Brush cracked beneath his feet as he ran, ran, ran for his life.

Cedrak ran for the shore of Zakaz as fast as his legs would carry him, he could hear his pursuers shouts behind him,

"Come face your fate, coward!"

He heard the fizzle of eyebeams behind him and he threw up a forcefield. A pair of red beams flew in through the brush and bounced off the concentrated energy, lancing off into the bushes. A high pitched screech came from the undergrowth. A Brakas monkey staggered out of the foliage, clutching its arm. As quick as he could, Cedrak turned and fired his eyebeams at the injured monkey. Its scorched armor and burnt tissue healed instantly.

Cedrak turned and ran once more, as he thought to himself, "I never wanted this."

Something grasped his foot from behind, and he fell forward on his face. Turning over he saw Trokan, standing over him, reeling in his elastic arm, and taking aim with his flamethrower,

"Trokan, don't!"

"You know the rules, Cedrak. Leaving the Trangar army is punishable by death. Now, hold still. Struggling will only ---GAH!"

Cedrak opened his eyes and saw the Brakas monkey he had healed latch itself to Trokan's face. Taking advantage of the distraction, Cedrak leapt up, sending Trokan flying with a flip kick to the face. The Brakas sprung off the red Skakdi's face and grabbed ahold of Cedrak's white spiny shoulder. Giving his rescuer a pat on the head, Cedrak took off again. He could still hear his pursuers crashing him through the underbrush behind him, but now with new strength, he pressed on, heading for the shoreline.

Cedrak emerged from the forest and saw a group of Toa standing near their landing boat. Giving a shout, he shot down the beach toward them. The Toa saw him approaching and started getting ready to sail. Instants later, the Skakdi pursuers came out of the trees. Seeing the boat leaving the shore, they took off in hot pursuit.

As the chasers reached the ocean, a giant wave suddenly bore down on them. The Toa of Water deactivated her Huna and smiled at her handiwork. Then she took off swimming after the quickly receding boat. The plant fiber sail stood taunt in the wind made by the Toa of Air on board the boat. Within moments, the vessel was in the open ocean, heading for the main ship anchored a kio off shore. The Toa of Fire on board shot a flare into the air, signaling those on board the ship that they were coming.

As the landing boat was hauled onboard, Cedrak jumped onto the smooth metal deck. Setting his monkey down, he turned and looked at the Toa of Earth standing at the helm. Approaching the sturdy being, he said, "Thank you, Norkan."

"Argh, you're welcome, Cedrak," replied Norkan, with a heavy nautical twang, "Ahoy mates!" he cried, calling the whole boat's attention. "This is our newest member, Cedrak. Don't let 'is appearance fool ya; 'e's got more honesty in 'is blood than any one of ya. 'e the one who rescued me from those barbarians on Zakaz, So, welcome 'im as a brother and give 'im your trust. Well Cedrak," the ship's captain turned to the Skakdi, extending his fist, "welcome to the Seafaring Justice Fighters."

"Argh," replied Cedrak, tried to imitate the Toa's slang as he returned the welcoming gesture, "it be a great pleasure to be fightin' alongside such great heroes as yourself."

* * *

Bionicle (c) LEGO

Story and characters (c) me