Chapter 17- Family Meeting

"Oh, My God! I missed you so much!" Mia cried as she squeezed Letty tightly in her arms. "You disappeared on me, woman! You promised me you'd send news you were ok last time we talked…. and you never did!"

"Please…forgive me, Mia." Letty sadly said. "But it just wasn't safe to contact you…any of you!" Letty added looking somberly over at Brian.

"You don`t know how relieved I am to see that you're ok, Letty." Brian quietly said to her. "I`ve been looking for you for a very long time. I actually….I thought that maybe the worst had happened." Brian sheepishly looked down at his feet.

"I guess I owe everyone an apology..." Letty replied but then she icily glared over at Dom and added. "Well… maybe not everyone!"

"Oh sh*t, Dom! That's gotta hurt!" Leon jokingly said.

Dom felt very uncomfortable…and extremely guilty at hearing Letty's words, but he remained silent. Knowing Letty like he did…he knew it would take her a very long time to forgive him…and possibly allow him to get close to her again.

"Let`s forget about that for now, Letty." Mia excitedly said trying to be the practical one, as always. "The most important thing is that you're back. I`m so happy to see you!"

"Me, too." Letty replied as she held on tightly to Mia's hands. Mia sighed and finally burst with anticipation. "Ok! I can`t stand it any longer! Tell me! Before I die of curiousity…Letty…where's my niece? Dom didn't tell me much about her."

"I just preferred that you see her with your own eyes…see out how perfect she really is." Dom replied with a big goofy grin on his face.

Letty smiled and took Mia by the hand and led her towards Vince`s room, where Nina was sleeping. Mia was giddy with excitement and was so looking forward to meeting her little niece for the first time.

"She's sleeping." Letty quietly told her as they both entered the room. Dom followed closely behind them. He wanted to see his sister`s reaction when she met his daughter for the very first time.

"Auntie Mia…" Letty grinned and whispered in a sweet voice. "This is Nina…your niece."

"Oh, my goodness!" Mia gushed and put her hands up to her mouth. She'd already fallen in love with this baby. Mia slowly moved closer to the bed to see her niece more clearly.

Nina was covered with a blanket and was sleeping peacefully. One of her little hands was resting on her chin. Her cheeks were moving very softly because she was sucking on her pacifier. She was the most beautiful thing Mia had ever seen.

"She's so beautiful…simply perfect…Dio mio!" (Oh, my God!). Mia whispered with tears filling her eyes.

Letty sat on the bed beside the baby and asked Mia. "Would you like to hold her, Mia?" "Can I?" Mia excitedly asked. "Of course you can, silly!" Letty giggled.

"But I don`t want to wake her up..." Mia nervously replied. "You're not going to wake her up…I promise…don`t worry, Mi..."

"I think you gotta be careful, Mia." Vince abruptly announced as he stood near the bedroom door. "It ain't going be fun if she wakes up and starts screamin' again…"

"Shut up, V!" Letty chuckled before she gently picked Nina up in her arms. "I`m just sayin'…" Vince nervously added.

Mia sat close to Letty on the bed and Letty slowly handed the baby to her. Once Mia gingerly arranged the tiny baby in her arms she sighed and began to gently rock the little girl. Nina made a sweet little noise but her eyes remained closed.

"She's so darn cute!" Mia gushed. Her heart was already melting for this baby. "Auntie Mia is going to spoil you so much!"

"Not if I can help it!" Dom laughed.

After a few minutes of silence and adoration of tiny Nina, Mia finally asked. "Letty…why did you hide her from us for so long?"

"Forgive me, Mia, but it was the only way that I knew I could protect her." Letty quietly said.

Letty`s words really upset Dom…they really hurt him. He felt devastated for not being able to be with his girls when they needed him the most.

But now…

….Dom vowed that things would be different. He had plans and he was going talk to Letty about them at the first possible opportunity.


It was extremely late, so everyone stayed over at Vince`s place…including Brian. They needed to talk about everything that was happening and about their plans for the future.

Letty had informed Dom that she didn`t want to live life as a fugitive anymore…for the sake of baby Nina. Letty also told him that she'd returned to L.A. with the intentions of living a decent and honest life. She wanted to raise her child the best possible way she could.

However, Dom also knew that because Letty`s life was in danger because of Braga, that a safe, fresh start would be extremely difficult for her to do. Dominic also knew that he, too, was in serious trouble…with the law. It would be virtually impossible for them both to start over in L.A.

