Plot Line: Alternate Reality to Maximum Ride.

Max is just your normal sixteen year old girl at a new school except, she has this feeling that she's met these people before. Her story is only beginning and it will not end the way she plans.

I'm Mistaken for Cool By a Freshman

Well, I can tell you this won't go well. I thought sourly to myself. I banged my fist against my locker. Why won't the stupid thing open? I felt like such an obvious idiot. No one else was having locker malfunctions.

Only me, this could only happen to me.

I ran my hand through my messed brown hair. Ella, my half-sister, was already flirting with some kid who was tall and had shaggy blonde hair. Five minutes at a new school and Ella has already made friends and probably was snagging her first boyfriend.

Geez, did I lack social skills.

"You're supposed to waggle the lock before you pull it open. They're all like that." I stared down at some girl with chocolate skin and hair. Her big brown eyes sparkled up at me. I kind of just stared at her. She had on a light pink tank top, her wavy hair was slicked back into a pony tail, and she had on a jean miniskirt. Her wedges were screaming a warning that if you didn't take painkillers before wearing them than you would not be walking for 5-7 days.

"Huh?" Yeah, that's me, Maximum Ride, conversational wizard. I'm the girl online who has seven conversations going on at the same time and I write a paragraph for each response.

All right, want the real truth?

I knew tae kwon do and karate but words? No, I was a blank board when it came to that.

The girl, who was probably two or three years younger than me but was as tall as me with those wedges, rolled her eyes but she was smiling. At least someone found my misfortunes humorous. "Put in your combination but don't touch the lock. I'll open it." I sighed and put in the combination 06, 05, 01. You'd think that there be more of a variety but I wasn't complaining, it would be easier to remember.

I moved aside, staring at my black messenger bag propped against my leg. I leaned against the red locker next to mine. "Watch and learn," the girl said as she went to touch the locker. Her fingers just barely grazed the metal when she pulled her hands back. She glanced at me through the corner of her eyes probably wondering if I saw that.

She went back and pushed up on the black lock. Still holding up on the lock, she waggled it a bit left and right before pulling it towards her. The door popped open and she smiled at me with victory. I began opening my bag and placing books in the locker, "Thanks. I'm uh- new here."

"Well yeah, you're in Weston Academy. Everyone knows about everyone except for you." She looked me up and down as if I was going to be an open book and admit who I was. "So the great mystery is, who are you? And why are you so different from your sister?" The girl nodded her head at Ella who was still flirting with the boy. We had ten minutes until our first class.

"I'm Max," I replied back, shoving my backpack in the locker so I wouldn't have to carry it. I had in my hands a map of the school which confused me more than help me, a notebook, a binder, and a pencil case. "Last name's Ride."

The girl narrowed her eyes, "Why's your sister's named Ella Martinez?" I shut my locker and stared at the hall. Where was I supposed to go now? The girl followed me, "I'm Nudge by the way. Nudge Davidson." She carried a purse with her that was pink and extremely girly. I figured it was where she kept all of her books. "I'm a freshman but, I can probably help you if you want."

I stared at my schedule, "Umm room 202, English literature? Where's that?" Nudge gave me a smile. I was glad that I had avoided her question. I wasn't going to explain why my sister had a different last name than I did.

I felt sort of strange here at the Academy. All the girls in the hall seemed to have these really preppy clothes that I thought only mannequins wore. I had a black tee shirt and jeans with holes in them. I refused for my mom to buy me any new clothes. I think the pair of jeans I wore now was a year old almost. My black converse smacked the tiled floors.

"English is normally the second floor of the school. I think that's what it's room 202. I mean, we really don't have two hundred classrooms. I think that would be a bit ridiculous for just a high school. I mean, with the elementary and middle academies next door, I think it might make a little sense if we added up all the rooms together," I watched Nudge walk beside me flinging her arms up in the arm talking wildly. "By the way, your sister is already pretty cool. She's made good friends with Iggy Hart."

I laughed and she stared at me for a moment, actually silent. I gave her a smile and nodded my head, "Nice name." She shrugged it off and stared forward. We headed towards the stairs.

