Its over. Mission accomplished.

My ship's fuel gauge wakes me up, beeping irritably at me. I hear another noise. A series of high-pitched little squeaks. I reach down and rub the top of the Metroid with the back of my knuckles. Metroids like it when you do that... I think...

"It's okay." I mutter, "Mommy's home now."

Another, louder squeak, and the little gelatinous green ball jumps up and hovers just above my head, extending its feelers.

"Oh no you don't." I warn it. It seems to sense that it's being told off. Circling me warily, it floats back down to where I can see it. I smile and try to hug it, but it immediately slips out of my grasp, squeaking in protest.

"You're going to have to get used to Mommy going away." I told it. I like responding to what it says, even though I have no idea what its noises mean and it probably can't understand me either, "She's a busy woman. But she'll always come back."

Still, no child deserves to lose its mother...

Memories of the final fight flash through my head like one of those slide projector things the archeotech team dug up a couple of months ago. As the target sight locks on to enemy, flashing red, I fix it an unblinking stare, like a hawk sighting its prey. Then I fire without mercy.

I look down at my hands now. The glowing lines no longer cover my armour, my gun no longer flares with a rainbow light. Interlace is gone as well, and with it, all contact with my new comrades. I only met them briefly. Already, I sort of miss them. Its rare to find someone you can trust to watch your back these days. Not that I'd ever let Sora watch my back.

"Its just you and me again." I say to the Metroid. It rolls 360 degrees in the air and emits an ear-piercing squeak.

The comm system beeps. I'm being hailed. I open a channel.

"Samus? Its the Ceres station. Any luck with retrieving the Metroid?"

"Oh? Er..." I shake my hair out of my eyes. Its been a long time. I've forgotten what the hell I was doing. "Yeah, I've got it."

"Excellent! Return it to the lab at once!"

My hands automatically plot a course for Ceres, just like they've done a thousand times before. The baby Metroid squeaks and starts bouncing from wall to wall, rolling over and over.

"Samus, what the hell is going on in there?" the voice crackles over the comm channel.

I smile, reverse course and set the ship to full speed.

"Samus? Come in! Samus! I repeat, answer me! SAMUS!"

I turn the comm system off.