Alex POV

My hands started shaking. My skin started feeling… hot! Something was desperately wrong. I was a vampire for crying-out-loud! Vampires, the cold-skinned, immortal — cold — blood-drinkers; not warm.

I turned my head, through the violent shaking, towards my twin sister, Sara. To my surprise and dismay, she was also shaking violently.

"Oh God." I heard Bella say, "Someone, GET JACOB!"

"On it!" I could hear three sets of footsteps moving swiftly towards the door.

The next thing I knew, Jacob — I assumed — was carrying me outside, Sara and Seth behind us.

Suddenly the shaking stopped, "I'm fine, Ja–." There was heat, pulsing through my limbs. This heat wasn't painful like when I was transformed, it was… warmth, as I was — once again — at lack of a better term.

It felt like I was exploding. My skin, my whole frame, gave way to something bigger… foreign.

I slowly opened my eyes, only to see a huge snowy wolf standing right in front of me.

A snowy wolf? I heard the voice in my head, and saw a picture of a wolf identical to the one I saw, except the background scenery was different.

What the hell? Why was my mind doing this to me? There was no white wolf in Jacob's pack, or Sam's! Any why was the scenery behind the wolf changing, I mean, I wasn't moving!

Can vampires hallucinate? I meant to ask Carlisle or Edward, but no one seemed to hear me. Hello! I'm freaking out here! I felt a wave of calm wash over me — Jasper.

Alex? Is that you? I heard Sara's voice in my mind.

Yes, I couldn't speak out loud, but this was a communication I was used to. Sara and I were able to communicate with each other… telepathically.

Don't move. I heard the husk voice of Jake.

Jake? Sara — Sar — and I said at the same time.

Yes. Hate to break it to you, but you're werewolves. Er… shape shifters.

That explains a lot, my sister was always the calm one.

No. Freaking. Way. I added in more angrily, I wasn't as understanding as Sar.

Sorry, but you're awesome now! Jake said mockingly.

Ugh. Thanks. I felt a lot like Leah at the moment. Wait. We're werewolves?

Yep, Jacob answered, not noticing that it was a rhetorical question.

So how did we become werewolves? Sar said with me, again.

Well, I'm guessing, that you had some Quileute blood in you — probably from both of your parents — and were… changed before the wolf blood kicked in. It's pretty scary, actually. Half-vampire, half-werewolf. Cool.

Okay, don't really get it, but I don't exactly like being a wolf, at this point in time at least, My voice cracked a little when I looked at my… paw.

I agree, Sara, how do we, um… phase?

Good question, not really sure. It just comes naturally. Just try to calm down, then you should be able to phase back.

Okay, it was easy enough to understand, Sar, do you agree with me?


Agree about what? Jacob was puzzled, his eyes showed it.

We want some… alone time, I replied simply.

How did you collaborate that? He was even more confused.

We think alike, Sara answered for me.

Oh, okay. Bye… his voice and vision were gone. We were alone — or as alone as we could get, with Edward listening in.

"Sorry," Edward mouthed, and carried two-year-old-that-looks-like-a-four-year-old, half-vampire, half-human, daughter of Edward and Bella, Renesmee Carlie Cullen inside. Then came back out.

They don't want her around us, before we gain control over ourselves, Sara explained.

Right, so, this is scary…

Yeah, I agree. So what do I look like? I was looking in the direction of the forest, listening to all of the earthy sounds that suddenly seemed very comforting to me.

I turned my head back to her. Her sleek body was completely white, with the exception of her stunning, cobalt blue eyes and black nose.

Wow, we're still identical, she laughed.

Yeah, I guess, Sara was the one thing that could always cheer me up, no matter what mood I was in.

Let's try that calming down thing. This wolf body is freaking me out! I didn't have to verbally agree, she knew I was thinking the same thing.

Edward? Could you ask Jasper to help us out? I would have been happy for the help, so would Sar.

He nodded, "Jazz, could you help them calm down a little?"

"They're already pretty calm, but if you insist…" I felt anything but calm, but sometimes my emotions lied to me.

We were suddenly, both, feeling very calm, on the verge of falling into a comatose state, I chuckled. My laugh came out sounding like a choking dog. Ugh. Wolf.

Something was happening, to the both of us. An icy coolness was spreading through our larger wolf bodies.

