name.

"That's different" he said firmly as he ducked into his side of the cruiser and started the engine up.

"How exactly is it? It's just a car, do you really think I'd do something that stupid again dad?"

"It's not just you that was affected by that accident Bella; remember that. I don't want to hear another word on the subject again tonight. If you can prove to me that I can trust you again I will consider it. But that's not a guarantee. I'm not going to be as soft on you this time around." His eyes hard on the road in front of him. Fine if he wanted me to behave I would behave, that was easy. I was going to get my car. Even if he said no there was no way he would stop me from using Phil's money to buy one. Phil would be completely supportive of my decision to piss off Charlie. But I thought it would be best to let Charlie feel like he was being a parent.

"I'm sorry dad. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to being here again." I said as I sighed for added dramatic effect.

Once again the conversation dried up again after our little spat. I vaguely remembered the drive to the diner. There wasn't much to remember though; trees tress and more trees. Not that I wasn't appreciative of nature or anything; it was just boring. Everything around here was green. I guess green was maybe slightly better than the brown and red of Phoenix.

He parked in one of the bays facing the diners windows. He locked the car up and we walked inside. Yuk this place stunk of fish and...What the fuck was that other smell? Gads. He made his way over to his table and chair over in the corner of the room which he had claimed as his own about 5 years ago. God help anyone that accidently sat there when Chief Swan entered.

I looked down to the red seat and found it covered in crumbs and what I hoped was only grease, there was no way I was sitting on that. Grabbing napkins of the table I franticly started wiping down the seat. "Eww, ew, ew!!" I moaned before yanking more napkins out of the dispenser and covering the seat in them before I sat down.

"Behave" Charlie hissed under his breath as I made a face at him. The waitress came over and greeted Charlie fondly before turning to me.

"Oh, Isabella! It's been years! You look so grown up now, a proper little lady!" she took in what I was wearing, "Oh, dear are you not freezing with that on?" she asked in a discerning tone.

"No I'm fine" I smiled politely back at her. Nosy cow.

"What can I get you dears then? Same as usual Charlie I take it?" he confirmed this with a curt nod. "And for you Isabella, what will it be?" she asked as I looked down at the menu. Ew, did they not serve proper food here?

"Erm...I'll just have the garden salad and some water." Because that really was the best option. I placed the menu back on the table and went back to thinking about the food I would be making for Phil and Renee at home back in Phoenix. I was in the mood for a stir fry tonight. I wonder if Charlie even had vegetables in the house. When I lived here before I helped out with the cooking for the majority of the time, it was either that or living on frozen food and microwave meals. I had become quite efficient in the kitchen which made moving in with Renee a lot easier. She tended to experiment with food; one of her oddest had to be mashed potatoes on toast. That was definitely... something. I snickered at the thought of what she had dreamt up of for their dinner tonight. Thinking of food, in my rummage around the cupboards I came across nothing for breakfast.

"Dad" I asked with a voice that was laced with the obvious 'I want something' tone.

"Yes Bella?" he asked suspiciously.

"Can we please go to like Walmart or something and get some groceries tonight? Just there was nothing there to eat for breakfast." I whined

"Walmart? You think you have the luxury of a Walmart here? There is a Publix about a half hour away, that's why I suggested we could go together tomorrow once I've finished work. But we can stop in at Forks Outfitters on the way home and grab something for your for breakfast" he hastily added in when he thought I would throw another tantrum. I was becoming amazingly childish since arriving having already picked two fights with him.

"Ok, that's fine." I smiled at him. "I'm sorry I'm being really moody; I'm really tired." Hopefully my apology would go towards the whole thinking I was "grown up and mature enough" to get a car thing.

"That's ok Bells, I understand, you've had a long day."

The waitress brought us our food paused to tell me how happy she was I was back and left. Did I even know her? It seemed a pretty odd thing to say to someone who you'd never met before that you were happy to see them again. Or maybe she was just friendly.

I didn't say anything else to Charlie again as he sat scoffing down his big slab of steak, while I picked at my salad. It wasn't that bad, it just didn't look very presentable and that put me off. Placing my cutlery back down on the plate I patiently sipped my water while Charlie basically threw his food down his throat. It was kind of gross watching him eat.

He had cleared his plate in 5 minutes and the waitress came over with the check. I let Charlie deal with it while I put my jacket back on and headed out of the small, smelly, dingy cafe and breathed in the sweet smell of fresh air. Feeling the cold air around my bare legs was not the nicest of sensations, I could feel small hairs on my legs prickling up even though I had them waxed last week. I wished Charlie would hurry up!

The car ride to the outfitters wasn't too bad, it was only 15 minutes away from the diner.

"That's it up there Bella." He said as he watched my face fall and he laughed. "Nothing like your fancy shops in Phoenix Bells eh? You'd think you had completely forgot what Forks was like the way your acting."

"I just don't remember being here before. I knew there were no shops around here, I always had to go to Port Angeles." My voice was small. Crap I really had forgotten how crap Forks was, I kind of thought that maybe in the space of a few years they might have built a mall or something. Wish-full thinking I reckoned.