Dom knew that there were multiple charges against him from the authorities, and that his time in the U.S.A. should be limited if he wanted to remain a free man. But what would he do if Letty wasn't planning on leaving with him?

Dom really needed to talk to Letty…and soon…but he decided to wait until after lunch. Mia was so excited about meeting her niece for the first time, and also excited about the fact that the team was reunited again, that she got a bit carried away.

Mia had convinced everyone that they should stay and have a barbecue in Vince`s backyard…just like the good old days. Dom realized that he needed to wait a bit longer to approach Letty.

Obviously, Mia wasn't thinking clearly…especially after what had happened the previous night. Mia just wanted to celebrate life with the people that she loved like family, and forget about all their problems…at least for one day.

Brian had contacted Monica via phone. He'd told her that he had something important to tell her later. Monica told him. "I don`t know Brian, I don't think the boss would like knowing that you're involved with Toretto and his gang again."

"Relax, Monica. It's all good!" Brian snapped. "Well…last time you told me that Hotshot, I remember I didn't like it much." Monica teased him. "Shut up!" Brian grinned.

"Don't let that a pair of tight jeans fool you, Hollywood!" Monica continued to tease him. "If you're talking about Mia…" Brian started.

"No man! I`m talking about Dom!" Monica added giggling. Brian scowled and hung up on her…but then he began to laugh. He knew that he could trust Monica. Although their romantic relationship didn't work out in the past, they were still remained good friends.

Mia passed Brian in the hallway at that very moment. She was carrying two large pans containing chicken, hamburgers and sausages.

"Do you need a hand?" Brian anxiously asked Mia. "Since when did anyone around here ever offer to help?" Mia joked.

Brian smiled and quickly took the heaviest looking pan from her arms. "Thank you." Mia nervously said.

"How are you feeling?" Brian asked, gesturing to her head. "Oh…I`m fine, thanks." Mia quickly replied as she lightly touched her head with her free hand. "Apparently, it takes more than a spanking to knock me down." Brian laughed.

"I`m happy Brian. I`m happy for the first time in a very long time since that terrible day when you all left me behind…and I have a good feeling about seeing everyone here together today… after such a long time!" Mia explained, smiling.

Mia paused in front of the kitchen door. Brian stopped too, and he turned to face her. He finally asked. "Are you happy to see me again after such a long time?"

Mia gripped the pan tighter and then stammered. "Brian…I…" Suddenly a voice called out her name. "Mia! The grill is ready!"

Leon suddenly pushed the kitchen door open with such gusto that he almost knocked Mia down onto the floor. It took Mia a great effort to maintain her balance and keep from falling over or dropping the heavy pan of food onto the floor.

Leon suddenly looked embarrassed as he'd realized he'd interrupted something. "My mistake…I`m so sorry…"

"Leon, could you help me please?" Mia nervously asked as she handed the heavy pan over to him before opening the door again, so they all could go to the backyard.

Brian sighed. He was annoyed at the interruption and the chance to talk to Mia alone. Whatever Mia was about to tell him would have to wait, and he knew it.

Brian knew Mia well enough to know that he'd just lost his chance…it would be up to Mia now to decide whether or not she wanted to talk him again…and he'd be lucky if she was still going say anything.

Outside Dom was talking to Vince and drinking a beer. But in actual fact, it was Vince who was doing most of the talking. Dominic was answering him with one word syllables or grunts and groans because his attention was focused almost entirely on Letty.

Letty was walking in the grass and talking softly to their daughter in her arms. The baby was smiling sweetly up at her mommy. Letty was dressed like always in jeans and boots but Dom could sense something different about her.

Letty seemed tough as always but there was also something new about her….something softer. She was so damn sweet and tender and such a great mother…so natural. This was a side of Letty that he'd never witnessed before and he discovered that he was enjoying this new Letty very much.

"Hey, Dom! You listening to me, Man?" Vince asked annoyed. He realized that Dom wasn`t paying attention to him. "Yeah, I`m listening!" Dom mumbled.

"Ok, so do you agree with me that that pr*ck is trying to get into Mia`s pants again?" Vince asked.

Dom took a lazy sip of his beer and looked over at Brian who was helping Mia with the barbecue. Dom realized that Vince was right. Both Mia and Brian seemed connected again somehow but he didn't care, not really. Brian O`Conner had became a constant in their lives and maybe it was about time that he accept this fact.

"They're grownups, Vince. Let them do whatever the hell they want!" Dom snapped.

