This is my one and only venture into the Teen Titans fandom. I'll just shuffle back to KND now.

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Only four people attended the funeral. Only three people cried. Only two were able to peer into the casket. Only one person spoke. Only one person needed to.

She looked down at him and frowned at his neatly combed hair. Without so much as batting an eyelash, she messed it up into the style he had always worn. The other woman, taller than the first, gasped as she saw this and sobbed into the shoulder of a black-haired man from across the church.

The tall, heavily muscled man understood. If she hadn't fixed his hair, he probably would have. The two shared a look.
They knew it was ironic. None of them had seen another in years, and yet the one who had always aimed to keep them together so long ago had brought them together again, through his death.

Just before the casket was closed, the violet-haired woman whispered, "I'm sorry."

Garfield Logan
The Beast Boy
A Teen Titan
A Great Friend
A Better Person