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When He First Saw Her

Luke threw the checkered rag over his flannel clad shoulder. The table wasn't perfectly clean, but it was good enough to sit the next set of costumers in.

Miss Patty and Babette walked in and sat down, while laughing at the latest bit of gossip they heard. They looked at him as he pulled out his notepad.

"What can I get you?" Luke asked in his usual bored tone. Miss Patty smiled flirtatiously.

"A salad please, Luke. And extra sauce." She told him whipping out her fan to move the air around her face.

"And for you?" He asked turning to Babette.

"A turkey sandwich. Hold the mayonnaise." Babette said in her raspy voice.

"Fries?" Luke questioned writing down the order.

"You know it honey." Miss Patty purred. Luke smiled politely and turned to give Cesar the order. As soon as his back was turned he rolled his eyes in a Luke type fashion.

It was lunch and half the diner was taken up by chatting, happy people. Everyone was satisfied with the food, they had, no one needed him at the moment, so Luke stood behind the counter and pretended to clean the counter top. He looked up just as a woman walked by, one he didn't recognize.

She was, to put it lightly, gorgeous. Luke just stared as she was stopped by Sookie and Mia. He watched her smile at something Mia said and then shake her head. Her dark brown ringlets shook with her movement, falling over her shoulders, framing her face.

Her eyes flickered into the diner and Luke could have sworn that her eyes caught his.

Her eyes drew him in. Her blue eyes. Bright blues they were. Possibly the brightest blue eyes he'd ever seen in his life time. From where he stood they seemed to sparkle, holding some sort of wisdom he couldn't understand, but also a childness.

Then she smiled, laughed really, but a smile all the same. It was a 'whoa' smile. A one of a kind. Like it would light up a room the minute it graced her face.

Suddenly she pointed to the diner, looking at Mia and Sookie in amazement. The other women nodded enthusiastically. The woman ran to the door, waving bye to Sookie and Mia. They laughed and walked away, presumably to the Inn where they worked.

Just as she was about to open the door, a little girl ran by taking the mysterious woman's hand.

The child ran with the woman, leaving Luke with an unexplained feeling. Sadness? Disappointment?

"Luke? Orders up." Luke nodded and picked up the plates and walked to Miss Patty and Babette's area. He put the food down, just as he was about to walk away, he stopped and asked Miss Patty who the woman was.

"Oh, you saw Lorelai? Poor girl never gets out of that Inn. She works there, you know. A maid…" Miss Patty rambled on and on, but Luke stopped listening after her name.

Lorelai what a pretty name, Luke thought.

The End

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