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" Bella!!!" Alice called from the bottom of the stairs " Come down here it is time to swap spouses" Swap spouses huh. This must be one of there weird games. I think I will pass.

" You have to caome down Bella' Alice called again " Don't make me come get you." I sighed and went down stair. Everyone was already seated in the living room except for Esme and Carlisle. I looked around. Then took a seat beside Edward. He smiled at me then I turned my attention to the Pixie that was now standing on the coffee table,

" Alrighty everyone. We are going to swap spouses this year. Bell this is your first time so I will explain. Being with someone for eternity can get boring. So we switch spouses in a hope to spice things up. Everyone has to participate I know you will. Any way I will go get the hat and we will draw names for our New spouse. The game starts when we move on Saturday. " She said then took off.

Great so I was stuck switching spouses. Well I guess things with Edward were going the wrong way maybe this will help. Who would I prefer. Jasper or Emmett. Emmett was reckless andover excited. Japer was calm and collected and I think I could get alone with him. Yep I think I like Jasper better in that way. I looked at him and he looked back and smiled. I smiled back.

" Ok girls pick an envelope" Alice called running into the room with a black top hat. Rose picked then I picked. Alice took the last one.

" Ok one, two, three." Alice said and we opened our cards.

" Oh I got you Eddie" Rosalie said walking over and sitting on Edwards other side.

" Hmmmm I got you Em" Alice called taking Rosalies spot by Emmett.

" Well then I guess that means your stuck with me Jasper" I said sittting on the arm of the chair he was sitting in.

" Damn" Jasper said puttin an arm around my waist.

" So how long are we going for this year" Rosalie asked

" 3 years. All of Bella's highschool years" Alice said cheerfully. 3 years. That was a long time. I looked down at Jasper. Hmm Maybe not.

Hey ok I was reading a fic like this and decided to do one of my own. I am thinking of having Bella fall for Jasper. I think that is what I will do. So reveiw and tell me what you think