Shael o pai shar si shal, si ber eir thys tysi-

Prologue: Ok so I am totally bored stuck in the boonies for a couple days so I have decided to write a Harry Potter story! Yay for the people who care to read this and yay for me erasing at least SOME of my boredom! –Claps hands madly like a four year old-

So Harry, the Chosen one or whatever, has killed Voldemort. At the Ministry of Magic (I'll explain it later on), Sirius didn't die and is CLEARED OF ALL charges against him, but some people did die and more people were there then we knew of.

Voldemort had been VERY active since his resurrection, verses him hiding out, and many people, both Muggle and Wizard, died in Raids and Riots.

Here brings about the ever so stupid, bumbling Minister for Magic; Cornelius Fudge. He and the very retardedly fine people at the Ministry have decided that a law must pass to bring back Wizarding numbers.

This new law will put a damper on just about everyone's lives. Congrats to them!

Read and find out what will happen, who will hook up, and WHAT his law is all about!

DISCLAIMER! I hereby disclaim all character, settings, and ideas that belong to the owner and creator of the 'Harry Potter' series. Mrs. JK Rowling owns that world not me!

Warnings: Prepare for OOCness (Which I find granted on SOME level because of the strange situations the characters will be placed in), MalexMale action, MalexFemale action, possible FemalexFemale action, smex, Male Pregnancy, Female Pregnancy, Foul language, past abuse, some gore, and a whole bunch of other things that will probably happen but I haven't quite figured them out yet!

(PS if you can tell me what language the title is in and what it says then you get cyber cookies AND I'll write a one-shot of your choosing!)

-x- Start –x-

It was late in the evening of July 26th when 15-for-five-more-days year old wizard, Harry James Potter packed up his things and went down into his relatives' kitchen. Posted to Dudley's door was a letter. Set on Petunia's kitchen counter was a note, and a few scribbled words were written on a post-it and placed on Vernon's briefcase. The few words to Vernon Dursley, Harry Potter's horrible muggle uncle, were 'Gone for good, like you always wanted. Signed, Harry J. P.'

You see, Harry had gotten a letter just a few hours before telling him to be down in his relative's kitchen at 9:55 pm on the dot so he could be retrieved from their house by his godfather Sirius Black and honorary godfather, Remus Lupin. Harry was elated to be leaving the house because he vowed to himself that come hell or high water (or a meddling Dumbledore), he would never return to this house.

At exactly 9:55 pm a small and quiet 'pop' and a loud and obnoxious 'crack' (guess who's is who's) broke Harry out of his inner thoughts of the Dursleys and his annoyance with Dumbledore.

"Remus, Sirius! Thank God, I thought I'd go stir-crazy," Harry laughed good-naturedly as his two godfathers embraced him happily. When they let go Sirius started shrinking Harry's things right away and tucking them in Harry's jacket pocket while Remus took a bit more time to analyze his godson.

Harry didn't falter his usual carefree and happy look when Remus analyzed him.

"You can check him out later Remi, we have to go. Molly told us to get him back by 10:10 pm no matter what," Sirius reminded Remus, confused as to why he, of all people, had to be the responsible one. Remus nodded with a smile and offered his hand to Harry.

Harry took it gratefully and a moment later he felt his feet leave the ground and as though his insides were being compressed by a steam roller. Just as he was about to start gasping for much needed air he felt himself touch onto ground again and sweet smelling air fill his lungs. He stumbled and fell onto his knees. Remus chuckled a bit, there was a loud and obnoxious 'crack' and Sirius arrived.

Harry looked around and noted that he was in the garden of the burrow. Mrs. Weasley and her youngest children, the twins Fred ad George, Ron, and Ginny, were standing on the back stoup waiting for them. Mrs. Weasley ran over with the kids and they all took turns hugging Harry.

"Mrs. Weasley, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny. Nice to see all of you," Harry greeted quietly. They all greeted him, their words overlapping.

Harry was ushered into the Weasley's sitting room where the entire Weasley clan sat, including Percy who was locked in a pleasant conversation with the eldest brother Bill. Harry felt his muggle, brown bushy haired, friend Hermione hug him tightly as she jumped up from her seat on the couch talking to Charlie.

"So great to see you Harry," Hermione said, as she fawned over him like a big sister.

"Good to see you to Hermione," Harry replied.

She pulled him to the couch and Charlie scooted over to allow Harry to sit between himself and Hermione who was asking him how he was about twenty different ways.

"Uhhh, mum, now that Harry's here…why are we all here?" Ginny asked as she sat herself on the rug with Ron at Harry and Hermione's feet.

"It's about the marriage law isn't it?" Charlie asked, "The one that was just passed today?"

"Yes," Arthur Weasley, the Weasley father, answered, he pulled out a copy of the evening Prophet and read an article aloud, "MARRIGE & CONCEPTION LAW PASSED!

Just this afternoon, Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge and his advisors and the Wizingmont passed the 'Marriage & Conception act'. It is a law the will force all Wizarding teens ages 15 and up to Marry before their 16th birthday, if their 16th birthday has already passed then they have ten days to marry after today.

