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Found: One Winchester

Chapter 1: Kyle

The three were walking quietly towards the car. They hadn't said a word since leaving the diner. They weren't mad or upset it was just that they had nothing to say. Each on was lost in their own thoughts. They began their long trek back onto the road, with no real place to go until they were called for a job. They had been on the road for a while now, the oldest of the three showed that he had seen more than anyone should by the haunted look in his eyes. The other two brothers that had joined the older one in the hunt also carried a little of that look. They were family a father and his two sons. All wanting the same thing some sort of justice for all that had been taken from them. The father wanted payment for the loss of his wife and his son's innocence. The young men wanted justice for all that they had lost. They had both lost their mother and the women that they had loved. One lost her to death and the other to circumstances that were beyond his control.

They pulled over to that little out of the way stop in the middle of nowhere to get some rest for the next couple of days before another job found them.

He had been following them for the last couple of months. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with them, he'd actually lost them a couple of times and had been forced to stop and try to pick up anything on where they were. It hadn't been easy. He'd almost been caught a couple of times. But he'd just managed to avoid being detected. The three men seemed to always be were there were weird things going on. He wasn't stupid he knew what they did. He also knew why they did it. He just wanted a chance to get to know them and be a part of their life even if it was a strange life. He walked into the diner they had just walked in a minute or two before. He walked in and kept his head down has he walked to a back booth and sat down. They were in one of the booths in front of him, they were ordering their meals.

He knew he and his son's were being hunted. He didn't know why or by what but he could feel it. Someone was watching and had been for some time he just didn't know who it was. He looked around the diner and saw a couple in one booth, a man at the counter, a little old couple in another booth, a young man about his boy's age in another booth, two women in another and a kid in another booth. One of these people had been tailing him and his son's and John Winchester intended to find out whom before he left the diner.

He had been worried for a second when he saw the oldest start to survey the diner. He had a suspicion that he was on to him, maybe not him but he knew he and his son's were being followed by someone. Should he approach them? He didn't think he should, at least not until he absolutely needed to. He couldn't face the chance that he would be rejected by them. He knew that it was a strong possibility that they would reject him or send him back. He couldn't go back he just couldn't. He had to take the risk of being rejected and it scared the hell out of him.

John kept watching the people in the diner. Even after he and his sons were done eating, he kept surveying the diner. His sons were giving him odd looks. They knew something was wrong they just didn't know what it was. They also began to survey the room.

He noticed that the three of them where now looking around the diner. He quickly looked down and pretended to eat his food. He just didn't have the guts to face them just yet. He had to build up the courage and brace himself for the possibility of rejection. He had to bid his time and make sure he wasn't caught.

John, Dean, and Sam continued to survey the room. They didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Dean and Sam started to stand up when John lifted his hand halting them.

"What is it dad?" asked Dean.

"I don't know, but I'm pretty sure someone is following us," declared John.

"What?" asked Sam.

"I hadn't said anything, but for the last couple of months someone as been tailing us, I just haven't figured out who it is."

"Why, do you think it's a demon?" asked Sam

"I don't know and I'm not sure what's following us, but I think that if it where a demon we'd know by now."

"Then who is it and why?" asked Dean

"I don't know Dean, but we need to be on the alert," stated John.

"Is that why you where just checking the diner out?"

"Yes Sam, someone is following us and I'm pretty sure there in here"

All three Winchesters started looking around once again but they just couldn't figure out who it was.

"We'll be staying here at the motel next door and we'll think things out," said John, both his son's nodded and got up. John got up and was about to follow them but he decided to look around one more time.

Damn he thought, I was sure they where leaving, why is he still looking around. He started to get nervous and quickly stood up then decided to wait it out, so he sat back down. Unfortunately, this drew the attention of the eldest Winchester and he looked over at him but he must have figured he posed no threat because he quickly dismissed him and kept looking around, then all of a sudden he quickly turned back around to look at him and their eyes met. Shit, I hope he doesn't recognize me he thought, he slowly panicked when he saw him walking towards him.

John had been surveying the diner when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, he looked over and saw a kid stand up and sit back down. He quickly dismissed him and decided it was time to leave; he'd worry about this tomorrow. He was about to take a step when he realized that the kid had looked familiar. He quickly turned back around to look at him and gasped as the boy's gazes meet his, he did recognize him and he started to make his way to him.

He began to panic, shit he's coming this way. He should of known better, he should of kept his distance and he wouldn't be hear about to be busted by John Winchester. He watched as John got close to him, he began to fidget around and then sat up and pretended to be busy eating his food as John reached him.

"Kyle?" asked John quietly, still not sure, if it was him or not. John watched as the boy in front of him looked up at him and smiled.

