A Maniac Magee Poem

My breaths are shallow, my face is bright red.

My legs are becoming weak and limp,

And now my hair is matted to my head,

All my sweating makes me look like a mess,

The hills seem to grow with each step of mine,

The wind whips my legs, as the cold grows worse.

But I can only concentrate on the sidewalk's cracked lines.

Blood pumps through my veins, my heart is the source.

When I run my world quickly whizzes by in a blur.

Running lets me contemplate my troubles,

My options seem to extend to the sky.

Running down the hill my slow pace begins to double.

I head back to the zoo, jogging down the street.

Cleansing mind and body, running is a retreat.

I'm crazy, I'm odd, I just don't fit in

There is a deep longing within,

I hope, someday, this Maniac will have a home and a friend…

A/N: I wrote this poem because I had to for Advanced English. I decided, why not post it here? I think it is very good. But that's for you to decide... Please read and review. No flames please! XD

Disclaimer: I do not own Maniac Magee, Jerry Spinelli does...