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Edward's POV

It has been exactly four weeks since my love had fallen into a coma after being hit by a drunk driver. I sat at her bedside reading her Pride and Prejudice, when I noticed her hand begin to move.

"Bella?" I asked scooting closer to her, almost falling out of my chair.

I heard my angel moan as if in pain and she seemed to be trying to stretch. I pushed the call button for a nurse. I continued to talk to Bella as I waited. I pleaded with her to open her eyes and soon she did.

Just then a nurse came in.

"What is it dear? Oh, Bella, your awake!" Trudi, one of my favorite nurses on the staff, walked into the room. "Hey everyone, Bella's awake." She called down the hall. A sound of celebration answered her and soon after Trudi walked all the way into the room other's followed.

"What's going on? Who are you people?" Bella asked.

"Sweet heart, you just woke up from a month long coma, my name is Trudi, can you tell me your name, address and phone number?" Trudi asked while signaling me to go outside and wait in the hall.

I did as she instructed and waited as I heard Trudi talking to Bella. Every once in a while people would look at me, recognizing me and telling me how happy they were for me.

After a couple of minutes Trudi came out of Bella's room and gave me a giant smile.

"She is doing wonderfully," Trudi said, "she still needs some rest though. However she should be okay to leave in a fortnight." After she finished talking she clapped her hands over her mouth.

I laughed for the first time in weeks. Trudi was reacting to the fact that because she would listen to me read to Bella, Trudi was using old fashioned terms, such as fortnight.

Trudi slowly took her hand away from her mouth and pointed at me menacingly.

"You," she said playfully glaring at me, "This is all your fault."

I laughed again and tried to back away running into a wall in the posses, as Trudi poked at me.

"Okay, Trudi, can I go in and see Bella?" I asked then.

Trudi sighed "I suppose so, but don't excite her too much."

"Thank you Trudi." I said as I walked back into Bella's room.

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