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"Jake!" Leah yelled, "They're here!"

Chapter Twelve

Toan's POV

"Toan!" Aro called to me, walking up from behind me. I turned around quickly, not as fast as other vampires would have been able to, but as a hybrid, it was fast enough. When I turned, my long blonde waves swished around my thin, full figure. I used it, along with my powers, to get whatever I wanted. "You wanted to see me?" Aro continued, stopping close to me.

"Yes." I said in a soft voice. I looked at Felix, who had followed Aro into my room. I waved him away and waited till he left before continuing. "See, Aro, the thing is, I don't want to fight the Cullens. I don't think I've been prepared enough to face them. Alec was telling me about their powers last night and how they have werewolves helping them, and I don't like our chances. I think it would be smart to stop this now, before something gets started."

"Ah, I see. And I'm sorry you feel that way, but if your mother found out…"

"What? What would she do?" I hated my mother, Jane. I hated how she abused her powers to use Aro however she wanted. Well, I had learned a lot from my mother, and using Aro was one of those things. "This isn't about her, Aro, this is about us…" I whispered seductively in his ear. "And what I want you to do for me. And in return, you can have whatever you want." Even though he didn't need to breathe, he gasped. I knew what he wanted; he wanted me. And I could use that to get what I wanted, never even thinking about using my powers. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall on the ground while I slowly walked to my bed, swinging my hip oh-so naughtily. I didn't make it to the bed before I was on the ground.

Alec's POV

"What do you mean?" My sister yelled into her phone. She was speeding the Mustang I had stolen through Wyoming when she had gotten a phone call. It was from Aro, he was telling her he was having second thoughts about attacking. I grinned to my self, Toan must have done it. She could get anything done for me. Soon, when he was all wrapped around her finger, we would kill the worthless piece of trash everyone likes to call Aro. And then we would rule the Volturi. Risky, I know. Stupid, I know. But the lust for power had finally gotten to me. No one would see me coming, either. I hadn't told Toan much of the plan, because she was the one touching Aro. I hadn't so much brushed a finger on him since I got this idea. I was only a background worker anyway, no one talked to me, no one ever even bothered looking at me unless they need me for a mission or when they were feeling nice and wanted to kill someone without pain.
"I'm saying maybe it's not the best idea at this time." I heard Aro say.
"Look, Aro, I don't know what's gotten into your head, but I did not just go all the way to Alaska and back to kidnap a Cullen for no reason. And, yes, I have the blonde girl in the backseat with Alec right now, so don't think I failed you. I will see you soon. Good bye." She slammed the phone shut, causing it to crumble into millions of pieces. "Damn it!" She yelled, throwing the pieces out the window.
"Hey, do you want me to drive for a while?" I asked my very pissed off sister.
"No, I want you to shut the hell up!" she yelled at me.
"Whoa, take a chill pill, sis." I know it might sound weird, me having a thing with my sister's kid, my niece, but come on, vampires are real, right? And it's not like we can have kids that will mutated or anything, and eve if we did, they be a vampire hybrid mix, so they'd be weird anyway, right? And it's not like Jane knew or anything, that might be weird, and we always made sure we were miles away when we were together. The only one who would know is Aro, but I'm pretty sure whenever he's touching her, he's not quite thinking about reading her mind, if you catch my drift.
Why didn't I want to attack the Cullens? Good question, truth is, I don't think there's any reason. I mean, come on, Aro has already tried countless times to bring them down, or make them join our side, but it never worked, and it never will. They're not just a coven; they're a family, something Aro just doesn't understand. And he already tried to get rid of them, almost 30 years ago, and he even brought everybody with him. And then we left without even a fight? What the crap was up with that? Get us all together, get us all over there, and then just leave peacefully? I wasn't the only one mad, I know for a fact Jane was pissed. Imagine how mad she is now, then times that by infinity to the eighth power plus seven. Yeah, she was mad. And it's when she's mad at Aro that I think she might help me take over.
"Hey, Jane, do you ever think about taking over the Volturi and ruling?"
"Well, once Aro is gone, I intend to be in charge, no matter what anyone else says. But it would take a stupid mistake on Aro's part to ever get him killed, so why bother thinking about it?"
"What if I told you that I have a plan?"
"Why should I help you?"
"Because Aro's a man whore." She shot me a confused look. "What? You think you're his only one? What did he do, tell you he loved you? Yeah, he says that to a lot of people, like, say, your daughter…" She slammed on the brakes and turned to face me.
"What did you just say about Toan?"
"You heard me." I said slowly.
"He said he loved me. How could I have believed him, Alec? How could I have been that stupid?" She slammed on the gas again. "Let's hear that plan."

Toan's POV

"Mmmm, I love you so much, Toan." Aro whispered into my naked body. "So much."
"That would make me feel good, except I know you're saying it to everyone else too." He brought his face up to mine, looking me in the eyes.
"Never! I love you and only you, Toan." He sounded so sincere, so honest it was hard not to believe him. But I mean come on, really? I know for a fact he's said it to my mother too! Oh my word. I just fooled around with my mom's sex buddy. I wonder if hybrid's can puke…
"Well, I have work to do." I said, standing up and gathering my clothes. Aro just laid on the bed, watching me get dressed. He smiled lustfully at me. Good, I got up in time. See, something most people don't know about Aro is that when he's filled with lust, he just ignores any mind reading that he might be getting. So if you turned him off, you better not be touching him if you have something to hide form him. Lucky for me, whenever he touches me he's filled with lust anyway, so I never had to worry about hiding my thoughts around him.
"You? Work? In the same sentence? Never! That's some joke you're playing on me, darling." Aro chuckled to himself.
"No jokes, dear. I really need to do some more training if you expect me to be any help in beating the Cullens."
Aro sat up suddenly, looking at me, confused. "What did you say? You mean you went through all that just to change your mind?"
I winked at him, "Well, I wasn't sure if you would want to do me, and I was scared to just flat out ask for it, so I made it seem like some sort of deal. Surely you, of all people, can understand that." I smiled. "Have fun calling my mother back!" I walked out and sent Alec a text.
It's a go.
See, the only reason I did that was to see how many of Aro's strings I could pull, and what I could make him do for me.

