Parasite Perfection

"Vanya?! What the hell are you doing here?" Moz asked, gaping at the dark haired beauty in the big black shades. She gave him a pointy toothed smile.

"Hey little bro." She took off her sunglasses, and was rewarded with a gasp from Moz. She threw her head back, and chuckled. "TJ's rotten little kitties gave it to me. I woke up one morning with their fat asses crushing my chest, breathing tuna-breath in my face." She laughed at the mental image.

"You're cheerful enough for someone infected."

"I have to be. If not I get the hornies, and you know what that could mean." He knew perfectly well. He didn't need her to tell him. "Anyway, I'm a natural carrier…" The door opened, and in walked Minerva. She paused when she noticed Vanya on the couch across from Moz.

"Who's this Mozzy?" she asked, setting down her bag. Moz sighed.

"Min, this is my runaway sister, Vanya. Vanya, this is my girlfriend, Minerva."

"So," Vanya said, looking Min up and down. "You're the bitch that gave my little brother the parasite." She paused, studying Minerva intently. Moz silently begged God to not let her say anything stupid or embarrassing. He knew Vanya. They had been close until she severed all connection to the family when she moved away with her boyfriend TJ. That's why Moz had been so shocked to see her at his and Min's apartment. How did she even find them?

Vanya burst into hysterics. Moz looked up at the ceiling, mouthing the word 'why', but at his sister's words he gaped again.

"I can't find anything wrong with her. She's perfect."