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Found: One Winchester

Chapter 3: Found and Consequences

"Honey, aren't you a little too young to be out all by yourself?"

"No," was Kyle's response to the waitress.

"So, you aren't by yourself?" questioned the waitress once more.

"No, I'm not; my dad and my brothers are with me."

"I don't see them."

"Geez, were staying in the hotel all right and I ran in here to grab some food or is that against the law or what?"

"Okay, just wanted to make sure you weren't by yourself," said the waitress as she turned to take an order from the people in the other booth.

"Shut it Sam," growled Dean at Sam's snickering. Ever since they'd gotten in the car and Dean had tried to find a comfortable position Sam had started making little remarks here and there only to be stopped by their dad.

"That's enough Sam unless you want to join him in his discomfort," warned John as he looked in the rear view mirror at his smiling son, he noticed that the smile quickly died out and was replaced with a look of shock.

"Better watch it Sammy," teased Dean.

"DEAN!" yelled John.

"What?" asked Dean innocently.

"No more, I don't want to hear a peep out of either of you. Do you understand?" asked an upset John. He turned to look at his sons when he got no response.

"I said do you understand?" asked John and again he got no response. He looked at Sam and Dean in the rearview mirror and saw the smirks on their faces. That irritated him, so they where playing a game with him where they. He quickly pulled the car over the side of the road and quickly got out. He leaned back and pulled Dean out and the reached back in and pulled Sam. Both boys quickly put some distance between themselves and him.

"I'm not playing games with the two of you," said John as he glared at both boys.

"You said not a peep," whispered Sam.

"You sure did," replied Dean.

"Damn, why can't it ever be easy with you two," demanded John.

"It's not our job to make it easy dad," said Dean.

"Is that so?" asked John.

"Yup," said Dean.

"Well it's also not my job to let you two get away with it," said John as he reached out and snagged Dean's arm. He pulled Dean up next to him and started smacking.

"Shit, come on dad we did this already, oww, oww, come on, okay, oww, okay I'll stop I swear, oww, dad…"

"I sure hope so," said John as he let go of Dean. He then turned his attention to Sam, reached out and grabbed him as well.

"Oww, dad, I'm sorry. It's just…oww, alright it won't happen again, oww, promise…" cried Sam as John smacked away.

"It better," replied John as he let Sam go. He looked at his son's and gestured towards the car. His two rebels quickly got back into the Impala. That's more like it he thought as he looked at both his son's sitting there sullen and regretful.

Damn, this is good, thought Kyle as he ate his food. He'd taken a risk stopping to eat and rest but he was so hungry and tired. But he knew he couldn't linger John, Dean and Sam couldn't be that far behind him.

John pulled into the motel parking lot. He turned to look at his son's.

"Okay, if he's here I don't want him spooked," said John.

"All right," replied both his son's.

"Dean you go around back and look for any signs of him, Sam you check the diner next door and I'll look around the rooms, got it?" asked John.

"Yes sir," was the reply that met John's request.

Kyle was about to get up when the waitress brought him a banana split with all the trimmings. Man, that looked good, but he hadn't ordered that.

"Excuse me miss, I didn't order this," he told her.

"It's on the house sweetie," she replied as she quickly walked away. She watched as he shrugged and then dug right into his treat. She looked out towards the front of the diner and nodded.

"Dad, dad, I found him," yelled Sam as he spotted his dad on the second floor of the motel.

"Where?" asked John as he rushed down.

"He's in the diner eating. I got the waitress to stall him while I got you," said Sam.

"You found the little shit, great can we get him and get the hell out of here," said Dean as he joined his father and brother.

"First things first, Dean secure us a room for the night and then you and Sam fill up on supplies. Meet me back here in about an hour or two," said John.

"Spend the night come on dad…. Oww!….okay get a room for us no problem," said Dean.

"Dad, why do we spend the night?" asked Sam cautiously having just watched Dean get smacked for asking the same thing.

"It's best if were all well rested after the events of the last few days," replied John.

"I get it dad, Kyle ain't gonna want to be sitting on anything after you get through right, you're giving his butt the chance to recuperate over night…" laughed Dean which just earned him a glare from John one that wasn't lost on Dean.

"Room for the night, let me get one. Meet you at the car Sam so we can restock supplies while dad…yeah this is me getting a room," said Dean as he quickly walked away from his pissed of father.

"Sam once Dean gets the room unload our bags before you leave to restock," said John.

"Sure dad," replied Sam.

"Good," said John he saw the look on Sam's face and wondered what was on his mind.

"What is it Sam?"

"You….you…you won't be too hard on him right?"


"He's just a kid dad."

"I know Sam; I promise you that he'll get what he deserves."

"Dad, that's not what…."

"Sam, I'm the dad and I know what your brother needs, trust me on this one."

"All right, it's just that ….."

"I know Sammy, I know," said John as he pulled Sam into a hug.

"Chick moment, what did I miss," crooned Dean as he rejoined his dad and Sam.

"Did you get the room?" asked John.

"Yeah, here's the key," said Dean as he handed John the key.

"Good, you two restock now," said John.

"All right," said Sam as he and Dean walked towards the Impala only to have Dean turn and look at his dad.

"Dad, try not to kill him too much," said Dean.

"I won't Dean, I won't," replied John as he watched his son's unload the car and then drive away. He turned to look towards the diner, it was time he and his youngest had it out, he thought and then sighed, this wasn't going to be pretty.

Kyle was really enjoying his ice cream when he sensed he was being watched. He looked up and sure enough, there was John Winchester staring him down. Shit, he knew stopping had been a bad idea. He looks pissed.

"So, did you enjoy yourself?" asked John as he stared his youngest down.

"Yeah, actually I did," was Kyle's flippant response.

