Chapter 1

An explosion ripped through the clear morning air. Toa Tahu brought his lavaboard to the bank of the lava flow, and looked toward the source of the sound. Smoke was rising from the side of the volcano.

"Well," Tahu said to himself, "I'm glad it finally happened."

The explosion had been caused by a gas pocket which was too close to the lava flow. The liquid rock had melted its way into the pocket and ignited the gas, triggering an explosion. The pocket had been found quite by accident, when Kopaka had gone after a missing Matoran. Needless to say, the area had been off limits for quite some time.

About a half hour later, Tahu was standing on the edge of the newly formed crater.

"Wow," he thought, "I hope no one was hurt."

Scanning the edge of the crater, Tahu saw something white a little ways up the hill, lying on the ground. Wanting to know what it was, he moved closer. When he saw it was a Matoran, he broke into a run. He reached the Matoran to find him alive, breathing, and, amazingly, conscious.

"Toa Tahu?" he said.

"Shh. Don't speak. You're hurt," cautioned Tahu.

"No, I'm not. I'm fine."

"What! You don't call paralysis an injury?"

"Toa, my paralysis has nothing to do with the explosion."

"Come on. I'll carry you back to your village, and you can tell me what happened. Deal?"

"Fine. My name is Nari," replied the Matoran, as Tahu lifted him off the ground. "I was on my way to deliver a message to your Turaga, when I spotted some Rahi on that ridge over there. I'd never seen anything like them. They were very spider-like with big sets of pincers. I like to watch Rahi in my spare time, so I crouched behind a rock to watch them. One of them saw me and, instead of running, fired some sort of wheel from its back. Before I could move, it hit me in the face, and, when I tried to get up, I couldn't. They were coming towards me when the ground started shaking, and, all of a sudden, the ground blew up right under their feet. I don't know what happened to those Rahi, but I know they were coming for me, and I'm going to thank Mata Nui every day of my life for sending that explosion."

* * *

"Which icicle is it, Nari? I can't remember."

Tahu and Nari were in an ice cave looking for an icicle. There were probably close to two hundred in the cave, but they were looking for one in particular. The newly installed security system for the ice village required that one specific icicle be pulled, causing part of the back wall of the cave to open, revealing a switch board. Only by throwing the right switches in the right order could one get through.

"Here it is, Tahu," said Nari from Tahu's back.

Tahu pulled down on the icicle in front of him. It looked just like every other icicle in the cavern, but a "click-whirrrr" from the back of the cave confirmed their choice, as did the wall sliding to one side. He walked to the switchboard and deftly threw several switches. Another "click-whirrrrr" came from behind the wall, and the double doors swung wide open.

Tahu left Nari at the healer's home and went to find Kopaka. Finding him meditating, he left a note and went back to the healer's hut. When he arrived, he found Nari walking around.

"I do not know what is going on anymore than you do, Toa," said a voice in Tahu's head.

"What? Who said that?" shouted Tahu.

"Remember Tahu, your thoughts are open to me, but whatever caused his paralysis seems to have worn off. Other than a few cuts and bruises from the explosion, he is perfectly fine."

"Sorry, Turaga. I always forget about your Mask of Telepathy."

"You wanted to see me, Tahu?" said a voice behind him.

"Kopaka. Yes, I did. Look at this Matoran here. Tell me what you see."

"He's a little bruised, but I see nothing unusual about him."

"Well, a few minutes ago, he was paralyzed from the neck down. Nari, you know what happened better than I do. Tell Kopaka what happened to you."

* * *

"Toa, I have seen these creatures before," said the Turaga (using his mask) after Nari finished telling his story. "They are Visorak. I fought them when I was a Toa. They are terrible creatures. They travel from land to land, capturing Rahi, poisoning them, and turning them into monsters. If they capture the Matoran, there is no telling what they will do to them."

"But, perhaps those were the only Visorak to reach the island, Turaga," ventured Kopaka.

"No Toa, the Visorak travel in a great swarm. They hunt on an island until there is nothing left."

"That settles it then. We have no time to waste, Kopaka. I'm officially calling a meeting. I want you to gather Onua and Gali, and I will get Lewa and Pohatu."

"You must hurry," said Turaga Cothan, "Every hour wasted only hastens the Visorak's victory, and there is no known cure for Visorak venom. If you do not succeed, Huna Nui will become a ghost land, full of monsters only a nightmare could conjure."

* * *

Bionicle and all related characters (c) LEGO

Story and related characters (c) me

This is my first chapter story here on . It was my first long story ever written, talking about a year and a half years off and on to finish (from 2006 to 2008). This won't be my best work ever, but I can definitely say I put more effort into this story than any other before or sense.