The shop was quiet and small and I navigated my way round it picking up bits and pieces which would make for a good meal. Charlie paid for our purchases and we made our way back to the car.

"So" I started "made any interesting arrests recently?" I inquired as Charlie spluttered. "well?" I pushed further.

"Matter of fact I had the very pleasant task to arrest Michael Newton last month." Maybe this journey would not be boring. Mike? What had he done now? "I'd prefer it if you didn't take to being friends with the likes of him again this year."

"What did he do?" I pressed as Charlie didn't seem to keen to elaborate.

"Why does it matter Bella. Can you not just listen to me here and do what I tell you? Or is that too difficult for you?" my face fell. Why couldn't I have a conversation with Charlie without falling out with him? "Bella just do what I say and we will get on well together ok?" he sighed.

I nodded and turned my attention to the road outside for the rest of the ride home.

After we unpacked the car with our grocery bags I excused myself up to bed and got changed into a pair of pyjamas. I flopped down onto the bed completely exhausted and aggravated ready to go to sleep when I heard two quiet knocks on the door.

"Yeah" I shouted to Charlie.

He opened the door gingerly and peeked round. "Bella I'm sorry, you say you have to get used to Forks again, I just have to get used to living with someone else in the house again and the fact that my little girl has grown up. It's difficult Bella. I've barely seen you for the whole time you were away." He looked at me with a grim expression. "I'm really glad your back home with me, I just need to adjust to you being 18 now." He screwed his face up at me before he smiled. "Anyway I figured you'll need your old key back for the house." He handed me my old keychain with stupid fluffy animals attached to it.

"I hope you've not been using this one Char..Dad." I laughed.

"No." He laughed back. "I'll be leaving for work at 7:00 in the morning; do you want me to wake you up or anything?"

"No it's fine, I got my alarm, I'll be up a little bit after that, I'll probably go for a jog or something."

"Ok then. It's good to have you home Bells. Night night kiddo." He shut the door quietly and snuck down the stairs. I set my alarm for 7 and promptly fell asleep.


I woke up surprisingly alert as my alarm went off the next morning. I made my way down to the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal and ate it quickly before going back upstairs to quickly wash myself, tie my long hair up and get changed into the outfit I had picked out yesterday. After fumbling around in my bag to look for my iPod and the strap to attach it to my arm I was ready to go.

Feeling completely refreshed from my sleep I jogged down the stairs and locked the front door. I instantly regretted the short shorts...I was going to have to go pretty fast to keep myself warm in these. I hid my key under a plant pot in the garden and turned my iPod onto a fast paced song to keep me pumped and started jogging.

The old path I used to take through the trees obviously hadn't been used much recently, it had become overgrown and I had to fight my way through a lot of the branches which each took their own swipes at my face. One managed to draw blood, fantastic I thought to myself, just what I wanted. I wiped my stinging face and continued at an even pace. The jog was surprisingly peaceful. There was something about being out in the woods at this time in the morning; it was serene almost. The dew was still on the grass underfoot and it was sparking up at me when I ran through it. It was not the best thing considering how cold it was, but I was also happy I didn't have a pair of long jogging pants that would get soaked at the bottom.

It had been so long since I had last felt as carefree and calm like this, I had forgotten why I liked jogging so much before. But because it had been so long I had doubts over whether I would make it to my meadow. I had to make it though. It was my place. The only place where I could be myself; where I didn't have to put a facade on for everyone. I didn't have to wear makeup. Didn't have to do something fancy with my hair. Didn't have to wear the shoes I loved that killed my feet so much.

No I could be the Bella that didn't really care all too much about that. Yes I really liked all the fancy clothes and shoes but sometimes I couldn't be bothered with it all. There were times were I wanted nothing more than just to put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt on and look causal.

About halfway through my run I could feel that my stamina was no longer as good as it used to be. I was starting to cramp and I was getting a stitch and oh god I needed water. Why did I not think to bring water? That was an idiot's mistake! Taking deep breathes to try and slow my heart rate and panting down I slowed down to a walking pace. I walked the rest of the way to my meadow. As I came across the part of the woods where the trees became less dense I knew I had arrived at my destination.

I pushed branches out of my way and stepped into the lush grass and marvelled at how scenic it had become since my last visit. The buds on the trees were out and plants on the ground were blooming. It was beautiful. I had missed it here. I looked up at the sky above me to see it kind of sunny; a rarity in forks. The sky was blue but there were a few menacing clouds in the distance. I lay down on the grass soaking up the rays from the sun, I had a feeling it would be my last chance for a while. In order to get the full benefit I turned off my iPod to hear bird's twittering and a slight breeze blowing through the trees.

I could tell it was going to rain soon so there was no point in getting too comfy. I pulled myself up into a sitting position and wrapped my arms around my legs in a bid to keep them warm. I must have sat there for half an hour in my own little world before I realised it was starting to get really cold and that it was raining. I was about to stand up until I heard a loud snap followed by a few more cracks and a flash of bronze falling from the sky and landing with a thud on the grass in front of me.

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