"You're a junior aren't you?" I shook my head, "Sophmore?" I nodded my head at her second guess. I didn't want to explain that I had missed almost a year of school. I have no idea why. "Interesting but that's cool anyways. The more important people are in your grade anyways."

I raised an eyebrow and laughed, "I could care less about important people in my grade. I just want to make it through to today without falling." And guess what I did?


I actually tripped and stumbled into some jerk. He gave me this glare with his dark eyes. "Sorry, I guess I didn't leave my stupidity at home today." I stood up straight and held the stuff in my arms tighter against my chest.

"It's cool," except when he said it the words were slurred together as if he said, "Itscool." He had this dark black hair that was shaggy and fell in front of his eyes a bit. He was pretty good looking and didn't dress like the rest of the preps here. He seemed kind of interesting except he had some red head wrapped around his arms. I walked around him and started heading down the stairs. Nudge actually had to catch up to me.

"You- wow, you must've impressed him real good. He actually said something to you. Normally Fang Loretts just goes around being silent but not with you. I guess you missed when he smirked at you. He really liked that line you said to him. And Brigid was sooo jealous too. I bet he hasn't even talked to her today and you get his first words of the day." Nudge pushed me into a room with all of this English posters and famous quotes. I figured I was in the right room.

I leaned against the wall and stared at Nudge who was still sticking with me, "What is he mute or something? What's the big deal that he spoke to me?" I laughed to see Nudge's shocked expression.

"How have you gone thirty seconds in this school without hearing about Fang Loretts? That's like…like…being a monkey who's never heard of a banana!" I was about to ask if she was referring that Fang Loretts was food and that I had somehow gotten myself into a cannibalistic school. Nudge, whoever, was a radio that was on non-stop. "He is the most popular kid in school and wicked hot! He's a sophomore too. Geez, you, have some mental issues or something to not be screaming with pure joy that you made him smirk and talk to you! That means he approves of you. I am totally pulling for you to win him over. Everyone wants that witch Brigid out of the way. You're cool now!"

I laughed. The idea of me being cool was quite amusing. "Nudge, dreamers are just hopeful liars you know." I crossed my arms thinking about how I wanted to get home. I could take the city bus to my family's new apartment or maybe just walk the few blocks. Ella was staying after for the drama club. And me taking part in anything like that would be a mistake.

Nudge seemed to dislike my statement and pouted, "Stick with me, and I'll make sure my dreams and yours, of course, will come true."

Was it normal to dream that I would be able to stay out of the spotlight?

A bell rung and Nudge slumped off, "I'll see you at lunch all right? It'll be cool." Nudge waved goodbye and I watched as she disappeared through the hall. I was technically early now to class so I just slumped into the back and placed my stuff on the desk in the last row by the windows. I was hoping to daydream.

I opened my notebook and began doodling onto the lines. There were no shapes or ideas in my mind but the pen was moving. "Wings," someone whispered over my shoulder. Startled, I dropped my pen and watched as it fell to the ground.

Someone, in a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, leaned down and picked up the pen. Fang Lorett handed dropped it on my notebook and I followed the toss to see that he was right. On my paper I had drawn wings, but I couldn't exactly tell why.

A hand came into my line of few, this was different than Fang. The skin was pale. "Name's Jeff Hart, you can call me Iggy." I stared at the hand and followed the arm up to see the boy Ella had been talking to. He had scary blue eyes with a white film that covered over them. He was blind. Strands of his blonde hair dangled around him sort of like a halo it was so bright.

I crossed my arms, "You seriously expect me to call you Iggy. How do you even get a name like that?" Like I said social skills, I had none. I heard a stifled laugh behind me and I looked up at Fang. He took back his hand when he realized I wasn't going to shake it. "Sorry, I don't do formal prep. I'll respond to a 'hey' but no handshake."

He coughed and stuck his chin in the air. For some scary reason he seemed to be staring straight at me, "Hey, I'm Jeff Harte." Then, awkwardly, he raised his hand in the air and waved. He gave a smile, "But call me Iggy. Don't ask how I got a name like that."

