Ace walked through his village; passing Makino's bar so he can go to his secret training grounds. On the way there, Ace sees a young girl around his age: 14. Apparently she had just moved to the island cause the only girls in the village were either over 20 or under 10. So, being the well mannered boy he is, he went over to her and welcomed her to the island. She smiled and thanked him for being so kind.

She had said her name was Lily. Well, Lily had light blond hair, chocolaty brown eyes, and was very thin. In a way, she kinda reminded him of Lu.

"Um, can you please show me to a good restaurant please?" Ace said yes and led her to Makino's bar. Lily had thanked Ace again and ordered some food for herself. "Would you like something to eat, Ace?" Ace thought about the offer and decided to pass, but had agreed on staying with her until she finished her meal.

While she ate, they talked about many different things and learned a lot about each other. Ace had learned Lily. her sister and her parents came from an island to the south of his while she learned Ace had narcolepsy and had a little brother.

"Where is your brother? Is he at home with your parents?"

"Well, he's at home, but not with our parents. Our mom died a few months after Luffy was born and our father left us to stay with our crazy grandpa who sent us to this village to live by ourselves." Lily blinked at his response before looking at her meal.

"It must get lonely living by yourselves..." Ace laughed.

"It can sometimes. But with Luffy around, you never know what to expect." Just then, almost right on cue, Luffy walked into the bar. "Hey, Lu! There you are!" Luffy ran over to Ace and saw Lily. "This is Lily. She just moved to our island so I decided to show her around!" Lily held out her had to Luffy who shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Luffy!"

"Nice to meet you too, Lily! Ace... I'm hungry!" Ace laughed and ruffled Lu's hair before he stood up.

"Excuse me, but I have to go feed lil bro. I'll see you around."

"Bye!" Ace walked out the door with Luffy. "So what do you want to eat, Luffy?"

"Nothin'. I just wanted to spend time with my onii-chan!" Ace smiled and stopped walking; grabbing his little brothers hands as he did. He planted a small kiss on his brothers lips who was smiling.

"I love you, Lu. I hope you know that."

"He he! Of coarse I do! And I love you too, Acey!" Ace smiled at the last word. Luffy occasionally called that since thats what Luffy called Ace when he was just a baby. Ace had to admit, when Lu said that, it made him blush a little. It was so damn cute! Ace and Luffy walked the rest of the way home holding hands.

Ace had made Luffy breakfast already (along with a morning kiss) and was once again head up to his secret training grounds. And once again he saw Lily on the way there.

"Oh hello again, Ace!" Lily waved. Ace walked over to her.

"Hey, Lily. What are you up to?"

"Nothing much. Just walking around the island. How about you?"

"Just going the train in my secret training grounds." Lily giggled and Ace grinned.

"Well I don't wanna keep you from training. I'll see you around!" They said their goodbyes and went their own ways. While Ace trained, he thought about nothing else but his little brother Luffy.

Well while Ace trained, Luffy decided to walk to Makino's. On the way there, he passed Lily, who waved sweetly to him. He waved back and continued on his way. Just when he about 25 yards away from the bar, another girl passed him. She had brown hair, and brown eyes. She was around 14 years old and had the same facial features as Lily. Luffy knew right there, that that girl was probably Lily's sister. The girl saw Luffy instantly stopped to talk to him.

"Hello! Are you Luffy?" Luffy nodded. "Aw you're so cute! My name is Courtney. I'm Lily's sister! You're so cute!" Luffy blushed at the comments.

"He, thank you! My brother always tells me that too!"

"Oh? And who's your brother?"

"His name his Ace. He 14 years old, three years older than me."

"So you want me to walk you to the bar?" Luffy hesitated to answer.

"Um...sure." Courtney went to grab Luffy's hand, but Makino had come out of the bar and called Luffy. "Coming Makino!" And with that Luffy ran the rest of the way to the bar, leaving Courtney behind. But that didn't stop her from following Luffy into the bar. She sat next to him while he ate and they swapped stories.

"So you have a girlfriend?" Luffy stopped slurping up the noodles he was eating, leaving them hanging from his mouth. He then slurped them up and drank some of his water.

"" Suddenly, Ace walked through the doors with Lily by his side.

"Oh, hey Lu! Thought you'd be here! Ready to go home?" Luffy nodded and quickly jumped from his seat and ran over to ace. "Who's your new friend?"

"Oh she's Lily's sister, Courtney." Luffy said, nudging Ace out of the bar.

"Well then we'll be going. Bye Lily. Bye Courtney."

"Bye Ace and Luffy!"

"Bye Ace. See you soon Luffy!" Courtney winked to Luffy. Ace and Luffy walked home slowly.

"So what was that all about?" Ace asked.

"Courtney wanted to know if I had a girlfriend..."

"And you said?"

"...nothing. You walked in."