"Dom, I don`t believe you Man!" Vince complained. "What happened to "nobody messes with my sister"?"

"She's spent a long, long time taking care of herself and she's done a great job, Vince. It's about time for me to stop worrying." Dom quietly replied.

Dom took one last swig of his beer and handed the empty bottle over to Vince and then he promptly walked towards Letty. Vince remained still and simply watched his friend walk away from him. Then Vince looked over at Brian and Mia and cursed as Brian tenderly touched Mia's arm. "Son of a b*tch!"

Letty noticed Dom approach her but she didn`t move and continued to talk to Nina. Leon turned on the stereo he'd just brought from out of the house.

"Seems like old times, don`t you think?" Dom cautiously asked Letty.

"Yep." Letty curtly replied as she raised Nina carefully and placed the baby`s tiny little head on her shoulder and began rubbing her back.

"You're doing great with her." Dom proudly said. "I wish I knew how to take care of babies."

"You just need some practice, Man." Letty quickly replied. There was an awkward silence and then Letty looked at the bandage on Dom's arm and said. "It looks bad." Dom said. "Nah…it`s ok. Mia didn`t need many stiches."

Leon changed the music to a slow song that Dom and Letty used to listen a lot to in past. Dom and Letty both knew where that song always used to take them and they both stared intently at each other.

Suddenly, Mia interrupted the moment as she approached them and announced. "Alright you two, lunch is almost ready. Brian and Leon are finishing barbecuing while Vince tests their patience. That way I can take care of my beautiful niece for a little bit."

"You don`t have to worry, Mia." Letty said. "Oh, but I want to spoil this little cutie." Mia insisted and carefully took baby Nina from her mother's arms. The baby whimpered a bit but Mia cuddled with her and the little girl soon was quiet again.

"If you two will excuse me, Auntie Mia is going to take her beautiful niece for a little walk." Mia proudly announced and promptly walked away with a big grin on her face.

Dom looked down at Letty and smirked and said. "This sounds like a conspiracy, don`t you think?" "Yeah, and you know what?" Letty smiled and said. "I was kind of expecting something like this."

The slow song continued to play very softly on the stereo close to them. "Que solo por um beso se puede enamorar. Sin necesidad de hablarse, solo los lábios rosarse, cupido los flechará." (With just a kiss you can fall in love. You don`t need to talk. If your lips come closer, then cupid will get you).

"This is our song." Letty quietly said. "Do you wanna dance?" Dom nervously asked Letty.

Letty hesitated for a few seconds and Dom felt anxious but then she finally smiled up at him and allowed Dom to pull her close. Dom kissed the top of her head. He adored being so close to her again.

Dominic had never been a fan of Mia`s crazy plans in the past to make him and Let get back together after a fight, but this time he was going to remind himself to thank her.

"Do you really think this is going to work?" Leon asked Mia as they watched Dom and Letty dance. Mia remained quiet and Leon sarcastically added. "Well…we'll know soon enough if Letty decides to send us all to hell… because we're trying to help them get back together!"

"No, she's not going to do this." Mia quietly said as she gently rocked Nina in her arms. "She's just playing the tough girl as usual. Now let`s go inside and give them some much needed privacy." Mia called out for Brian and Vince to join them with an excuse that she needed their help in the kitchen.

Letty allowed Dom to lead her slowly around the small yard. She'd forgotten at that moment about all the pain that Dom's absence had caused her during the last year.

Letty allowed herself to cherish a moment like this again, to dance in close in Dom`s arms to the rhythm of the song that belonged to them…the song that brought them both such sweet memories.

Dominican Republic. 5 years earlier.

"Do you feel that?" Letty asked Dom as she lay on his body and kissed him.

They were lying in a canoe on the water at a secluded beach. They'd been making up for lost time together after weeks of being apart since they'd left The States.

"How could you be 3,000 miles away from me?" Letty whispered. Dom's hands lightly touched her hair then slowly moved to her shoulders and then down her back in a very delicate movement.

"Sometimes I think about the time we didn`t need to run." Dom quietly said. "Me, too." Letty agreed as she slowly nibbled on his chin.

"I`m talking about a long time ago…before the robberies….when my father was alive and I could race professionally." Dom said.

"You were the best driver, Dom." Letty said as she laid her head on his chest. "I used to vibrate watching you race…you made my blood boil."

"And I was crazy to get across that finish line because I knew I was going to get a kiss from you! You were the best trophy I could ever want." Dom growled.

