After months of absence, the great return of eternalwings, the mighty modern BKO AU.

I'm thinking of adding cultural notes since I made this happen in France. What do you guys think?

As usual with me, those drabbles are not in chronological order, because that would be too nice of me.


"Does your father know I'm the one doing the maintenance on this thing?"

"Obviously not. Stop asking stupid questions."

Guillo paused, wondering.

"Then how did you get the blueprint for it? You know your own body well enough to do major things, and the person at the laboratory doesn't need it either, does he?"

She smirked. "I stole it. Father may be a genius when it comes to machinery and electronics, but he completely fails at computer security. I hacked his database."

"Why am I not surprised."

There wasn't even a question mark at the end. By then he'd said and typed it way too many times for it to have one.

One of his hands landed on the side of her neck and pushed it a bit to the side, cold and matter-of-fact. Her heart spend up a little and she felt a smile invade her lips.

"You're doing a better job on it than I ever did, though. Are you sure you're not in the wrong academic subject? Ditch Hitler, you'd do an awesome scientist."

"In your dreams, Milliarde. Besides, even a bastard like him is better company than lab mates. At least he's dead."

"You're such a bore, Guillo."

"Oh am I?" The hand on her neck caressed for just half a second, but it was enough to make her want to hiss. "Then why do I still hold the time record at Fire Emblem?"


Trust him to act as if nothing had happened, too. The worst was, she couldn't even complain to Sagi. He wouldn't have believed her.

The way things were going, she was starting to think she'd end up discovering what having sex with an intersexual person was like before Sagi ever tried to do anything more than kiss her.

"You skip the animations. It's cheating."

"I play for the plot, not for the shiny 3D." He paused, finished tightening her overly lose artificial ligament, and got to work on putting everything back in place. "Though I have to say some of those spells were well designed."

"Hah, you would say that. Always a mage at heart."

She tried to move her arm, but his hand on her shoulder tightened, keeping her in place.

"I'm not done, you idiot girl. Do you want it to get damaged? And at least I had the brains not to use a Jeigan on my first playthrough."

"He was a thief! Since when are thieves jeigans?"

He finished closing the skin on her shoulder, smoothing over the borders to give them their natural effect back. The heavy caress went from real flesh to electronic nerves, two different sets of sensations that multiplied each other rather rather than cancelling or just adding to each other. She gasped, and her breathing sped up when she realized his hand hadn't moved, staying at the junction of skin and polymer. It was a question, if a discreet one.

She turned.

He was looking straight into her eyes. One of his eyebrows was raised, but she could tell it was more to protect himself than anything else.

For a few seconds, she didn't move. It was Guillo, after all, maybe she was reading him wrong. But then, it was Guillo, who'd never let that much emotion--imperceptible to anyone else but clear like plexiglass to her--show on his face if he didn't really, really mean it.

She chuckled.

"You're such an idiot, Guillo."

And kissed him before he could answer.

"You still have to beat that record."

She kissed him again, to shut him up this time. Then backed down a little and tilted her head, observing him. His skin actually looked nearly normal, as opposed to its usual paleness. She was pretty proud of herself.

"You know," she mused, "I think we should take it upon ourselves to do Sagi's education. He'll never go anywhere otherwise."

"You are not putting your hands on him without a chaperone."

"Exactly. That's why you have to be there too."

And before he could respond, she kissed him again.