I closed my eyes for a second and by the time I opened them again Carlisle was at my side. "Bella....Bella" he was saying.

Mike looked very pale. I almost chuckled thinking that he was going to A) vomit all over the floor and Cullen would go skidding, or B) he was going to faint and take the attention away from me.

Cullen, Edward Cullen, looked calm but worried. Why should he worry? He hardly knows me. But he's cute. I'd rather be having his child, it would look darn cute. Much more cuter than Mike. Ugh I still can't believe I had sex with Mike, what a completely stupid thing to do,....and he's just so....he makes me shudder.

Carlisle's cool hands we're lovely.

"She's burning up" I heard him say. My eyes closed, and I had some kind of oxygen mask on. The cool air dried out my mouth and nose.

"Mike it might be sensible if you find where Charlie is, I think he went down for a coffee" Carlisle suggested.

Mike shook his head. Or so I guess that whats he did, because he gave no reply and then I heard the door shut.

Pain was shooting through my spine, down my stomach, out my....well ladies parts. I knew this wasn't a good sign.

My lips trembled. "I didn't even want it" I mumbled though the oxygen mask.

I knew they heard me, someone held my hand.

The tears dried up quick from the oxygen.

"Stupid Mike...." I opened my eyes, Edward was looking straight at me.

"Your going to need surgery" Carlisle said. His voice was muffled. I was blurring in and out of consciousness.

"I don't want too lose the baby" I cried. "Please....save it"

Edward POV

Hearing Bella say those things hurt my heart. I could hear from Carlisle's thoughts that it was a very, very slim chance that the baby would survive and only a 50% chance that Bella would survive.

Carlisle ordered the theatre too be empty. I lay on the bed next to Bella acting as her personal cooler, or cold compress. She was warm against my skin. She smelt wonderful. It was a blessing to be able to lie near her.

I had no idea what Carlisle was going to do. When I saw the scalpel I made a promise to myself that I was going to hold my breath and not look at the blood. I would make a bubble around me and Bella.

I wondered during the whole surgery what would or could happen if.....

If Bella died now....

I grabbed Newton by the throat. It was his fault. I could see it in his thoughts. He was there when she fell down the stairs. If he hadn't been such a jackass she may not have fell.

It was his fault that Bella was pregnant.

It was his fault.

I would wonder for the rest of my days why was it that I felt a strong connection with the human called Bella Swan.

Was it just from her sweet smelling blood.

Or her warm brown eyes,

or her delicate look, so pretty, so heart warming.

Was it because of the way she smiled, or because I found her clumsiness entrancing.

Was it love I had in my heart? Or Lust? Hunger?

The vampire and the human.....doesn't really go does it?

Maybe it was suppose to be, that I was suppose to lose Bella. I could work alongside the Volturi, not worrying about a human knowing the secret of the vampires. I could go to school peacefully...

but.....I would be alone forever.

I would not love again....

Would I have a family?

My own family?

I snapped back hearing the shudder of Bella's heart. I knew at that moment that I didn't want to loose her.

Bella Swan must live......but I have no control over that....

When I heard the news from Carlisles thoughts I couldn't look at Mike when we wheeled her out. I couldn't see the look on Charlie's face when we told the news to Charlie. He cried. And from his thoughts I could tell that he didn't cry easily.

I heard Mike's as he follwed us, and Bella into the quiet room.

Would I have been a good father?

I would have cared for the child, made sure that they were safe. Be with it every day of its life.

Oliver for a boy.

Sarah for a girl.

My child.

I lost my child.

He cried. For the first time throughout this long, long night. I saw Mike Newton as a man, and I agree, he would have made a good loving father.

Bella POV

I opened my eyes.

Charlie and Mike were in the room with me. No sign of Edward. My heart sunk. It would have been nice to see his cute face.

I licked my lips. Damn my mouth was dry.

Mike took my looks at the water on the side as a sign and reached for the glass for me, holding the straw to my mouth. I sucked up a few small sucks of water.

It was cold and soothing.

Mikes face was blotchy, his nose red, his eyes red. He'd been crying.

"Mike" My voice broke. "Why have you been crying?"

Charlie reached for my hand.

"I am so glad you are safe Bella" Charlie said.

"But the baby?" I asked.

Charlie shook his head. Mike started crying again, and so did I.

Much to everyone's dismay I chose to go back to school three days later. I was still a little sore, and sad, but I wanted to go. I couldn't bare to sit at home any longer while Charlie listened to his police radio hearing what he was missing out on down at the station.

I was still a little worse for wear for driving....I might just....kill myself.

Mike offered to give me a ride. Charlie phoned him- I say this rolling my eyes- It would be the first time to see him since the hospital, since when I found out I lost our baby.

I got dressed in my blue jeans, white t-shirt and black pumps. I stopped in front of the mirror, slowly I lifted up my top revealing my belly. It had a fresh red wound down the center. It had stitches, and a clear dressing over it, kind of like cling film. It was tender to touch. I was due my morning pain killer.

Charlie kept my tablets of course, I think that worried about my over dosing my self.....I wouldn't do it on pain killers.

Anyway, as I walked down for breakfast, I could smell burnt bacon and over cooked rubbery eggs. Yum. Awe, at least he was trying.

"Thanks dad" I said, kissing him on the cheek. Taking my single tablet he had left for me off the table. I swallowed it down with some orange juice- thankfully the only thing Charlie didn't decide to make, other wise it would be full of pips.

I scoffed down the extra crispy bacon and eggs and waited by the open door. Charlie had gone. He wanted to wait for Mike but I said I wanted to do this alone.

It was raining, but that's not unusual in Forks. The ground was icy from the previous night. I was positive Charlie had already called Mike and given him a warning about driving in icy weather with his daughter in the car.

I stared out into the rain. I stared so much that I could see tiny shapes forming.

A large brown blur raced past, disappearing into the woods.

What the heck? I took a step forward, out into the rain to have another look.

That wasn't a.....no it couldn't be a.......was that a bloody wolf?