"I'm glad because you sure ain't going to enjoy what happens next," responded John as he moved towards Kyle only to have him back away. But it was useless, John was a hunter and he had his prey in his grasp before Kyle knew what was going on.

"Hey!" complained Kyle as he was practically dragged out of the diner.

John tightened his grip on Kyle as the boy continued to struggle to get away from him.

Then much to John's surprise Kyle stopped struggling and dropped. John couldn't believe it, his youngest was know laying on the floor refusing to get up.

"I've had enough," said John as he reached down and quickly picked the boy up.

"I'm gonna die," was the only thing Kyle could think about as John carried him into one of the motel rooms and dropped him on the bed. He quickly stood and put as much distance between John Winchester and himself. "Yup, dead that what I'm going to be," he thought as he watched John turn and slide the dead bolt on the door.

"Well, it looks like it's just you and me kid," said John as he looked at Kyle.

"What no Dean and Sam, I'm sure they wouldn't want to miss this," responded Kyle.

"Oh don't worry they'll be back later, but for know it's just you and me and your recent irresponsible choices," countered John.

"You mean the one were my mom's dead, I look for you and you call me a mistake, those choices?"

"What happened to your mom, I'm sorry, it shouldn't have happened but it did and we have to keep going. As to you looking for me, I understand that and I accept that. What I will never understand is you running away and putting yourself in danger, why?"

"You called me a mistake you didn't want!"

John sighed, "I'm sorry. You showing up caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting it and having to explain it to Dean and Sam well….look….it was wrong of me to call you that. You have never been a mistake for me Kyle, you're my son, I love you and nothing will ever change that."

"Is that supposed to make me forget that you said that?"

"Kyle….I know you don't believe me but trust me son, you're not a mistake."


"I'm serious Kyle. If I saw you as a mistake would I have looked for you, would I have been worried to death that something had happened to you and would we be here right now?"

Kyle looked at John and realized, yeah he must care or else he wouldn't have bothered. Nevertheless, he couldn't think that because that would mean that John had been worried about him and that would mean that he was going to have hell to pay for that worrying.

"Sure whatever…keep telling yourself that."


"Yeah," said Kyle smirking at John.

"Look, I said I'm sorry and I explained to you why I said what I said but I'm not about to stand here and take that from you," said John trying to calm down.

"Yeah well I don't care, you hear me? I don't care what you want!"

"Trust me Kyle you're going to care soon enough," said John a little calmer.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I think you know. You think I don't care and I don't want you around, well I'm about to prove you wrong son."


"You're about to learn the way it works around here and what happens when you can't follow orders."

"Why should I?"

"Because you're a Winchester and Winchester's follow this code to stay alive. I'm not about to loose a son because they couldn't follow orders."

"Yeah, well maybe I don't want to be a Winchester any more," said Kyle as John took a few steps towards him.

"You don't get a choice," said John as he grabbed Kyle's arm and walked him to the edge of the bed with him. John sat down and with a small tug had Kyle over his lap.

"This is not good," was the only thing Kyle could think of as he found himself over John's lap.

"Listen up Kyle because you'll find yourself in this position again if you don't learn to follow the code," said John as he adjusted a struggling Kyle.

"Let me go!"

"In this family (Smack) (Smack) we follow the code to stay alive. (Smack) (Smack)With everything, that we do (Smack) (Smack) and the demons that come after us, (Smack) (Smack) it is important that we never (Smack) (Smack) never lose track of each other. Your little running away stunt (Smack) (Smack) could have ended very badly."

"You can't do this…..oww….let me go….oww…"

"I can and I will. (Smack) (Smack) I'm not losing a son. (Smack) (Smack) From this moment on you will follow the code (Smack) (Smack) or has Sam likes to say (Smack) (Smack) you will be a good little soldier. (Smack) (Smack) Am I making myself clear?"

"Oww…yes…okay…oww…. sorry…never do it again….oww….swear…" cried Kyle.

"I really hope so Kyle because I'm serious about doing this again if necessary," said John as he rested his hand on Kyle's back waiting for him to calm down some.

"I swear. I won't ever run-off again. I promise."

"From now on it's the four of us. You do what I tell you and you follow orders."

"Yes, I promise no arguments from me."

John smiled, yeah right no arguments from him. The kid wouldn't be a Winchester if he didn't argue.

"I hope so son. Now let's just finish this up then," said John matter-o-factly.

"What? Finish up, what do you mean finish up?" yelled Kyle.

"Oh did you think we were done? Think again little boy," said John as he raised his arm a little higher than before wanting to make sure that Kyle really understood that his little stunt would never happen again.

(Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!)

(Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!)

"Ahhh…no….oww….please…dad….owww…" cried Kyle as the fire in his butt was reignited.

John started rubbing circles over Kyle's back waiting for the boy to cry it out. He hated having to punish his son's this way but he didn't have a choice. It was a lesson they had to learn and he had to teach it regardless.

"Shhh…it's over Kyle…I got you…" said John as he lifted Kyle of his lap and sat him carefully in his lap.

"Hurts…" cried Kyle as he buried his head in his father's chest.

"I know, I know. It's over, I got you. But this doesn't happen again okay son or you'll find yourself in this position again. Got it?"

"Never again, promise dad. Never again," whimpered Kyle.

"Shh…I know…shhh…" soothed John as he rubbed Kyle's back. John felt Kyle getting heavy and realized he was falling asleep. He carefully picked him up and then stretched him out on the bed. "Shh….shhh…I love you kid.." said John as he continued to rub his sons back, as he watched his eyes slowly close. He carefully stood and looked down at Kyle and realized that having a ten-year old with him once again was not going to be easy especially since Kyle and Dean seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Well like it or not it was know going to be four Winchester's not three and you know that was fine by him because four was better than three.

The End



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