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Emmett's POV

"Emmett! We'll be late even if we go two hundred miles per hour! Hurry up and get dressed! And I mean now mister!" Rosalie yelled at me from downstairs.
We were going to prom. Again. It's the thing I hate most about high school— well, besides every guy there hitting on my lovely wife. I mean, I have no problem dancing with Rose, but when she wears those little dresses and every guy looks at her while she shimmies, yeah. That I don't like. Well, I like it when she did that, but I would prefer if I was the only guy who would ever see my girl do that.
"Coming, beautiful!" I called down the stairs. I went into our walk in closet and picked up the outfit Rose and Alice had got me. It was nice. Black pants, vest and bowtie; a light pink dress shirt and a black overcoat that went down to my knees. I was dress in a second, well, three, but still. I grabbed the camera; Carlisle and Esme would want pictures. So would Nessie, she just loved making scrapbooks of her and that dog, I mean, Jacob.
"Hurry up or I will leave you here! Don't think I won't! I will dirty dance with Anthony Newton!" That's what got me running down four flights of stairs and smashing Esme's new door.
"I'm sorry Esme! Please don't kill me!" I heard her laugh, so I guessed I was in the clear.
Anthony Newton was Mike and Jessica Newton's son. They had gotten married twenty five years ago and Anthony had just turned nineteen, graduating this year. He also had some kind of thing for Bella, just like his dad. It must run in the family. And for some strange reason, he had also moved to Alaska two years ago, just like us.
I got to the car. Rose was already in the driver's seat, looking beautiful, as always. I got into her car and saw that she was wearing a floor length coat to cover up her dress. Drat. Smart, beautiful girl. She knew that once I saw her dress, or lack there of, I would go crazy and sweep her upstairs… Like the last three proms we tried to go to…
No, she was going to let me see it at the same time as those sheep like males. Ugh, then those would start thinking that they would ask her to dance, she would say yes and then they would spend the rest of the night making out in the back of her car. With Rosalie. My girl. Mine.
All that thought process had only taken me a fraction of second; I finished before Rose floored it.