"Sorry, mister I'm not Kyle" he said. Please believe me, please he thought. Sure he wanted to join the Winchesters but on his own terms and he didn't think John would be all to willing to take him along.

John looked the boy over, hell it was Kyle, no matter if the kid denied it. He looked a little older than the last time he saw him, but it sure was him. So, this slip of a boy had been hunting him and his sons. He could guess as to why but he wasn't staying, first thing tomorrow he'd put the boy on a bus back home.

"Look mister, I'm not Kyle. Could you leave me alone, my parents always warned me about stranger danger and you're a stranger" said Kyle smirking, his smile died when he saw John start to frown.

"Does she even know where you're at?" asked John.

"Who?" asked Kyle.

"Your mother, Kyle, your mother. Did you let her know about your little adventure? And what are you doing here?" asked John clearly upset at the boy in front of him.

"What do you care John, it's not like I matter to you!" said Kyle dropping the pretense of not knowing John Winchester.

"Not here, where not getting into this here" said John as he noticed that the patrons where watching them.

"Good, then get lost, I'm eating here" said Kyle smugly as he went back to eating his meal.

John ignored that remark and called his sons over to him. They had been watching him form the diner door.

"Yeah, dad, what's going on?" asked Dean as him and Sam reached their dad. They both looked at the kid in the booth. Neither knew who he was, but it appeared that their dad did.

"Sam, take this and pay for Kyle's food," said John handing Sam some money.

"Sure" said Sam and made his way to the register.

"Dean, take this," said John handing Dean, Kyle's backpack that was on the seat.

"Sure, dad," said Dean surprised; the kid looked ready to protest when his dad reached down and pulled him up.

"Where leaving, no arguments Kyle, apparently you were looking for me and you found me, so let's go," said John as he hauled Kyle out of the both.

Kyle's panic increased, things were not going according to plan. He was sure John would send him back and he wasn't going to go back. He braced himself and decided that leaving with the Winchesters would not be a good idea.

John watched as the kid went wide-eyed and then settled down and looked ready to do battle. He'd seen that look before in his sons and knew what was coming. Well, not here, not know, he thought. He pulled Kyle's close to him and spoke quietly to him so only he could hear him.

Dean watched as his dad pulled the kid and whispered something to him. He watched as the kid went wide-eyed and tried to pull out of his father's grasp. A quick smack to his butt ended the struggle. His dad then pulled the kid even closer and watched as the kid relented and nodded. Well it looked like John Winchester had won another battle of wills, he thought. However, his big question was who the hell was the kid and where did his dad know him from?

They all walked out the diner amidst stares and pointing. They reached their room in the motel next to the diner. John pushed Kyle in the room and waited for his sons to close the door.

Sam was watching his dad and the kid, he then looked at Dean and he just shrugged at him. They where both wondering the same thing, what was going on?

Kyle looked around and realized he was stuck, shit he thought things where not going according to plan. John and his sons were watching him. He decided to make himself comfortable and sat down on the bed and stared at them.

"Are you going to tell me what you're doing here? asked John.

"You dragged me in here dude, did you forget already?" countered Kyle.

"Cut the crap kid, tell us what you want," demanded Dean.

"Like I answer to you, moron," said Kyle at Dean.

"Kyle you've been following us for months and it's pretty obvious you want something, so save me the trouble and hassle and just tell me what you want," demanded John.

"Oh, so know being around me is trouble and a hassle to you? Why am I not surprised, you'll never change, it's all about when it's most convenient for you and forget everyone else," said Kyle.

"What do you want Kyle?" asked John once again and his irritation grew as he watched Kyle roll his eyes and ignore him.

"Kyle, tell me what you want," demanded John with a look of pure irritation as he looked at Kyle.

"Dad, I don't think this kid is going to tell us anything. Why don't we toss him out and get rid of the problem?" laughed Dean.

"Shut up jerk!" shouted Kyle. He got up and made his way to the door, which was being blocked by one of the Winchesters.

"Move," he demanded of the Winchester blocking his way out.

Sam watched as the kid made his way to the door and asked him to move. He wasn't moving, he glanced at his dad, and he shook his head at him. Sam stood his ground.

"I said move," growled Kyle.

"Kyle, you wanted to see me, so tell me what you want," demanded John.

"I changed my mind; I don't want to see you anymore. I'm leaving, so tell your idiot son to move out of my way."

"You're not leaving here. Tomorrow I'm putting you on a bus home, but for now you're staying here," declared John matter-of-factly.

"Like hell you are, I'm not going back and you can't force me," said Kyle as he rammed into Sam.

Sam caught the kid as he rammed him, he lifted him up and walked over to bed and dropped him. He walked back to guard the door.

John watched as Kyle went at Sam. Sam just plucked him up and dropped him on the bed like nothing.

