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Sasuke's POV

It was a pain in the ass, but after a little talk with Kiba, he agreed to help me.

As I enter Shikamaru's place I see all the people talking, drinking and laughing, I didn't even knew the Nara had so many friends.

I recognize some of them, but I can't see the dumb mutt...

There he is. He smiles at me and points at something, I follow his finger with my eyes and I can't help but smile. Naruto's right there.

His blond hair seems longer, he's smiling and walking towards Neji.

The music stops and I turn to look at Kiba, he grins and gives me a thumps up sign. I sigh and try to calm my nerves.

The music starts playing again, I take a deep breath and walk closer to Naruto, he's facing Neji, but neither of them are talking.

I take another deep breath and tap Naruto's shoulder, he turns around slowly and I look at the floor, I knew this would be hard, but I have to do it. I have to show him I care.

"That's the cd you gave me." I speak softly. I can feel my face getting warm. I wait a couple of seconds for him to say something, I don't dare to look him in the eye, instead I look at his feet, he's wearing some ugly flip flops, I didn't even knew he had flip flops... I take another deep breath.

"I've heard that song so many times..." I say a little louder, I don't really know what I'm doing anymore... I rub the back of my neck with my sweaty right hand. Say something...

"I thought about a thousand things to say... but everytime I-" I stop talking, time suddenly freezes. I can still hear the song playing but I... I don't know what to say anymore...

Will you be my shoulder when I'm grey and older?
Promise me tomorrow starts with you,
Getting high; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.

Naruto's holding a pale man's hand, I look at him. He has black hair and black eyes, he's as pale as me, he has a fake smile on his lips and he's looking back at me with... amusement?

I turn my head slightly to look at Naruto, his eyes are wide open and his lips are parted, he doesn't look pleasantly surprised...

I hear whispers and snickers and I look around slowly.

Everyone's looking at me, laughing at me. Even Kiba, he's holding his stomach and laughing.

I feel sick.

I turn around and just run out of there. I hear someone calling my name, I think it was Naruto, but I don't stop until I'm back at my apartment.

I open the door, take off my shoes and socks and drop on my knees, panting, my lungs are burning.

I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life...

Naruto's POV

What the fuck just happened?

I hear myself calling his name, but I can't move, I'm just so... shocked. I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'll talk to him." Neji says to me softly.

"No. I'll go. Come on, Sai." I walk out of the apartment without looking at anyone, some people were even laughing, idiots...

"I'll wait for you at the hotel." Sai says once we're out of there. I let go of his hand and fake a smile.

"Alright, see you later." He smiles and nod.

Now I need to talk to Sasuke... damn... I sure as hell wasn't expecting that...

Normal POV

Naruto knocked on Sasuke's door, but got no answer. He sighed and knocked again.

"Sasuke?" The blond's voice was soft, as if afraid of making more damage.

"Please... just leave..." Sasuke whispered without opening the door. Naruto closed his eyes and spoke louder.

"I have to apologize... I thought that Neji told you about it... I... I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay... I'm fine... just... I need to be alone..." The raven interrupted him.

"I just want to talk... Can I come in? Please..." Naruto said softly, resting his forehead on the wooden door.

He waited a couple of seconds for an answer, but decided to take the silence as the raven's permission.

He opened the door slowly. Sasuke was sitting on the floor, looking at his bare feet. He looked miserable and uncomfortable. Naruto swallowed and closed the door with his back.

Sasuke stood up, facing Naruto, his eyes were wet with tears, but we couldn't let them flow. He wouldn't cry in front of Naruto. Not now.

Naruto took off his flip flops and placed them next to Sasuke's shoes.


They sat on the couch. Sasuke staring at his hands. Naruto staring at Sasuke.

After a couple of minutes Sasuke broke the silence.

"... What's his name?" He asked quietly.

"... Sai... we met a couple of months ago... we're nothing serious..." Naruto answered shifting uncomfortably.

"You were holding his hand..." The raven whispered.

"I know... it doesn't mean anything though..." Naruto said, looking at the little coffee table.

"How did you two meet?" Sasuke asked without taking his eyes off his own hands.

"He works for Gaara too. The first day we talked he was pretty rude." The blond said with a soft laugh. "We started fighting and just one day... I don't know..."

"Do you have feelings for him?" Sasuke asked closing his eyes.

"I don't think so... I mean... I do like him... but is just... sex... he doesn't want a serious relationship..." Naruto said scratching the back of his neck with his left hand.

"Do you?" Sasuke asked, finally turning his head to look at the blond.

"Not with him, we're just not like that." Naruto answered avoiding the raven's eyes.


Naruto shifted uncomfortably. He didn't enjoy being interrogated.

"Is... is he better than me?..." Sasuke asked softly.

"What?" Naruto asked confused.

"In bed... is he better...?"

Naruto's eyes widened at the question. He was shocked that Sasuke would ask someting like that.

"Well... he was... different... I... I don't know how to describe it..." Naruto said awkwardly.

"Different...?" Sasuke asked, once again trying to make eye contact with the blond. Naruto sighed, he glanced at Sasuke, but quickly looked away.

"I mean... we didn't made love... it was just sex... with you... it was different... I cared about pleasing you... like the last time we... you know... in the shower, a couple of days before I left... it was-"

"That wasn't the last time." Sasuke stated clenching his fist.