Alec's POV

I read Toan's text quickly before deleting it, if Jane saw it, it would cause some questions.
My phone rang, Aro's name flashing on the screen. "Yes?" I answered.
"Put Jane on, now." Aro said, in an annoyed tone.
"As you wish." I passed my iPhone up to her, "Please don't crush my new phone, please." I said sweetly to her. She flipped me off before grabbing the phone.
"What now?" My sister was the only one who could get away with using that tone with Aro and talking to him like that, it was quite scary.
"I've had a change of heart, we're back on."
"Of course, sir." She hung up on him, handing the phone back to me in one piece. "So, Toan's in on the plan, too? This should be fun." She smiled wickedly to herself.
"Yes, matter of fact, she's the one who got Aro to call the whole thing off, and then to put it back on. She's got quite a way with him, you know. She reminds me a lot of you."
"Oh, joy. My daughter reminds you of a crazy psycho bitch. Yay." She said sarcastically. "Have you been helping her with her training?" Jane asked.
"Yes, we've been going to the East Woods in Texas for that, there's no one around for miles." I thought back to the first training session I gave her on controlling her power, it had ended with us falling in love with each other, or, at least, I was in love with her from that moment on, I don't know if she fell that fast, or what. And I'm still not sure if she used her power to make me fall for her, or if she's still using it, but I don't care. See, what she can do is plant an idea into someone's head, and it stays. If she put into my mind that I loved her, then I would love her, and it wasn't just a mind thing, every part of my body would love her. Everything that I am would love her. So it can get through mental shields as well as physical ones, so unless someone had a double shield, which was unheard of, she was unstoppable. If she put into someone's mind that they were going to kill themselves, they would do it. She'd used it on me in several training sessions. She even told me she was going to and I was going to try to resist her. It was the weirdest thing ever. She told me she was going to make me climb a tree, and then jump down and knock it over. I said I was ready, and braced myself to not do it. And then, I just looked at the tree, and it looked so inviting, and I thought, why not? The back of my mind was telling me not to, but what could it hurt to just climb the tree? So I did and then once I was at the top, jumping down looked awesome, so I jumped and felt the wind swirl around me till I hit the ground, and then I was so pumped up I punched the tree, knocking it over. Damn! I had yelled, while she laughed at me. And after that she never told me what she was making me do, so the back of my mind never yelled at me, telling me to stop. Toan was the ultimate weapon in any battle. She could plant one idea in someone, then the next and then the next. After she had the idea planted, she didn't even have to do anything else, they would do it themselves. It was madness.
And Aro was dead meat.

Jane stopped the car at our meeting place in Wyoming, running inside quickly. She came back outside, jumped in the car again and we took off. "We're going to the Hotel La Rouge, in Forks, where I will be dropping you and blondie off, where you are to wait until further notice to anything at all, got it? Toan will be staying there with you, too. If worst comes to worst, you will bring the girls to the battle field and they will be used, Toan for her awesome powers, and the blonde for leverage against them, clear? And after I leave, I want you to switch hotels or at least go somewhere else, so we don't know where you are, and so Eddie doesn't, either. That's Aro's plan, at least, and you need to know it, in case he asks you or something, I don't know, anyways, you know our plan. Good luck." She hit the gas once again, breaking every speed limit know to man. When we finally pulled up to the hotel, Jane looked at me and said, "Aro thinks you're changing hotels, so please don't. I need to know where you are. K? Here's your key."
"Of course, dear sister." I answered, finally lifting the mist off of Rosalie, so I didn't have to carry her inside.
"What's going on?" She mumbled.
"Nothing you need to know about, and if you do as I say, you'll live to see your beloved once again, and he might live too." I lead her inside and upstairs. Once we were in the room, I laid her in the bed and put the mist over her again. I had gotten so much better at it, too. I didn't have to think about keeping them under anymore, the mist pretty much stayed until I lifted it or got too far away.
There was a soft knock on the door. "Alec?" I heard Toan's voice say quietly.
"Come in!" I said from the bedroom, I heard the door shut and I locked Rose in the bedroom and went to see my love. "Toan!" Her face light up when she saw me. I grabbed her in a hug and kissed her perfect lips.
"Mmmm, Alec. You have no idea how much I missed you when I had to do it with Aro. That man is gross." She kissed me between words.
"How about I help you forget how bad he was?" I teased, slowly unbuttoning her shirt.
"Well, we can't knock the building down, but other than that…" I didn't let her finish before my lips were on hers once again.

Jane's POV

Marching into Alaska next to Aro felt wrong on so many levels, seeing as I was part of a plot to kill him. All of the guard, except for Alec and Toan, were marching through the woods towards a clearing we knew would be a good battle ground. A small gray wolf saw us and ran off, probably to sound the alarm on us.
It was starting.

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