So I know the Teddy/Mark relationship only recently occurred, but I like them, so in my universe, they were together at New Years. And obviously the group of Grey sisters, Mark, Derek and Arizona did not spend the night in surgery… unless you want them to be paged into the hospital following this chapter, in which case that will happen after the final words here. As for the missing scenes I asked everyone if they wanted to see, if I post them, I'll likely post the entire story in a new chapter, just with the additional scenes added where they should appear. Otherwise, I think this will be the end. I'm contemplating a sequel, set during the summer at the Robbins family reunion. So if anyone wants to see baby William, the extended Robbins family, and Patrick's proposal to Ashleigh, and all of their adventures, let me know.

"See, everything is going fine." Arizona pulls Callie into her arms as she walks past. The blonde, using the added height the barstool she's sitting on grants her, rests her chin on Callie's shoulder. Together, the pair takes in the scene before them. Mark, Ashleigh, Nick and Patrick are standing off by the fireplace; the young artist is attempting to hide his emotions while Ashleigh stands by looking mortified at something her quasi-uncles are saying to her boyfriend.

"So, when exactly are you going to make an honest woman out of Ash here?" Nick turns to Patrick, curiosity blatantly displayed across his face. "See, here's the thing: like Arizona, I protect the things I love, and if I get even the slightest inkling that you're mistreating Ashleigh-,"

"When have I ever given you the slightest indication that he's even the slightest bit capable of hurting me?" The young blonde interrupts Nick's attempt at a protection speech. "Just because you didn't get to do the 'break her heart and I'll break your neck' speech with mom, doesn't mean that you can do it with my boyfriend. And you-," she turns to Mark, "I know you did give mom that very speech in regards to Callie, but please don't let that think that you can do it with him either. So, either we discuss something other than Patrick and mine's private life, or you two find someone else to torture."

"I don't like the idea of the two of them having a 'private life', do you?" Nick turns to Mark, quickly backtracking when he see's Ashleigh's hand raising to smack him. "Kidding! Kidding! Geeze, you have no sense of humor. So, how's the rebuild coming along?" Nick quickly changes the subject, knowing that the rebuild is the one topic that can distract Ashleigh from any previous conversation.

"It's going very well." Nick and Mark tune her out while she goes on about structural supports and period carvings, while Patrick hangs on to her every word adoringly.

"So, when exactly do you think that Patrick is going to propose to Ashleigh?" Callie turns to her fiancée for an answer. Arizona leans in to whisper her answer in Callie's ear.

"He asked for my permission this morning. He's planning on asking her this summer at the reunion."

"And having the ceremony next summer in the church?"

"Likely, he knows how important that is to her." Arizona places a kiss on Callie's cheek before they turn their attention back to their guests.

Teddy has since joined the group, tucking herself into Mark's side with an arm around his waist. Mark is still tuning Ashleigh out, but the blonde seems to be forgiving him for it as she notices the adoring gaze her new uncle is granting the heart surgeon she quickly took a liking to upon her arrival.

Derek, Meredith, Owen and Christina are tucked away by the bookshelves. Much to Christina's dismay, Callie's four-year-old niece, Delia took an instant liking to the surly resident. Evidenced by the fact that she refuses to relinquish her hold on the woman's leg.

"Please help me!" Christina sends the hushed request to her group, quickly glancing down at the child attached to her leg. The group smiles indulgently at the young girl before Owen takes pity on his girlfriend, placing his drink on the shelf before bending over to pick up the young girl. Everyone chuckles softly at the child's refusal to relinquish hold of the leg, but when she sees that she'll be at a better height to see everyone, she quickly settles into Owen's strong hold, resting her head on his shoulder so that she can still see Christina.

"So, when are you gonna give Owen one of those?" Christina chokes on the sip of wine she just consumed at Meredith's teasing question, shooting a murderous glare at her best friend, while their men chuckle softly at the best friends' antics.

"I know she doesn't plan on any, but Christina really will make an amazing mother."

"Don't let her hear you say that." Callie chuckles at the blonde's comment. "The chief and Matthew seem to be hitting it off."

"The chief made mention to his regenerative medicine research. They've been discussing it ever since. I overheard Chief mention having to credit Matt as a partner with all the new ideas he's giving him."

