Chapter 2 - Guess Who?


"…and then I told him he was so full of himself and got in the car." I say, finishing my tale of the Jacob and Edward encounter.

Alice raises her eyebrows at me. "Are you sure that was all Bella? You were majorly pissed. You slammed Rosalie's door." I hear Rosalie growl from the drivers seat.

"I said I was sorry Rose!!!" She glares at me for a split second for cracking a smile and turning back to the road.

Alice is still glaring me down with those big eyes of hers. She isn't going to let this go anytime soon. I take a deep breath. "Ok ok ok…I guess a part of me was just really pissed. Like why would I guy do all of that to keep a guy from forcing himself on me and then try and do EXACTLY the same thing, as if he will have better luck."

Alice nods in understanding. "I still don't see why you didn't let me get out and back you up!" I hold my hands up in protest. "Because I know you Alice! You would've came out and started yelling and cussing at one of them and probably slapped someone."

She ponders my response. "Yea you are right about that. You have way more patience than me." Then Alice glances at me with a thinking expression on her face, as if she is planning something. Not good.

I then hear Alice unbuckle her seat belt so she can lean more into the front of the car. "You know what? I think Edward might like you Bella." My face turns bright red. Rosalie slams on the breaks in shock. Luckily we are already on her street and inches from her driveway so we aren't in any serious danger.

"What!" I scream in shock. "You can't be serious. Anyone but Edward, Alice. Don't even think about it." I already know what her next phase of operation will be. She is going to try and hook us up.

"Oh don't worry Bella I won't interfere…for now" she gives me a wink before plopping down in the back seat, a huge grin on her face. I'm really nervous now. When Alice interferes it gets pretty hectic.

Rosalie swerves into her driveway and after parking the car, we all grab our things and hop out. Alice skips off toward the kitchen while me and Rose head upstairs. I lay out on the floor while Rosalie spreads her stuff out on her bed before stretching out herself. Alice then walks up with a tray of fruit and sits it in the middle of the floor before dragging a bean bag over by me and sitting down.

"So guys what shall we tackle first? Physics or Pre Cal?" questions Rose as she pulls out her Ipod and sets it in her I-Home. She puts on "Boom Boom Pow" by Black Eyed Peas.

"Physics please!" answers Alice. "I was too busy texting so I didn't pay attention in class today. " Rose rolls her eyes and I just shake my head as I pull out my Physics binder.

Suddenly my phone goes off. A text message? Who could that be? I pull out my phone and flip it open to see an alert.

-1 new instant message from: unknown-

Unknown? Weird. "Hey Rosalie. Can I log on your computer really quick? Apparently someone just sent me an IM."

"Yea that's fine." says Rose without looking up from her physics book.

I roll up off the floor and crawl over to her computer desk and hop into her chair. I turn the computer on and I'm met by a huge welcome screen and a picture of Rosalie Alice and I at one of our summer tournaments. Me and Alice were dumping Gatorade all over Rosalie.

"Awwww" says Alice. She must've seen me staring at the picture from the bean bag. "I miss those days. That was a fun tournament."

"Yea" me and Rosalie mutter in response.

I click on the AIM instant messenger icon and type in my screen name which is "VolleyballBabe101". After logging in a window pops up displaying 'new message from unknown'.

I place my hand on the mouse and click view.

BigManOnCampus:Why hello beautiful.

VolleyballBabe101: Who is this?

BigManOnCampus:Take a wild guess hot stuff.

I spin my chair around to face Rosalie and Alice. "Hey guys do you know someone whose screen name is 'BigManOnCampus'?".

Rose shakes her head no and Alice shrugs as she hops up from the bean bag to come get a closer look at the screen. She leans her head down to where she is literally 2 inches from the screen and reads what this mysterious person typed.

"Hmm….well my guess is it's a guy because he called you 'hot stuff'."

"Well duh Alice! Anything else?" I ask in irritation. I normally don't hand out my IM address to just anybody. This is kind of odd.

"Wait…keep talking to him. Then I'll figure it out." she responds. She pulls over another chair and sits down next to me.

I turn back to the computer and type out my response.

VolleyballBabe101:Give me a hint.

BigManOnCampus:I play a sport.

"Well that's not a very good hint!" shrieks Alice beside me. Rosalie chunks her pencil at her. "Keep it down! I'm trying to figure out this problem big mouth!" Alice rubs the back of her head and send Rose an icy stare before picking up the pencil and throwing it back.

VolleyballBabe101:That doesn't narrow it down very much.

BigManOnCampus:Lol ok. Lets see - I play football.

VolleyballBabe101:Well that narrows it down to about 100 guys, considering you are in my grade.

BigManOnCampus:I play on the offensive line.

"Offensive line?" I mumble out. Alice gasps loudly beside me. She then starts jumping up and down in excitement. This must be good if she is jumping up and down AND gasping. That's a rare occasion these days.

"Omgosh Bella! I think I know who it is! Here type exactly what I tell you." Alice then leans down and whispers what to type into my ear. My fingers fly across the keyboard as I try and get every word she is telling me.

VolleyballBabe101:This wouldn't happen to be the cocky, bigheaded, conceited, asshole that tried to get me to land one on him is it?

BigManOnCampus:Hell no! Definitely not Jacob. I take that as an insult.

"Ah ha! I know who it is! Only one person knows what went down with Jacob today besides you me and Rose. And what happened afterwards too."

It only takes me a second to realize who she is referring to…Edward Cullen.

"How did that douche get my IM!" I scream out in anger. Out of all the people in the world, why did it have to be him. I would have rather had Mike message me instead.

