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(Kuzu's POV)

"I swear you cheat with those eyes of yours." I grumbled as Itachi won the tenth chess game in a row.

"Maybe...or perhaps your age is catching up to you." Itachi replied smugly. I chuckled and rose from my chair.

"Perhaps." I agreed. Itachi was the only person that could joke around with me and not get a fist down his throat or a foot up his ass.

"Not up for a rematch?" Itachi asked. I shook my head.

"No, I have some business to attend to. I left some important documents in my room. I have to review them before my mission." I told him as I went back inside the base. I ran into Hidan on my way back to my room. He was grinning as he walked by and nothing good ever came from that. I sighed and went to open the door to my room, but I stopped. I felt a familiar chakra signature inside. What the hell was Deidara doing in my room? Nothing good could possibly come from this either. Somehow I wondered if Hidan's grinning and Deidara's presense in my room were connected somehow. Whatever. I took a deep breath and went inside.

I was fairly certain that one of my hearts failed as soon as my eyes locked on my bed...correction, the person on my bed. Deidara was on the bed in a very inappropriate position. He was on his back wearing some kind of provocative maid outfit and it was pushed up, revealing Deidara's cock which was fully erect. His face was flushed with a...dare I say it...cute blush. His eyes locked with mine and I noticed they were glazed over with lust...or need. If this was his plan B of seduction, it was working. I could feel a certain friend in my pants aching to play.

"Kuzu..." He moaned. I was lucky Deidara couldn't see my erection because the cloak covered it. My mask also covered up my blush. Thank Kami.

"Deidara, you shouldn't be here." I told him. Deidara just smirked sexily.

"Kuzu...I want you to fuck me now!" He demanded. I was surprised at his eagerness, but hey, this was Deidara. I had to admit, he was looking mighty tasty in his current position and good enough to fuck. I stepped closer to the bed.

"Are you sure? I'm not one for being gentle." I warned. Deidara licked his lips in anticipation.

"I like it hard, so shove your dick into my ass already!" He snapped. I chuckled.

"All in good time." I assured. Deidara was off the bed and stripping me of my cloak in seconds. Soon my shirt and pants followed, leaving me in my mask and boxers. I grabbed Dei's hands before he could reach for my mask. Dei moaned loudly as I rubbed our erections together. He jerked out of my grip and tore my mask off. He gasped and admired my face.

"Beautiful...a true work of art." He murmured, crashing our lips together. Our tongues fought for dominance and I, of course, won. I bit and sucked on Dei's tongue while I felt Dei's mouthed hands biting and licking all over my chest and stomach. Dei backed up and fell onto the bed, bringing me down on top of him. I broke our kiss and roughly bit at his neck, breaking the skin in several places. The blood seemed to arouse him further. I licked his wounds and moved down to his chest and stomach after tossing the maid outfit aside. Threads came from my mouth and made small cuts all along the blond's body while my hands were both busy tweaking his hard nipples, earning gasps of pleasure and groans from him. I moved along to Dei's dick and took him all in at once. "Oh...KUZU!" He gasped. His hands gripped my hair tightly and I felt his mouthed hands licking my scalp while I bobbed my head up and down. "Oh...I'm...go...gonna....AAAHH!" He cried as he came hard into my mouth. He doesn't taste half bad. I thought, swallowing the cum. I lifted one of Dei's legs over my shoulder and positioned myself so the tip of my cock was against Dei's tight entrance.

"Ready?" I asked, my voice laced with lust.

" it!" Deidara moaned. That was all I needed to hear. With one forceful thrust, I Buried myself deep within Deidara's tight heat. He cried out in pain and pleasure. I held still so he could get used to the feeling. "G-go." He ordered. I smirked and began a steady and slow pace. As soon as Deidara started to meet my thrusts I picked up speed, slamming into him at top speed. "Oh...Kuzu...I'm gonna...cum!" Dei shouted as he came onto both of our stomachs and chests. I grunted as I came soon after. I pulled out of Dei and rested beside him. "Was I good?" Dei asked.

"A little too loud for my taste, but I suppose." I told him. Deidara frowned.

"How was I supposed to be quiet with a huge dick being slammed in and out of my ass?!" He demanded.

"I thank you for the complement." I said. Deidara blushed and giggled.

"By the way, that sex was my apology. Do you accept it?" He asked. I nodded.

"Apology accepted, Deidara." I told him. Deidara snuggled up against me and we both fell asleep.

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