A/N: After all the Dean torture, we finally got some awesome hurt!Sam in this week's episode. *hears Samgirls squee for miles around*

Spoilers: Possible for 4x21. Think of this as an episode lead in.

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"Is it dead?"

"Yeah." Sam checks the bump on Dean's head. Smirks. "Along with half a dozen brain cells."

"Not like I need them. You're the smart one in the family." Dean's tone is bitter. Something is off here.

"I've never said—"

"S'ok, I'm used to it by now. You think I don't read, don't think I know you're jacked on demon blood…"

"What the? H-h-how did you…?" Sam sputters. Disbelief, not denial. The sudden hurt in his brother's eyes turns his stomach sour. Dean hadn't completely believed it was true until Sam confirmed it. Crap.

"You went from Revenge of the Nerds to Rambo pretty damn fast, Sam. We did some research, figured you had to be getting a boost from…"


"He had to get a book on demonology somewhere, Sam." A gruff sigh from behind, a familiar hand settling on his shoulder, smelling of dog hair and engine grease. Sam shut his eyes, not wanting to look at either of them, wondering just how long this setup had taken to plan.

"Why don't you boys follow me back to my place. The three of us need to have a long, long talk." Beneath Bobby's firm grip, the first quivers of withdrawal shake Sam's frame.