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Sara POV

"So," Jake said, "are you guys ready to join the pack?"

This question caught Alex and I off guard.

"What?" Alex asked, astounded.

"Join the pack, you two are werewolves now, so…"

"Vampire-werewolves," I heard Emmett chuckle from outside. If I were still human, I would have been fainting right about now.

"But…" I was scared out of my wits.

"I'm not saying now!" Jake noticed his mistake, "but eventually, you'll need to join the pack, at least to control the phasing."

"We can't have you turning into a giant doggie whenever you get mad," Emmett laughed.

"Shut up, Emmett!" Alex snapped. I would have to thank her for that later, one more jibe from Emmett and there might be two — no, three — wolves in the room.

I turned back to Jacob, "You're right. We'll have to join the pack eventually. But can't that wait?"

"Sorry, but no. Until you two learn how to control the phasing, you probably wont be able to stay around the Cullens. Especially with Emmett trying to make you attack him."

"But why?" Alex and I said together.

"Phasing. If you're by anyone — vamps included — will definitely result in an injury, on their part."

"Okay… guess it's worth it then," Alex was unusually quiet during this conversation. I was normally the quieter one.

"Yeah," Jacob chuckled, a low throaty sound, "you get to be an awesome werewolf now!"

"Awesome werewolves…" I was amused, not really, "right…"

"Okay, anyway…" if I knew Alex any less well, I would have missed the alarm in her voice. I wasn't that obtuse. "You're not going to leave us alone until we're… trained, are you?"

"Nope," Jacob popped his lips on the 'p'. "Oh! And don't say 'trained', if you start referring to yourselves like you would to dogs, then Emmett will never let you forget it."

He had a point. Emmett was always trying to annoy every being within a ten-mile radius, with the exception of Rosalie.

"Wolves. Wonderful!" I wasn't sure if vampires could cry, actually, I doubted it. But, Alex seemed like she was close.

I knew that Alex probably wanted some time alone to discuss the recent happenings.

So I asked Jacob, "Jake… would you mind giving us a minute alone? We just need to talk things over."

"I don't know about alone," he answered. "But I can leave the room."

"That works."

He nodded and left.

"Alex? Alex? It'll be okay," I reasoned.

"Be okay? We're wolves," she whispered. She was shaking with anger and anguish. "You know what they did to her!" She broke down into dry sobs.

"Yes, I know. But these aren't the same wolves! They have minds. They differentiate! If they didn't… I don't know what I would do."

"You're right. These aren't the same wolves that killed her. We are not like that!"

I nodded. "'Kay, let's go. We have to get this under control, or else we might become like that wolf."

It was Alex's turn to nod, her vampire version of sobs quieting..

We walked out of the room to meet Jacob.

"So is everything settled?" he seemed against witnessing either of us break down emotionally.

"Yeah, don't worry. We're fine," I answered, Alex was still quivering slightly. And so was I.

"Okay, first. We have to teach you how to phase. C'mon," He leapt into the trees, we followed.

We ran for a half-hour until we came to a small clearing. The running helped clear our minds. Alex kept my hand in hers. We could never be separated.

"Okay, figure out how to phase. I can't help you with that, just make sure you don't go too crazy." He paused, "Oh! And I'd recommend taking off your clothes first. Alice wont like you ruining two outfits in one day."

"What?" There was no way he was going to get us to do that.

First, Alex and I find out that we turn into the very things that we despise. Now we have to turn into them after striping in front of Jacob!

"No!" he defended, "don't get the wrong idea! I don't mean here! Ew… over there!" he pointed to a well hidden spot in the bushes.

"Are you crazy?!" Alex glared at Jake.

"No, I'm just doing you a favor, this way you wont have to face Alice twice in one day."

"Too bad," we both said.

"Fine. Let's get started then," he took a deep breath. Alex and I took off our jackets.

"Picture yourselves as wolves, feel yourselves making the transformation." The new! Werewolf Dr. Phil. Dr. Black! I directed my thoughts to Alex with a smile.

Alex giggled, Jake gave a puzzled look. She shook it off and began to focus.

I pictured the snowy wolf with blue eyes, so did she. We melded our thoughts together, we thought as one. One person. One being. One soul.

The unfamiliar heat spread through our limbs, and I felt our bodies growing, morphing is a better term, into something completely different. I reflexively reached for Alex's hand, and found it, held out—reaching towards mine.

We linked our fingers together —some would say holding hands, but to us it was more than that, no matter how corny that sounds. It was safety. Security. The world could be ending in flames, or nuclear bombs, — and no matter how cliché this sounds — if we were together, everything would be fine.

Of course, Alex thought as we both closed our eyes, retreating into the comfort of each other's presence.

The heat seeped down, filling every inch of our bodies. Filling us until it could be contained no longer, our shells of a body exploded into oblivion, giving way to something bigger. Different. Other.

I opened my eyes, only to stare into their doubles. I saw the same thing from Alex's mind.

Well we survived that, she stated optimistically, giving a wolfy laugh that sounded like she had a fur ball in her throat.

Haha. Very funny. She gave me the equivalent of sticking her tongue out at me, in wolf form.

Hey it isn't so bad, minus the tail, I pointed out. The paws I could get used to.

Holy crap Jake! I heard a startlingly familiar yet unfamiliar voice in my head. Why the hell are the vampires in my head?!

Cool it Leah! Jake's consciousness was suddenly in my head too.

I saw forest flashing by, gray paws hitting the ground with a flawless rhythm.

Another view. The shrubbery and trees were moving slowly, russet brown paws coming into view at a walking pace.

