(Dei's POV)

"Kakuzu, do you ever do anything else besides counting money?" I asked in a bored tone. Kakuzu sat his calculator down and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Leave. Me. Alone." And on that cheerful note, Kakuzu went back to his calculator. I sighed and put some of my clay on the kitchen table and I began shaping it into different things. I finally settled on a chibi Kakuzu stomping on a calculator. Yeah, Hell would freeze before this work of art became a reality. Kakuzu, stomping on, and calculator couldn't even be in the same sentence.

"Jeez, Kuzu, you're sooooo boring!" I complained. Kakuzu glared at me.

"Do NOT call me "Kuzu". My name is Kakuzu and I expect you to address me as such." He warned. I rolled my eyes.

"Sure thing, KAkuzu." I said smugly.

"Deidara!" Kakuzu warned. I laughed nervously.

"Yeah?" I asked. Kakuzu put down his calculator and rose from his chair.

"You have exactly two seconds to get the hell away from me before I kick your sorry ass!" He fumed. I nodded and bolted out of the kitchen. He seriously looked like he was going to kill me! I ran into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

"What's gotten into you, blondie?" Hidan asked. He was sitting in the armchair beside the couch polishing his scythe.

"I kinda rubbed Kakuzu the wrong way back in the kitchen." I admitted while scratching the back of my head sheepishly.

"Typical for mister money whore. If you even try to start a conversation that's not about money, he'll threaten to kill you. Too bad I'm immortal." Hidan said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, I called him Kuzu."

"Not fucking smart."

"I know..."

"He hates nicknames."

"No, really?!" I exclaimed sarcastically. Hidan stood from his seat, scythe in hand.

"Well, I'm gonna go please Jashin and give him a few sacrifices." He said, walking in the direction of the front door. Before he turned the corner, he added: "You should try to get under Kuzu's skin. If anyone can annoy him to no end, it's you. I dunno, you looked bored so I just thought I'd give you a suggestion." He said before he left. I tapped my chin with my finger.

"Get under his skin, eh? How would I do that?" I let out a light chuckle. An evil glint flashed in my eyes and a smirk rose on my face. I had some ideas and more than one of them ended in Kakuzu going insane. This was going to be fun. Very fun.

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Dei: *evil laughter*

Kuzu: WTH?

Dei: *even more evil laughter*

Kuzu: -_- Stop it, you baka!

Dei: No! *hides behind me* *evil laughter from both of us*

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