Both creatures were created opposite yet uniquely joined. One with wings one with fangs. Both coexisting and understanding of each other despite all folklore.

An angel. Wings of pure white and body of perfection. Contrary to popular belief in religion, angels obey no one. They are free spirited and can only be tamed by there opposite, their soul mate.

A vampire. Body of pale or tan unscathed marble and fangs as hard as diamond and as sharp as a razor. Described in legend as a killing machine that constantly needed blood. Truth is they only need to feed every five years. They are also a caring race unlike popular culture.

Both races can give birth to children and like most humans are committed to one soul mate. Each race despite their radical differences get along and live side by side. Sometimes in rare occasions they join together as a couple but the cost is at having no children. They can mate of course but they are just too different for their genes to mix. Both races welcome all sexual preference without hesitation. While they are born either angel or vampire, angels dont get their wings, and vampires dont get their fangs until they lose their virginity. They live in a town well hidden away from the rest of the modern world. It is protected by a force field and if some human were to walk into it they would just pop up on the other side unharmed and unaware of the large city they had passed through. Their powers allow them to grow their own food and develop their own technology. The city is run by two. One vampire and one angel and as a rare couple they rule over the city. Angels and vampires also have a life span up to 700 years and therefore not many babies are born. Both races are also distinctly and uniquely marked at birth with what todays standard is called a tattoo. It can range from three inches to covering almost the entire body.