I gathered my thoughts and returned to my conscious. Soft thumps, paw steps, became louder, branches rustled to my left. I automatically backed to Alex's side and crouched low to the ground, she did the same.

No worries, Jake said soothingly, 'S only me. And the rustling you're about to hear from behind you is Leah.

Alex and I both spun around in a movement that wasn't there; apparently our vampiric speed transferred to our wolfy forms too. A wolf, Leah I assumed, much larger than both of us, nearly as big as Jake, burst out of the brush, a low growl coming continuously from her lips.

Jake moved forward, his bulk partially blocking Leah from view.

Only then did I notice how big Jake really was as a wolf. More like a horse. A big horse.

Again. Cool it, Leah. He said in a slightly more demanding tone.

But their freaking VAMPIRES! Do I need to spell it out?

No. I am perfectly capable of spelling the word vampire myself.

Leah growled again, only to be, this time, answered by Jake's much louder, more menacing snarl.

Hey, guys. What's goin' on? Seth's voice was suddenly in my head. I thought I would be used to hearing strange voices in my head, no matter how insane that sounds. But I guess new ones are just… surprising.

Now there is no such thing as a vampire free zone. Leah snarled.

What are you… Seth paused. Oh. Oh! Oh! Hey Sara, Alex! He actually seemed… exited… So you guys are wolves now? That is wayyyyy beyond cool! Weird, and surprising, but cool.

A sandy colored wolf erupted into the now jam-packed clearing, only to be tackled by Leah. She pinned him to the ground, her size on her side.

What. Do. You. Think. You're. Saying. Leah snarled again. They. Are. Leeches.

Geez! What's your problem with vampires? You've known these two since they were… well. Vampirized. They have to be the best-behaved vampires in existence. And plus they, apparently, do have wolf blood in them! GOD! Can't you see! They HAVE to be distantly RELATED to US! I didn't think even Sam could make you that shallow.

We all knew that Seth struck a nerve with that —well, Alex and I only knew because of Jakes sudden panic and flood of memories—and he immediately regretted it, apologizing, as a shocked and convinced Leah leapt off of him and ran blindly in the other direction.

Soon her conscience disappeared from my mind. Cutting off that flow of images, sounds, and feelings.

No… Seth whimpered, an extremely vulnerable sound. I can't believe I said that too her… What was I thinking?

Jake came back to the conversation, it's okay Seth. If you didn't do it then I would have had to.

But still… Seth lowered his head, looking at the dew-covered grass. I didn't have to be so mean… I mean. I brought up Sam. Sam! I'm such an idiot!

Seth… Alex and I thought cautiously. Thanks. You did it for us. We couldn't thank you more.

I guess I did get something accomplished… he answered.

See. It was all for a purpose. Being sad does not fit you, Seth.

Yeah, you're right, Seth perked up immediately, it was as if being sad was programmed to be impossible for his system. Leah's always moody, she'll get over it.

Exactly my point. Jake, Alex, and I said, er, thought, at the exact same moment.

Soooooooo, I snapped my jaw, still trying to convince myself that I was a wolf now.

Is there a timer on this thing? Or are we allowed to phase back. Being a wolf… bothers us.

A gust of wind swept through the trees, making my snow white fur ripple. Drops of the oh-so-common Forks rain began to splash down onto us.

Well you guys are way better at this than any of us, maybe except me, Jake-wolf grinned, so just do the same thing you did to become a wolf, except backwards.

'Kay, Alex and I replied, Jake's and Seth's consciousness's already fading, icy coolness spreading through our limbs as we returned to our vampire forms. But there was one detail we had seemingly forgotten. Thankfully, though, Jake and Seth had turned around and had begun running in the other direction.

Oops, Alex thought as we looked at the tattered shreds of our newest outfits in the Alice line. She picked up our white winter jackets, all the clothing we had at the present moment. Luckily for us they were oversized. Alice must have seen this coming.

Haha, wanna run? I thought of a particularly vivid image of the mountain's nearby as I zipped my jacket up.

I didn't need to hear her reply to know she agreed. We sprinted in the direction I had pointed, trees whipping past, but staying perfectly clear. Every angle of every leaf, pristinely clear. Every twig on the ground, absolutely clear. Everything, no matter how fast we ran, everything stayed clear.

It took about 3 and a half seconds for our jackets to get soaked, but we weren't cold. We were never cold anymore.

We stopped running near the top of the mountain, choosing to stay in the rain, verses going past the clouds and bathing ourselves in sunlight.

We lay there. For minutes? Hours? Days? Years? We didn't care. We just lay there, letting the rain wash away all the thoughts we didn't want to deal with. I turned on my side at the same moment as Alex, rocks and much crunching with the movement.

"Hey," I said out loud, for the heck of it. We were alone after all. As alone as two vampire-werewolves could get. "How'd you like to go to Denali? Meet Tanya and Kate and all of them? It snows up there," I turned back on my back, my hand automatically seeking some kind of contact with Alex. Raindrops pelted my face. For once I liked the rain. It felt like my dirtied hands were being cleansed. "We'd blend in."

"That…" she paused, I already knew her answer, but prompted her to say it anyways. Things were always better said. Well, almost always. "Would be nice," she flipped onto her back too, a deliberately slow movement, as to keep out hands linked.

"Should we go ask Carlisle? I know Edward said something about having to move soon. Renesmee…"

"Yeah," we began to stand up, slowly. We felt like being slow today. "We'll do that."

We walked the rest of the way back to the Cullen's.

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