We arrived at the school in less than two minutes, thanks to Rose's driving. It would have taken a human at least fifteen. Speeding. As soon as Rose put the car into park, I ran—human speed— around the car to open the door for her. And to remove that blasted coat of hers. Once I got that thing off, I stared at her for a good minute and a half.
"Like it?" She asked smugly.
"Do we have to stay and dance?" I looked at her with puppy eyes. "I can think of a lot of other things we could be doing right now… like those last three proms we never made it to…"
Rose giggled. "I wish, but this is Jessie's first prom. Yes, we have to stay. Sorry, babe."
"Darn.' I tried to look at her dress, but I kept getting distracted. All I noticed was that it was pink, tight and really, really sexy. It took a lot of effort not to just grab her and make a run for home to rip the dress to shards…
Alice and Jasper pulled in right then. Jasper's tux was like mine, but with a white shirt. Alice's dress was short, strapless, and pink with a black bow across her waist.
Edward and Bella screeched to a halt right in front of me. Edward's tux was like mine and Jasper's. But his shirt was light blue. Bella's dress was a blue spaghetti strap with black lace on the top. But my eyes kept going back to Rose and her hot body. She had walked over to ask Bella something. I wasn't sure what; I was kind of zoned out staring. I made up my mind. I was taking my babe home. Right now. But, just I a started to take a step, Nessie pulled in, right between me and Rose. I slammed into the side of the car. Nessie was laughing.
"Who taught you how to drive?" Jake asked.
"Dad." Nessie answered. 'Duh." Jake got out and opened the door for his wife. Nessie's dress was silver, one shouldered and really sparkly. Jake looked out of place in his all black tux set.
After Nessie and Jake got out, Edward walked over to their car. I popped the dent I made out.
"Jessie?" Edward asked, "How are you holding up? Remember, if you can't do it, tell one of us. We'll make sure you get out without hurting anyone. Ok?"
"Got it." The musical voice from the backstreet answered. "I just haven't been around humans a lot. If I can make it through prom, can I go to high school with y'all? Please?"
"If you make it trough tonight." Jasper said.
Jessie had been turned two years ago by Jasper. She was sixteen and living on the streets of Portland. Jasper was going hunting and got to close to town. She was like a singer to him, like Bella was to Edward. Alice found him right after he started to drink her. Once jasper caught the disappointed look on Alice's face, he stopped. Carlisle came home as soon as he could, but it was too late to suck the venom out. But Jessie was happy to be a vampire; living on the streets for sixteen years was a bad way to live.
"I think I'm ready. No, I am ready." She got out of the car and took a deep breath. She smiled. She was gonna be fine.
She had her waist length black hair in a bun, as always, and she was wearing a short white halter dress that she made.
Poor girl, once all the sheep, um, boys laid eyes on her they would never leave her alone. And she was too nice to be mean.
"Jessie," Jasper said, "do you know the story by heart?"
"I'm a vampire. How can I forget?"
"Very funny. Tell me."
"Ok. Rose and you are twins, and Bella is your younger sister. Y'all are Doctor and Mrs. Cullen's real kids.
"Emmett, Alice and I were the kids of a friend of the family. When our parents died in a car crash, the Cullen's took us in.
"Edward and Renesmee are brother and sister. They are foster children who have no idea who their parents are.
"Jacob is Renesmee's boyfriend who lives with us because his family hates him.
"You, Rose and Emmett are seniors; Bella, Edward, Jacob and Alice are juniors. And Renesmee and I are sophomores. Good enough, Jasper?" Jessie asked smugly.
"I guess so… But no dancing with any guys, ok? We can't risk you losing control."
"If you say so…"
"I do."
"Ok, fine." Jessie treated Jasper like an older brother. And Jasper acted just like one. Overprotective and willing to hurt any one who even tried to make a move on her. She got along nicely with the dog. I mean, Jacob. And her and Nessie were best buds. Jessie was also the only one who called her Renesmee, because Nessie really hates being called Nessie. She was mad at Jake for the longest time for getting everyone started on that dumb nickname. I think she's still mad at him.
"Can we go inside now?" Jessie asked.
"Yes. Let's go." Bella answered. But before she could take a step, Edward grabbed her and kissed her in a way that humans would get a room for. Not us vamps. No, we do this around each other. Doesn't bother us at all. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about doing that to Rose…
Edward cut me off. "Jacob! That's my daughter!" He sounded mad.
"She's my wife!" Jake answered. "And I may kiss her if I so please, as much as I so please. If she also pleases." He added that last part quickly after getting a look from Nessie. Nessie then grabbed his face, and with a mean look at Edward, kissed him in a way that even vamps might get a room for.
"Renesmee!" Edward was ticked…
"What? You do it to mom, I mean, Bella all the time!"
"Wow, Nessie. Just wow." Jake was stunned.
"Enough! Time to go inside!" Rose said, taking my hand and leading me in.
"Ok." Alice brightly linked her arm with Jasper's and followed us. Nessie, with a wink at Jake, took his hand and walked behind us too. Edward, after getting a stern look from Bella about the whole Nessie kiss thing, put his arm around her and led her up the parking lot hill. Jessie looked at all of us sadly. She was alone while all the rest of us had someone. Alice noticed too.
She looked meaningfully at Jasper, who then stopped, walked back to Jessie, pulled her up the hill, then walked inside, arms linked with both Jessie and Alice. Once we were all inside, Jessie let go of Jasper's arm to take it all in.
"Wow. This is cool."
Just our luck, Anthony Newton saw us and ran over. Bella quickly grabbed Edward and started kissing him deeply.
"Oh, um hi Bella." Anthony said.
Bella pulled away from Edward, "Hi. Sorry I can't talk right now." She pulled Ed back to her face, then giggled and pulled him outside.
Anthony looked shot down. Good, the twerp.
"Rose, want to dance?" I asked before Mr. Twerp face could.
"Yes. Please." She went with me to the dance floor.
I saw Jasper lead Alice to the floor also. Sorry, buddy. We're all taken.
Then I saw him eye Jessie. Darn! How could I forget about her? She had a look of panic on her face. Anthony grabbed her hand and she fainted. Wait, she fainted? Can vampires faint?
Jasper and Alice ran over to her; Alice tried to wake her, and Jasper punched Anthony in the face. He fell, face covered in blood. I ran over and grabbed Jasper before he could expose us. I dragged him out of the building. Alice carried Jessie outside. Still no sign of life from her.

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