Does this mean… phasing? My sister's voice became fainter as we returned to our normal, vampire, forms.

"EEK!!!" Alice screaming was the first thing we heard again as vampires. "What the HELL happened to your clothes?!"

"Alice," Bella, being Bella, was trying to calm her down, "they just phased! Calm down!"

Jasper was immediately at work, trying to calm Alice down.

I wondered what she was so freaked about, so I looked around. Oh crap! I glanced up at Sara, who did the same thing in the same moment. Oh crap! I repeated to myself, and Edward, who had taken more interest than usual in Bella's eyes.

There were shreds of cloth on the ground, scattered around Sara and I. CRAP! Uh… sorry! See you later! Edward heard, and nodded, still focusing on Bella.

Sara and I bolted into the cover of the forest. As we did so, I heard Alice sprint into the house. To go find some… suitable clothes, I assumed. She'd be fuming later. Sara and I just destroyed two of her, French, outfits. Wonderful.

"What. In. The. World. Happened?!" I asked once we were in the safe cover of trees.

"I have no idea!" Sara seemed worried, of course. Any vampire would react the same way to turning into a giant wolf.

I inhaled deeply, in a futile attempt to calm down. Alice's scent drifted into our patch of forest.

"Alice," we both said at the same time. Some people found it annoying, I thought that it was pretty cool.

"Okay," Alice emerged into the small clearing, "You two owe me." Her tone was light, but I knew how serious she was.

Sara and I were handed two packages of clothes. Both bags contained a few unidentifiable pieces of fabric — silk.

"Um…?" I had no idea what I was supposed to do with them.

"Uh…" Alice groaned, "arms out." I obediently held my arms out, parallel to the ground.

Thirty seconds later, Sara and I were dressed in matching blouses and jeans. The front of my hair was tied back with a red ribbon, matching the color of my top. Sara's was the same, but in a less conspicuous pink.

"Thanks, Alice," we said at the same time, Alice had an exasperated look on her face.

"You're welcome. But, you still need a mirror," she dragged us in the direction of the Cullen mansion.

I was trying as hard as I could to put off the whole "wolf" topic.

The twin images in the wall length mirror were beautiful. Our elbow-length, honey ginger hair fell in tangle-free waves to our elbows.

Sara and I were wearing the same outfit, only in different colors. In my case, a red spaghetti strap and skinny jeans.

We also, both, had white, winter jackets with fur lining on the hood, and matching stilettos.

Alice was safely out of earshot, so I complained, "why does Alice always put us in stilettos? They're so hard to run in!"

"You're right," Sar agreed, "but they do look great!"

She had a point. I nodded. Then I thought about the wolf subject, and couldn't procrastinate any longer.

"Any idea about the whole 'werewolf' thing?" I blurted out.

"No…" the air of joy faded from the room, "it's… scary."

"I know! We're vampires after all!" I started yelling, "Mom isn't Indian! Not to mention, Quileute Indian!"

"Wait… but do we know who out father was?" Sara was right. We didn't know who our father was. He could have been Osama Bin-Laden, and we wouldn't have known!

"You're right, but still! How could we turn into werewolves while we're vampires?" there was sense in my question.

There was a moment of silence.

"Jacob?" we both said at the same moment, stereo.

"Yeah?" the husky voice came from the patio, playing with Nessie, I assumed.

"We need an explanation," Sara explained.

"Sure," he replied as he walked in through the back door. "You want to know what the hell happened, and how the heck you two can possibly be werewolves?"

"Yeah. How did you know that?" I asked.

"Not that hard to guess."

Sar and I nodded.

"My theory," he started, "is that your father," he paused, making sure that we weren't hurt by the subject. Once he was sure that we were fine he continued, "Was part of the tribe. Wait… how old were you before you were… became a vamp?"

"Two months from becoming 17," Sara and I remember the day disturbingly clearly.

"Okay, I think I was right then. You guys had werewolf blood in you since you were born. None of us have ever seen this happen before, because all the other tribe members are guarded by the wolves, there's no way any of them could have been turned into vampires."

He paused and went on, "since you two were so… close to vampires, your wolf blood was, probably, triggered, like most of us. And the wolf blood won out against the vampire… venom, and here you are."

It wasn't the best explanation in the world, but it was better than what Sar and I could have come up with ourselves.

"So, we're… vampire werewolves," we both said, not as a question, but as a statement.