I held my own hair back as I retched over the toilet, I tried to be as quiet as possible because I knew Charlie was only downstairs- and what would I say to explain this. 'oh dad its just a bug' 'Well Bella this is one strange bug you've had it for months now. In fact nine months'- so he defiantly wasn't going to find out.

Once my stomach contents had been officially emptied I slumped on the floor. A few tears ran down my face and I wiped them away with my sleeve I knew exactly what was wrong with me. The big 'p' word, but I wanted to just go to sleep and wake up to find that it was all a nightmare.

I had only been in Forks for two months with my father and I am already.....I can't even say it. Why did I have to be so stupid, why did I have to rush into a relationship with the first guy I met- just because its unusual for men to like me or even look at me. Well that's what it was like in Phoenix. But here all the guys are clingy and find me...and I just went with the flow...and now I'm sat on the dirty floor of my bathroom retching up my breakfast....life was just 'perfect'- I thought to my self sarcastically.

Thank god today is Saturday I couldn't face going to school and seeing him....the the father. I cringed at the word. I rolled myself off the floor and made my way downstairs I wasn't going to stay indoors not with Charlies watchful eyes glaring at me, I scrubbed my face with my dry hands to remove any escaped tears and walked tdown stairs to the hall.

Charlie was in his usual spot in front of the TV- no fishing this weekend, well it was raining- he raised he head as I sloped past him. I quickly grabbed my coat and shouted "I'm going out dad" and I quickly slammed the door shut before he could reply.

I Didn't know where I was going, but I just let my feet take me and to my surprise it wasn't to my nice warm dry truck but instead my feet were taking me towards the woods near my house. I didn't put up a fight, and nor did I put my coat on- It was just wrapped around my head like a blanket.

It seemed like hours, and all I had done was walk and walk and fall and fall. I had no idea where I was nor where I was going, but that was the same with my life. At the moment I didn't have a clue what I was going to do and nor did I have the faintest idea of the future that lay ahead of me. Maybe if I just disappear, just loose myself in the wilderness I will get out of this mess.

It was still raining hard and I could feel my arms numb- from all the blood draining towards my elbows- from holding my coat up. In a instant I flung my coat to the floor and tilted my head to the sky while closing my eyes. Within seconds I was drentched but I really didn't care. The rain drops sploshed hard on my skin and a shiver echoed its way through my body, maybe I could catch a cold, and then...... the thought tightened my stomach. How could I wish for a life to end? I just couldn't no matter what the situation. It was then my attention was diverted to the sound of a snapping twig.

As I looked over a pale figure stood far away watching me.......

* * *

Hey what do you think. This is my story for Nixxii-Cullen's A summers day challenge .net/s/5020833/1/ I just though I would give it ago xxx