"Well don't worry. She's probably just being friendly, like Lily." Luffy shrugged it off until his stomach growled. "I'll make dinner when we get home." Luffy cheered happily. After dinner, Ace put Luffy to bed and gave him his goodnight kiss. "See ya in the morning."

"I love you Ace. Goodnight."

"Love ya too. Goodnight, Lu."

Once again, Ace made breakfast and gave Lu his kiss. Today Ace was gonna skip training and hang with Lily. Ace walked down to the bar and met Lily there. They spent the whole day laying under a tree, watching the clouds pass by. Ace had to admit, being with a girl his age was pretty fun. They had so much in common! Luffy had been watching from a distance ever since they laid down. Now he watched them sleeping next to each other under the shade of the tree. And they were...

'That used to be me and Ace doing that together. Swapping stories, telling jokes, falling asleep...' Luffy felt his eyes start to water and he ran back towards the house. 'How could could Ace do this to me...was he just using me? Or was he in love with me cause all the girls weren't his age?' Luffy stopped running and sighed before turning around to go to Makino's bar. He walked in there and there was Courtney, waiting for him.

"Hey, Luffy! There you are!"

"Hi Courtney. How are you today?"

"Good. You?"

"Alright I guess." Luffy took a seat next to her and laid his head down. He sat like that for a few minutes while listening Courtney talk until the door opened up. Luffy looked and his eyes widened. Ace had one arm around Lily's shoulders while both her arms were wrapped his waist. Their faces were only a foot apart. They were both laughing so sweetly. Then Ace picked her up bridal style and saw Luffy.

"Hey Lu! What--" Luffy jumped off his chair and went running past Ace, out the door and towards home. "Lu!" Ace carried Lily to a seat, set her down and ran after Luffy. Luffy ran as fast as he could into his room and slammed the door shut, locking it. Hot tears ran down his soft rubber cheeks. 'How could...*hic* how could Ace do this *hic* to me?! Why is *hic* he doing this!?' Luffy kept punching his pillow as he asked these questions to himself. Luffy's heart had broken in two. Ace ran into the house, ran up the stairs and ran straight for Lu's room. He banged on the door.'

"Luffy! What's wrong?!" Luffy sent a death glare at door.

"Go away, you cheater!" Ace looked confusedly at the door.

"You're still mad at me for cheating in the game of cards we played last week?!"

"Just go away!" Luffy opened his window and stood on the edge. When Ace finally got Luffy's door open, Luffy jumped out of the window and landed safely on the ground. Ace ran to the window and saw Luffy run away from the house.

"Lu!!" Ace ran downstairs and out the front door and ran in the direction Luffy ran. Luffy ran into an abandoned cave and hid there in the dark. He remembered Ace and Lily under the tree sleeping.

They had been holding hands.

Just like lovers.

They were holding hands...

The tears were now falling faster and harder and Luffy was trying so hard not to remember Ace and Lily. But the same picture of them holding hands kept popping up in his head. Luffy curled up into a fetal position and cried to himself.

Ace had been searching for Luffy for nearly two hours now and he was in a state of panic. "Luffy!! Luffy!....LUFFY!" But he never heard a reply. Ace was now really scared about what he had down to upset Luffy this much. Ace had practically all over the village eight times already and found no Luffy. Lily had been following Ace to see why he was so panicked. Suddenly, it started to rain heavily and in a few seconds, Ace was soaking wet. Ace ran around the village once again until he saw the forest again. Ace was already freezing cold but he didn't care. All he cared about was his brother. Lily followed Ace into the forest and saw him enter a cave. There, she watched Ace. Ace entered the cave and looked around. Tears had running down his face now. Suddenly, heard sniffles coming from behind a rock. He quickly ran towards the sound and found his little brother crying. Ace nearly went crazy when he was struck with relief. He kneeled down in front of Luffy and tapped him on the arm. Luffy's head flew up and came face to face with his brother who had a happy/sad smile.


"Luffy. I'm so glad I found you. I was so worried when I couldn't find you." A tear ran down Ace's cheek and Ace smiled. "Come on. Let's go home."

"No!" Luffy yelled, making Ace a little surprised. Ace bent forward and gave Lu a hug, but was pushed away. "No! Leave me alone!"

"Lu, what's--"

"Don't call me that!" Luffy yelled, anger filled his eyes. Ace was now beyond confused.

"Luffy, what's wrong?"

"Don't act as if you don't know!"

"I don't know what your--"

"Just leave me alone already! You've already broken my heart! I don't want the rest of me broken! So leave me alone!" Luffy stood up and Ace grabbed Luffy's hand, but Luffy slapped it away. Ace grabbed his hand and looked at Luffy. "LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU!!!" Luffy glared at Ace, and Ace felt as if Luffy had burned a whole right through the middle of his heart. Hearing those last three words, Ace broke. As Luffy ran through the forest, he could have swore he saw tears flow freely from Ace's eyes.