"I don't know Bella but keep talking to him" urges Rosalie. Now that she knows who it is she has abandoned her physics homework and is now leaning over my back, trying to read in on what's going on.

VolleyballBabe101:Oohh…so this must be the even bigger asshole that tried to get in my pants as a reward for getting another asshole to back off and leave.

BigManOnCampus:Why the negative names Bella? You should be glad I helped. I am usually not so merciful. But for you I decided to make an exception.

VolleyballBabe101:And why is that?! Because I'm the only girl left who you haven't slept with yet Edward.

BigManOnCampus:Is that really what people are whispering about me. I don't sleep around with EVERYONE. That would take too much work and half the girls aren't nearly as pretty as you are so they mean nothing.

VolleyballBabe101:Wow that makes me feel SO much better. Well NEWS FLASH Cullen - the world isn't like Burger King. You can't always have it your way.

BigManOnCampus:Oh never fear dear Bella. Edward Cullen always gets what he wants.

VolleyballBabe101:Well I hope you can take rejection because you aren't getting anything from me now or ever.

"Good job Bella! Way to be strong!" whispers Alice. I hear Rosalie slap her on the arm.

BigManOnCampus:You can try but in the end they always give in. No one can withstand this charm OR this body. You will see why at the pool party this weekend.

Alice gasps again. "Omgosh we have to go shopping for swimsuits!! Don't make any plans for tomorrow guys because we are hitting up the mall."

Rosalie squeals in excitement while I groan in irritation. Shopping with these two is like torture sometimes, especially when it comes to swimsuits. They pick out the skimpiest stuff sometimes! I have to sneak spare outfits in depending on where we go.

VolleyballBabe101:Don't be surprised if I throw up in disgust.

Rosalie and Alice burst out laughing behind me. I can't help but giggle a little myself. I wonder how Edward is taking all this right now? I bet he thinks this is just some big joke. But its far from it.

BigManOnCampus:Play nice Bella.

VolleyballBabe101:Why should I? You toy with others and then throw them out when you've had your fun. Karma's a bitch.

BigManOnCampus:What's life without a little risk?

VolleyballBabe101: Risk my ass! Anyways…I have to go now. Physics homework.

BigManOnCampus: I have the physics answers? Would you like them?

"Ooo say yes Bella! I dont get this at all!" pleads Rosalie from behind me. I vigorously shake my head no. If i take his help now i will just end up having to return the favor sometime later in a way i don't want to imagine.

VolleyballBabe101: No thanks. I can do it just fine on my own thanks.

BigManOnCampus: Ok. Can't say i didnt try. just trying to be friendly.

VolleyballBabe101: Oh please! "friendly" isnt even in your vocabulary! Or does it fall after "sex" and "one night stand"

BigManOnCampus: hmm...more like after "sexy" or "gorgeous" or "godly". Yea probably after "godly".

I hear Rose and Alice laughing behind me. This guy is so full of himself sometimes. He never ceases to amaze me. Wait so now he is amazing me?

VolleyballBabe101: more like "hideous" or "disgraceful" or "manhore" is good too!

BigManOnCampus: ok hows about we stop with the name calling. so...since we are talking about manhores and one night stands..are you still a virgin miss bella?

I gasp in shock at his question. Alice starts freaking out and running around the room with Rosalie trying to calm her down again.

VolleyballBabe101: how dare you ask me that?! thats none of your business!

BigManOnCampus: I'll take that as a yes.

VolleyballBabe101: screw you edward cullen! I dont even know why i'm still on here even attempting to have a conversation with you! I have way better things to do than talk to a masochistic pervert like yourself. Have a nice life and talk to you never.

Before he can respond I end the message and quickly sign out of the messenger. I lean back in the chair and let out a big sigh. I cant believe he got my screen name. i cant believe he asked me about my virginity! He had no respect for women at all. Its sick.

"I cant believe he went there about your virginity Bella." says Rose in surprise. She mustve finally calmed Alice down.

"I cant believe its not butter!" shouts Alice. Rosalie and I glare her down. Now is SO not the time for that!

"Oopsie. Sorry guys! But ya Bella he totally likes you. It's so obvious." she states with a shrug.

"Does not!" I answer in protest."

"Whatever you say Bella. He even hunted down your screen name. He wants you…bad"

I shrug my shoulders and get up out of the chair to go lay back down on the floor. "Well that's too bad because I'm not available - for him anyway."

"GIRLS GO TO BED!" I hear Rosalie's mom shout from downstairs.

"Shit its already time for bed?! I never finished my homework!" cries Rosalie softly as she quickly shuts down the computer. Me and Alice chuckle as we pack up our stuff and throw it in the corner. Rose climbs into bed while me and Alice make our beds on the floor. Before I climb into my nice little makeshift bed I flick off the lights.

"Goodnight Alice! Goodnight Bella!" whispers Rose loud enough for us to hear.

"Goodnight Rosalie! Goodnight Alice!" I whisper out into the dark room.

"Goodnight Bella! Goodnight Rosalie! Goodnight Edward!" whispers Alice.

"ALICE!" I whisper angrily at her as I kick her with my foot. That doesn't stop her and Rosalie from quietly laughing though. Ugh. I roll over and close my eyes, thinking only of practice tomorrow and the crazy shopping spree that awaits as the fatigue finally overtakes me.

o.o things are starting to get pretty heated with bella and edward. but alice still insists that some sort of romance is blooming. is she just imaging things? or is their really something there? hmm....