"Sure!" Letty sarcastically said. "The prize money had nothing to do with it!" Dom laughed and his chest shuddered with the sound of his laugher and he added. "Yeah, right! The money was good, too!"

"So are you the kind of man that prefers money and cars to women?" Letty provoked him as she tenderly kissed his neck and firmly placed both of her hands flat on his chest.

"No, I prefer women." Dom said with a mischievous smile as he firmly moved his big hands down Letty's back towards her butt and then he squeezed. He loved to touch her curves…all of them. "And by the way…not just any woman." He added. "I prefer you and only you!"

Letty moaned softly as she lightly moved the tips of her fingers along Dom's hard muscles. "I love you, Papi." She whispered before she licked his lips with the tip of her tongue.

"I love you, Mami." Dom whispered before pulling her by the nape of her neck and kissing her wildly, sucking on her lips and pulling her tongue inside of his mouth. Letty pressed her body against his and felt him hard against her tummy.

Letty smiled and slowly rubbed against him. Dom let out a moan of pleasure. Letty loved to know that she was always in control of Dominic Toretto. She loved to see him lose himself during their intimate moments.

"Y tu que quieres, chica?"( What do you want, Girl?) Dom asked Letty in Spanish as he caressed her face with his.

"Quiero hacerte loco." (I want to drive you crazy) Letty seductively purred as she sat on Dom's hips.

Dom allowed his hands to roam over Letty's body before slowly placing one of them inside of her white short shorts. His heart skipped a beat at the feel her soft, wet skin against his. The bikini bottoms that she was wearing under her shorts were so tiny that it wasn't hard for Dom to find the spot that he wanted to touch the most.

"Ay, mi Amor!" (Oh, Baby!) Letty moaned as she moved her hips against Dom's.

Dom looked from side to side. Their little boat was bouncing uncontrollably on the water, and if they weren't careful they might fall into the water again.

Dom looked at her again and kissed her lips before seductively saying. "We need to find a less precarious position to make love. What do you say, Mami?"

Letty smiled maliciously and asked. "Are you sure this is a private beach?"

"This beach is ours!" Dom confidently said. "There's not a soul around here for miles and miles."

"I hope you're right Dom, because if you're not…" Letty raised herself up and sat on Dom's hips again and quickly removed her bikini top. "…we're about to give a private show to someone that could be watching…"

Dominic laughed as he watched Letty remove her bikini top and tie it to the inside of the boat so it wouldn't fall into the water. Dom brought his hands up to caress her breasts and he gently played with her erect nipples.

Letty moved her body down onto Dom's again and he took this opportunity to gently caress her nipple with his tongue. Dom took his time and continued to suck and kiss her nipples and he smiled as he tasted the salt from the sea on her skin.

Letty raised herself again and quickly removed her shorts and bikini bottoms. The canoe bounced haphazardly again and both laughed. "Be careful mermaid…you're about to cause a shipwreck!"

"Are you afraid, Papi?" Letty purred. "No, yo no lo tengo miedo porque yo estoy enamorado. (No, I`m not afraid because I`m in love). Dom answered very relaxed with his arms under his head watching Letty undress for him.

Letty placed all of her clothes safely together and then she sat on Dom`s body again. This time she dropped her body backwards and opened her legs for him. He was so close she could feel his breath on her.

Dominic took a deep breath. He was enchanted by Letty's naked body completely exposed for him. He marveled at her tanned skin, still damp from swimming in the sea and glistening in the sun.

Dom didn't hesitate to taste her. He was addicted to her taste. Letty moaned his name and whispered words of love.

"I want you, Bella Mia…" Dom moaned. His breath was heavy and he was feeling so excited at the taste of her essence.

Soon Letty was back sitting on Dom's hips and she lowered her head and slid her lips and tongue along Dom`s tanned skin. His skin tasted salty. One of Dom's hands slowly moved to touch Letty between her legs.

Letty wanted to do the same…to touch him there, and she anxiously lowered his shorts so that she could place her hands where she needed them to be. He was hot and wet like her, but also hard and ready to love her.

Letty played with the softness of his masculinity and caressed him the way she knew that he loved, in constant movements that moved fast and slow with increasing intensity.

When Dom finally placed himself inside of her, they both moaned with anticipation and pleasure. Dom was in heaven as he watched Letty slowly dance on his hips, naked and beautiful….and his.