I gave a small smile, "Maximum Ride. Call me Max. And don't ask anything sexist about my name or you might regret it." Then I waved my hand like he had, "I'm waving my hand Iggy."

"I'll give it that you're a fast learner," he smiled at me. He turned around in the desk he was sitting in. He was tall so I could easily hide behind him and not focus. All I could say was that being a school sort of made me fidgety. For as long as I could remember that's what a classroom did.

"Have we met?" I turned my head to see that Fang was sitting in the desk across from me. We had about five more minutes until our entire class would have to be here. I looked at him, from his black shirt, black jeans, and black converse. He wasn't someone I would forget, not with the really dark eyes that were staring right at me.

"I bumped into you, remember?" Nudge must have been mistaken when she said he was impressed or a lot of girls bumped into him. He was twirling a pencil with his index finger on the desk. I watched that instead of him.

"Before though?" He asked and I thought about it. There was something familiar about his voice. The low, tenor voice that was soothing and calming felt like an old friend that had comforted me for years but I was pretty sure that we had never met before.

"Sorry, looks like my memory has failed me because I have no clue." I turned back towards the notebook. I picked up the pen and flipped my hair to hide him from my view. I tried to ignore the smirk on his face. I would not mention this to Nudge.

"Hey," suddenly he was pulling my hair away from my face and staring right at me. He gave me a smirk, "I'm Fang." I pulled my hair away from his hand and stared at him. He waited for my response.

"And your point? You already know my name." He narrowed his eyes a bit and backed away. He held his hands up to his heart as if I had just hurt him. I laughed. "Besides, I already knew who you were."

He raised an eyebrow at that as he sat back down at his desk. He was sitting sideways with one arm resting on the desk and the other on the top of the chair. I let out a sigh, "I'd explain it to you but I figured your ego couldn't take another hit." I saw a quick twitch in the corner of his mouth. I suppose that was laughing for him.

"Fang!" I turned my head to the front of the class to see the red-head that Nudge had called Brigid and a witch. She rushed over and sat in the desk in front of him. I stared at her. She was real pretty with curvy hips and a chest which she liked to show off. She had on a tan with pink and blue stripes plaid miniskirt and a blue corduroy sweater with a v-neck that revealed a tan tank-top underneath. She wrapped her arms around him, "I missed you."

I laughed and covered my mouth. She stared at me. I looked down at my notebook and focused on the wings. I began to color in some of the feathers with the black ink of my pen. Someone coughed and I decided it might be directed towards me so my head went up. Brigid was leaning over Fang's desk but staring right at me. "Do you have a problem?"

I lifted my hand in the air to say that no, I didn't but instead my blabbermouth said, "I just thought I saw you two in the hall. How could you miss someone after a few minutes?" I saw Iggy suddenly laughing in front of me.

"She makes a very good point Brigid," and he looked over his shoulder at me even though he couldn't- you know- see me. He had a smile. "Good one Max."

"Thanks Iggy, I'm smiling too." He winked before turning back towards the front of the room and picked up a conversation with some other kid. Brigid was glaring at me. "I'm new here," I explained, "I should probably warn you, my sarcasm is more common than my breathing. My name's Maximum Ride. You can call me Max."

"Was that suppose to be sarcastic too or is your name really Maximum Ride? I mean, it's a little butch don't you think." She wrinkled her nose and stared at me up and down. She had that smug, confident smile that she would beat me in anything.

Anything, except for a fight and survival. Those two things I would kick her ass at.

I shrugged to her comment just as the bell rung, "Oo, times out and to think I was enjoying this conversation." I saw another laughing smile on Fang's face. I noticed his lips were really, really good looking. I sort of wanted to kiss him but the key word in that sentence if sort of. Not to mention, I didn't want to kiss what Brigid had. I wasn't quite sure where her mouth had been and I'm a big believer in not taking certain risks that aren't in my favors.

Class began then and every few seconds I caught my eyes drifting between the board and Fang. He was glancing at me too and every time ours eyes connected I looked away. Now I was starting to get this feeling that we had met before.

But I swear, if I had met Fang, I wouldn't have forgotten him.

Would I?

- - -

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