She watched him from behind the doorway, being sure she didn't make a sound. Her golden eyes peered from around the door, scanning him from head to toe. He was sitting in a huge armchair, a book in his hand. His honey blond hair fell around the edges of his face, his legs crossed. His long, pale fingers gripped the book in his lap, and he seemed intrigued by it, even though Alice knew for a fact that he had read it dozens of times before.

After a moment, Alice decided that he had done enough reading. Smiling, she slipped quietly through the door and over to Jasper. Jasper looked up from his book and grinned. Alice's smile grew bigger. His smile simply melted her heart, every time she saw it. She climbed into his lap, snuggling close to him and resting her head in the curve of his neck. Jasper kissed the top of her head, wrapping his long arm around her waist. Alice looked up at him, resting her chin on his chest. "Why do you read that book over and over again, Jas?" she asked him, curiosity filling her voice. Jasper thought for a moment, watching Alice's black, spiky hair curl between his pale fingers.

"Well…the story is fascinating…" he began, lifting the book back up. "…and the characters are completely unique…" One thin finger turned the yellowing page, revealing a picture… "And you never know what's coming next." His velvet voiced ended, and Alice's face turned thoughtful. "…Those are all good reasons…but you know what I think?" she asked quietly, her finger running slowly across the collar of his dark blue shirt. His eyes shone with curiosity. "What is that, Alice?' he asked. Alice looked up at him.

"That story reminds me of…us." She said quietly. "Our life together…we never knew what was coming, even with my visions." She continued, tapping her head. "…and tragedies did occur, no matter how hard we tried to prevent it…" Her voice tuned somber, but she still continued. "And the love…it describes us perfectly." She finished, smiling.

Jasper stayed silent, pondering the speech Alice had just presented. In a way, it did describe them both. He turned his gaze to the book, and grinned. Alice turned her gaze to the book and her smile grew even bigger.

Before Jasper even knew it, Alice had pressed her lips to his, kissing him passionately. Her small arms tightened their grip around his neck, while Jasper's other arm found its way around her waist. The book fell to the floor, lying open on the white carpet. A picture of a couple, their first kiss illustrated on the yellowed page, decorated it.

Romeo and Juliet, their love too strong to be broken, even after everything they had been though. True lovers, though, knew that real pain and real tragedies made their bond even stronger. That's exactly the reason Alice and Jasper's love is too great to describe.