"Which Matt surely turned down." Callie's states, not questions, knowing already how her future brother-in-law's mind works, even after only knowing him for a few months.

"The Chief doesn't understand that there are doctors out there that don't want their name in lights and are willing to give assistance to help others get their research moving forwards without accepting credit for their help."

"Which still won't stop the Chief from thanking him when he accepts his Harper Avery."

"Oh, totally. Ugh, our mom's are getting along really well."

"Yeah, well, we knew that would happen."

The two matriarchs of the family are seated on two overstuffed chairs just off to the side of the book shelves, Cassia resting in her grandmother's arms, while Sophia has found comfort in Kate's embrace, and appears to be napping.

"How is your husband coming along with all of this?" Kate softly questions Alexandria, who quickly requested the other woman call her Alex.

"It's still early, but I think he's slowly accepting it all. He asked me if Arizona and Calliope planned on doing this again and wanted to know the details. I know they want to have one more child, but do you know anything else?"

"Arizona said next time she's going and she'll be carrying Callie's child. They considered using the same donor, but apparently Callie wants a 'mini-Arizona' she said."

"Do they know what this donor looks like?"

"The coloring of Callie, but with blue eyes, that was Callie's only demand. So for the next child, they're looking for a donor that has Arizona's coloring so there is a better chance of getting a blue-eyed, blonde."

"I'm not geneticist, but isn't dark hair and eyes a dominant trait?"

"Yes it is." Addison joins the two women, smiling at the children fighting sleep in their laps. "But Callie's father has blue eyes, so there's still a chance her child could have blue eyes also. But the chance of the child having blonde hair is slim, but still possible."

"Good to know. So, Addison, are you certain that staying in Seattle through William's birth won't make you want to stay for good and take your old job back?" Kate asks what she heard several of the other doctors comment on.

"Positive, ma'am. I'm very happy where I am in my practice. My love life could stand some improvement, but I definitely wouldn't be getting that if I moved back up here."

Seeing Addison joining the mothers, the host pair glance around the rest of the room. Callie tears up when she sees George sitting in a wheelchair in the corner of the room. Amanda is tightly clutching his hand while his other is holding Alyssa in place on his lap. The nine-year-old took an instant liking to George and has rarely left his side during the night. Lena is standing by, deeply immersed in conversation with Amanda, likely over her schooling, since Lena's first trip around the college campus left her with a degree in sports medicine.

Aria and Tommy are standing off in a corner quietly talking amongst themselves. Anyone with eyes can see the attraction between the pair.

"I know your brother is an honorable man and all, but I do not like the looks he and Aria are sharing."

"What bothers you? The age difference?"

"No, it's not even ten years. It's just… her heart's been broken by one military man already. I know she says she has no regrets to her marriage to West, but I also know that if she were to be widowed again, she'd never recover. And there's the travel. Yes, both their jobs entail a lot of travel, but their travel does not follow the same path."

"Okay, yes, he's an honorable man, so he won't hurt her, at least not intentionally. For the most part 85% of his work time is spent in DC or in the US; he very rarely has to travel. As he's further promoted, he'll spend less and less time in war zones. And even if he is sent to a war zone, he's super careful; he doesn't want mom and dad to have to bury another child. And as for the travel… well you were hoping that she would find something to keep her anchored to this country, maybe this is it. Maybe this will get her to stop running so fast and far."

"I love you, you know that?"

"I do, but I never tire of hearing it." Sparing one last glance at her sister, Callie searches the room for her father, on the second pass, she catches a glimpse of him through the glass door leading outside, standing on the porch talking with CJ and the Colonel. She heard snippets of conversation earlier in the evening, enough to know that she should be thanking the Colonel for his words to her father, words that led to him bridging the gap between the two and starting the mending process on their relationship.

Hearing the woman in her arms let out a sigh of contentment, Arizona tightens her hold on the younger woman, softly questioning her.

"What was that sigh for?"

"Never thought I'd have this again."


Callie uses her arm to motion the scene in front of her.

"My family… our family."

"Hmm, well, no one can resist me, I am that awesome." Callie chuckles softly at those words, though she falls silent quickly, contemplating the scene before her.

Her family, together again, together for good.