"Dad, who's the kid?" asked Dean, wanting answers.

John looked at his sons, how did he explain it to them?

"Yeah John, why don't you tell your sons who I am?" taunted Kyle.

"Shut up brat, we are not talking to you," snarled Dean.

"Come over here and make me dumbass, I dare you," said Kyle as he challenged Dean.

"Shut it brat," said Dean.

"Chicken! Scared of a kid half your size, how do you even battle demons dude? You're obviously a scared little shit," taunted Kyle, he bolted and made a run for the bathroom when he saw Dean move towards him, he never made it, he felt himself being lifted of the ground and knew he was trapped.

Dean had heard enough, the kid was going to die, he made a move towards him, the kid bolted and dashed towards the bathroom, he ran at him, he made a grab for the kid and he felt victorious when he felt the kids' shirt in his grasp. Then as suddenly as his hands had grasped the kids' shirt it was gone. He'd lost his prey, damn; he saw the kids' legs fly through the air and watched as his father had snagged his prey away from him.

"Dad, the kid was mine," whined Dean.

"Dean, this isn't a hunt, take a seat son," said John as he tightened his grasp on Kyle, the kid was struggling to get away.

"Let go of me, let me go," demanded Kyle kicking and screaming.

"Settle down Kyle, your not going anywhere," said John with three loud smacks to his bottom.

"Oww…I said let me go, I swear their as to be a law against holding me against my will and smacking me. I know it's called kidnapping, so let me go, or I call the cops on you dumb assess," argued Kyle.

"You were looking for me Kyle and you found me, as to the kidnapping do you really think a cop will believe that I kidnapped you once I tell them who you are?"

"Well since you bring it up dad, who is he?" asked Sam confused about this whole situation.

"Yeah dad, you haven't answered that question, who is Kyle?" asked Dean.

"I can say what I want, they will toss you and your sons in jail while they figure it out and I'll leave while your in jail," said Kyle.

"So after all the trouble you went through to find me, you're just going to leave?" asked John.

"Yeah, I changed my mind. I'm better off on my own. It's worked so far, I don't need you or your sons. When that bastard comes back I'm going to kill it."

"What?" asked John hoping it wasn't what he thought.

"When he comes back for me I'm going to kill him, like he did my mom," assured Kyle.

"Your mom is dead?" asked Sam feeling sorry for the little boy who'd lost his mom.

"Yes, that bastard killed her," was Kyle's response.

"Who?" asked Dean, knowing exactly whom the kid was referring to.

"That stupid demon."

"He came for you?" asked John.

"Yes, so much for staying away so I'd be safe. He came and killed my mom to get to me."

John let Kyle go; he sat down on the bed and processed what Kyle had just told him. He'd stayed away to protect Kyle, he didn't want him to grow up like Dean and Sam. He wanted a normal childhood for him, but it seemed that wasn't in the cards for him any more than it had been for Dean or Sam. It was his fault, he should have known better. Because of him, Kyle was now also on the demons hit list, he'd killed Amanda to get to Kyle. Too many people he cared about had died, well not anymore he thought, Kyle was staying and he'd protect him like he should have been doing. Bobby and Pastor Jim had warned him when they'd found out about Kyle. They warned him that staying away might not be enough, the demon wanted the Winchesters dead and he'd eliminate each and every one of them. He never figured the demon would ever find out about Kyle, hell his son's didn't even know about Kyle. Well that was about to change, he thought.

"Dad, are you okay?" asked Sam.

"Yeah Sammy, I'm fine" said John as he looked at Sam and then at Dean and finally at Kyle.

"Dad, why does the demon want Kyle?" asked Sam.

"Yeah dad, why does the demon want this kid, he's a brat?" asked Dean.

"You're an asshole," said Kyle as he moved to avoid the swing of Dean's arm.

"Enough!" demanded John as he noticed that Dean and Kyle where about to go at it again. "I'm sorry about your mom, Kyle. She was a good women and I admired her courage," said John.

"Yeah well it happened despite how great my mom was and I want to know why, do you here me? I want to know why?" demanded Kyle with tear filled eyes.

"I'm truly sorry Kyle, I thought by staying away you'd be safe and the demon wouldn't find out about you," John tried to explain.

"Well he did, and he came for me," said Kyle.

"Dad, why?" asked Sam.

"Because he wants the Winchesters to suffer, he gets pleasure out of watching us suffer."

"Dad, that brat is not a Winchester," said Dean realizing exactly who Kyle was.

"Yes, he is Dean."

"What!" exclaimed Dean and Sam simultaneously.

"I never told you this but, I'm sorry I should have said something earlier but I just didn't know how you'd react," explained John.

"Just tell us dad," said Sam quietly already knowing what was coming.

"He's your brother."


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