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"Ahh, Now this is much better than that damn pool!" Suigetsu said to himself, as he floated on his back in the ocean.

Suigetsu always preferred the beach than the public pool in town, which by the way is always crowded. Barely anyone went to the beach, so he didn't have to deal with any annoying crowds here, much to his delight.

He wanted to feel the cool water on his face and body, so Suigetsu turned and dove under the water, he tried opening his eyes, but quickly closed them after feeling the salty water sting his eyes.

He swam underwater for awhile until he felt the need for oxygen, when he came up he rubbed the salty water out of his eyes and blinked a couple times.

When he was able to focus his sight to in front of himself, he blinked a couple more times.

'Where the hell did she come from?' Suigetsu thought, wondering where this girl came from, the last time he looked the beach was vacant except for himself.

She seemed pretty shocked to see him too.

The only part of the girl that was visible was her head and shoulders, the rest of her body was under the water.

He noticed that she looked to be about his age…and was kinda cute. She had long dark-blue hair which fanned out on the water around her, like dark ink on the light blue water, large heavy-lidded lavender eyes, and plump pink lips.

When her shock of seeing someone else wore off, she noticed his staring at her and blushed a bright pink and ducked under the water until only her nose and eyes were visible.

Suigetsu had NO idea what to say, so he said the only thing he could think of.

"Umm….hi?" He raised a hand from under the water and gave a small wave.

She responded by blushing more and turning around to dive under.

Suigetsu's eyes widened when he saw something light blue, with scales, come up from the water, only to go back under with a small splash.

'What the hell? Was that a fin?'


sorry its so short.D= It was longer in the word document, I'll try to make it longer for the next chaps.

I would like to know if I should continue it or not, or some constructive critism.=) and I know that Suigetsu x Hinata is a crack pairing but please don't flame because of the pairing.