Their bodies remained deeply connected while the waves bounced the canoe on the sea and intensified their pleasure. Night was quickly approaching and stars were bright in the darkening sky.

Letty was right. How he could stay 3,000 miles away from her?

Present Time

"Um beso significa amistad sexo y amor, em cualquier parte del mundo, no importa la religión, por un beso de su boca voy al cielo y hablo con Dios, alcanso las estrellas de emoción..." (A kiss means friendship, sex and love in any part of the world, it doesn`t matter the religion, for one kiss from your lips I would go to the sky to talk to God, I will reach he stars of emotion).

Dom and Letty were so close now. They were both overwhelmed by the emotions that the song brought out in them and by the memories of the greatest love that they had shared what seemed like so long ago.

Their lips moved closer without Dom or Letty even consciously realizing. They could only hear their own anxious breathing. Dom held Letty's waist to keep her firmly pinned to his body.

"Only with a kiss could I fall in love…" Dom was lost in his thoughts as the lyrics of their song continued to play in his mind. There was no greater emotion for him than to kiss the lips of the woman he loved.

Letty closed her eyes. She was ready to allow Dom to kiss her, however Nina`s loud cry interrupted what it could have been the kiss of their life, at least for Dom who was crazy to have Letty in his arms again.

"Nina's crying." Letty gasped as she suddenly stepped back.

"Mia has her!" Dom said in a vain attempt to keep Letty close to him.

"I know, but it`s better if I go check on her. I'm sorry!" Letty nervously said and then she abruptly left him standing there as she hurried to be with Nina.

Dominic was frustrated. Their song was over and another one had begun…a crazy Merengue. Vince came and stood next to him. He was holding another beer that he just had retrieved from the fridge.

"I`m sorry, Brother." Vince solemnly said to his friend. "She's a tough cookie, but you'll get there!" Vince tried to reassure him as he smacked Dom on his shoulder.

"F*ck! Give me that beer!" Dom snapped as he snatched the beer from Vince`s hand and took a big swig.

"What? That`s my beer! You do know that, right?" Vince whined as he followed Dom to the barbecue grill.


It was the first full day off for Carlos Ortiz in several grueling months. His garage was a major success in the neighborhood and he never seemed to have time to rest.

However the physical and mental exhaustion had caught up to him and kept him at home that day. Amalia was in the kitchen preparing supper for them both.

Carlos decided to have a beer and watch some TV and try to relax but the noise of the doorbell interrupted him. "Could you answer the door, Cariño?" Carlos called to his wife because he was too exhausted to move.

"I`m busy, Mi Amor. Could you answer it, please?" Amalia shouted from the kitchen. Carlos cursed but he got up from the couch to answer the door, still holding his corona beer.

"Good morning, Sir." A young man said as Carlos opened the door. He was wearing a suit and holding a clipboard and an envelope. "Good morning." Carlos replied.

"I work for The Justice Department." The man explained. "I've came to deliver a letter to Mr. Carlos Antunes Ortiz."

"That`s me. What's this all about?" Carlos impatiently asked.

"I don`t know, Sir. I just deliver the documents." The man said and Carlos quietly nodded and again acknowledged that he was Carlos Ortiz.

The man handed Carlos a brown envelope with The Department of Federal Justice stamped across the front of it. "Could you sign here please, Sir?"

"Yeah, sure." Carlos nervously replied. He had a very bad feeling about that envelope.

"If you choose, you can appeal the Court of Law decision within seven days." The man informed Carlos and then turned to walk away. "Have a nice day, Mr. Ortiz."

Carlos stood silent for a moment and then closed the door. Amalia appeared from the kitchen drying her wet hands on the apron tied to her waist. "Who was it, Carlos?" She asked.

"Someone from The Department of Justice. He brought me this…." Carlos showed her the envelope before he began to tear it open.

"What's this about?" Amalia curiously asked as she moved closer to him to see for herself. Carlos began to read the letter aloud to her.

"Dear Mr. Carlo s Antunes Ortiz, The Department of Justice is advising you of case 967-45/8, regarding the disappearance of your niece Leticia Cristina Ortiz. Included in this letter is the detailed report of The Federal Investigation. This case number is now closed, but you have seven days to re-open this case, should you choose, in The Federal Court. The State of California grants you this right as you are the only known surviving relative of the victim….."

Amalia listened to those words with tears in her eyes. Her hands suddenly began to tremble.

Carlos gasped. "Amalia, what the hell does this mean? Is Letty missing….?"

To be continued…