The Law states that the Minister and the new office made up just for this law called the Magical Marriage & Contraception office will arrange a marriage for all 15-19 year olds to any wizard or witch that is either another 15-19 year old OR 20-55 and is divorced, widowed, unengaged or unmarried.

All 15-19 year olds will receive a notice magically at 10:15 tonight telling them their betrothed's name, age, and to tell the teenager where to meet and what time to meet for the marriage ceremony. Of course teens are urged to meet with their betrothed before the preset date of marriage.

All 20-55 year olds will also be married to anyone that is either 15-29 or a 20-55 year old and meeting the same requirements as stated above.

All 20-55 year olds will receive a similar notice tonight at 10:20, telling the name, age, and time and place of the marriage ceremony. The adults are urged to meet with the teens before the date of marriage.

As another stipulation of the Law, the carrier partner MUST conceive a child for the newlywed couples by BEFORE the second year anniversary of the marriage.


By: Adam Wesson…"




"WHAT?!" Ron yelled.

"BLOODY HELL!" Hermione screeched.

"Just fucking wonderful!" Charlie cursed loudly.

"Damn. What else could go wrong?" Harry asked himself out loud.

"Dear Lord. I heard about it but I didn't expect…I thought it was but a rumor," Percy said looked mortified.

"Oh crap, it'll be 10:15 pm in like thirty seconds," Bill stated in a rushed tone. He wasn't as freaked by the turn of events seeing how he was PUBLICLY engaged to Fleur so this did not apply to him.






'Pop', 'pop', 'pop', 'pop', 'pop', 'pop', 'pop', 'pop', and 'pop'.

The eligible members of the room got an envelope plopped into their laps magically.

"Oh dears," Molly said sympathetically, "you should open the letters. It might help absorb this all this. All at once."

They all nodded slowly and in unison they opened the letters.

Harry looked his over…and groaned inwardly.

'Dear Mr. Potter,

By order of the Marriage & Conception law, you are to marry Severus Tobias Dmitri Snape on the 29th of July. Please come to the office of Magical Marriage & Contraception to marry Mr. Snape on said date at 5:45 pm.


Phineas Pollock, head of Magical Marriage & Contraception office.'

"Who've you got Harry?" Ron asked.

"You first," Harry said. Ron nodded.

"Daphne Greengrass. Ugh, she's a ruddy death eater chic if I ever met one!" Ron whined.

"How 'bout you Hermione," Charlie asked as he re-read his letter.

"Gregory Goyal," Hermione stated in an annoyed voice.

"You Percy," Charlie said.

"Rabastan Lestrange," Percy murmured. A sharp intake of breath came from Sirius and a gulp from Molly and a snort of anger from Arthur.

"Remus?" Sirius asked.

"Fenrir Greyback," Remus said in such a small voice that some had to crane their heads to hear him.

"Oh Remi," Harry murmured, he stood up instantly and with Sirius they embraced him.

"Who's Greyback," Ginny asked.

"The werewolf that turned Remus," Molly said softly, it was the only explanation needed, then she added in a stronger voice, "oh dear…keep it going. Remus needs time to take it in. Sirius, who did you get?"

"George Weasley," Sirius said evenly. George nodded his affirmation.

"At least we know he's in good hands," Arthur said; Sirius had been cleared of all charges after Wormtail was caught and confessed.

"He's safe with me Molly, I promise," Sirius said while rubbing a soothing motion into Remus's back. Remus looked up and shook both of them off gently.

"Sirius will take care of him Molly, and I'm ok, both of you," Remus insisted.

"Fred?" Harry asked going back to his seat and trying to get attention off of Remus and George.

"One Kinsley Shacklebolt," Fred said evenly, he had grabbed George's hand in a twinly gesture of reassurance. Sirius was safe but everyone knew that George was far from good with dating, it was his one personality flaw and relationships outside friendship and family scared him. Fred himself had always been a ladies' man…or more appropriately a man and ladies man…considering both twins are Bisexual.

"Charlie?" Fred asked.

"Lucius Malfoy," Charlie muttered. Molly instantly started crying, Arthur looked furious. Ron and Ginny's faces had been set in stony rage filled glares at the piece of parchment in Charlie's hands. Harry looked down at his hands. Bill put a hand on Charlie's shoulder. Sirius was scowling. Remus had a look of concern etched on his face. Hermione looked appalled to the core. Percy, like Harry, lowered his head to look at his hands. "Who got you Harry?" Charlie asked, faking an easy tone.

"Severus Snape," Harry said in a monotone. He didn't look up but heard gasps from several people and the enraged growl from Sirius.

"Wh-when are the weddings?" Molly asked, trying to be strong for her sons; but a MALFOY! She was having a hard time.

"I've got July 29th," Harry murmured.

"July 27th, tomorrow morning at 7:30am," Hermione grated out.

"1st of August," George and Sirius said at the same time.

"3rd of August," Charlie said slowly.

"30th of July," Remus murmured.

"August 4th," Percy muttered.

"August 2nd," Fred said.

"July 27th, tomorrow at noon," Ron said.

"We…we should all get some rest, we have two weddings to attend tomorrow and meetings to arrange afterwards," Arthur said, supporting Molly as he went up the stairs. Everyone slowly and stiffly followed them.


First Chapter! It is'd you like it?????

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