"Yes it was-" Before he could continue talking he remembered that Sasuke was right, the last time they were together was when he raped Sasuke. "Oh..."

"When are you leaving again?" Sasuke asked, changing the subject.

"I'm staying here. I already got an apartment. I don't really like living in Suna. I grew up here and I couldn't wait to come back, you know?" Naruto answered, grateful about the change in the subject.

Sasuke glanced in his direction, but he couldn't meet the blond's eyes. He covered his face with his hands and sighed.

"I'm so embarrased..."

"Why would you... oh... well... it wasn't that bad..." Naruto tried to comfort him with a soft smile, even though the raven couldn't see it.

"At least I didn't sing or something like that." Sasuke said, he let out a bitter laugh and rested his chin on his intertwined fingers, his elbows resting on his knees. "I'm guessing that kiba knew that you were going to the party with Sai."

"Yeah... he called me to ask me if I was going..." Naruto said confused.

"Oh... no wonder he was so eager to help me... I would have called you, but I figured that you wouldn't answer..." Sasuke said closing his eyes. He didn't want to think about all those times he called, desperate to hear the blond's voice.

"I'm sorry about that..." Naruto said sounding apologetic.

"Don't be. You told me not to call anyway." Sasuke replied coldly, with his eyes closed.

They sat in silence, Naruto staring at the back of Sasuke's head, feeling awkward.

"Did you... thought about me... while you were away?" Sasuke asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Well... yeah... of course I did... I talked about you with my therapyst almost everyday the first months." Naruto answered leaning back with his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. From that position he couldn't see the little smile forming on Sasuke's lips.

"Did you thought about... getting back together?" Sasuke asked a little louder, his voice full of hope.

"God, no..." Naruto said glancing at Sasuke's bent form. The raven straightened without looking at Naruto, his smile banishing completely. Naruto noticed the change in Sasuke's position and corrected himself. "I mean... I missed you but... we were horrible together... I don't know... maybe in the future, I still need a lot of therapy but I'm not sure if... it will happen at all... I guessed that... me leaving meant that we were over." Naruto straightened too and tried to look at Sasuke's face, but since his former lover was facing away from him, Naruto couldn't see his expression.

"So that's it? You don't want to fight for us?" Sasuke asked in a strained voice, closing his eyes and fists tightly.

"There's no 'us' here anymore..." Naruto said softly, placing a hand gently on top on Sasuke's fist.

"This... this can't be it..." Sasuke whispered trying hard not to cry, still facing away from Naruto.

"...Then how come it is?" Naruto's voice caused Sasuke to open his eyes and turned his head to look into those blue eyes he missed so much. Those eyes weren't cold, he could feel Naruto's guilt and affection, he shaked Naruto's hand off and stood up, wrapping his arms around himself.

"What happens now?" Sasuke asked in a small voice with his eyes closed.

"I don't know... I don't want to stop seeing you though... Is it too selfish to ask you to be my friend?" The blond asked standing up and placing his hands on Sasuke's shoulders.

"F-friends? I..." Sasuke started shaking and he couldn't open his eyes, because he new he would cry. He waited more than six months so he could be with Naruto again. This wasn't what he was expecting at all.

"I'm sorry... you don't have to answer right now..." Naruto said softly, pulling Sasuke against his chest by his shaking shoulders. Sasuke let out a strangled sob and fisted Naruto's shirt, burying his face into the soft shirt. "Do... do you want me to leave?" Naruto asked hesitantly. Sasuke lessened his hold on Naruto's shirt and took a deep breath. He let go of Naruto and took a step back rubbing furiously his eyes with both hands, trying to erase any trace of the couple of tears that managed to escape his eyes.

"I... could we..." Sasuke took another deep breath and look at Naruto's blue eyes. "I don't like that our last time together was... what it was... I want... just one more time... could you pretend for me? It doesn't matter if you leave right after we're done... I just-" Sasuke said clenching and unclenching his hands, trying to control his emotions. Naruto interrupted him.

"It will only make it harder..." Naruto said and walked towards Sasuke, hugging him close. Sasuke hugged him back.

"I know... but... I... need this..." He said, his voice shaking.

"... Are you sure you want this? I'm not sure if we should..." Naruto said stroking Sasuke's soft hair. Sasuke didn't answer, but he placed a soft kiss on Naruto's neck and grabbing a tanned hand with his pale one he walked with Naruto to the bedroom.

Naruto bit his lip before pushing Sasuke onto the bed. He still wanted Sasuke, seeing the raven lying beneath him was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. "... You're gorgeous, you know that?" Naruto said and smiled sadly. Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment, when he opened them he took Naruto's hand in his and placed it on his shirt, Naruto took the hint and started unbuttoning the shirt.

Sasuke layed his arms down beside his body as he looked at Naruto, who was busy opening his shirt slowly.

"... If you want me to stop all you have to do is tell me, okay?" Naruto said as he started opening Sasuke's pants, while kissing softly Sasuke's bare chest. God! He really missed Sasuke's body.

"... Hn" Sasuke said while he put his own shirt off. "...I want this..."

"Good..." The blond said and licked over Sasuke's chest now, while pulling down the raven's pants and boxers.

Sasuke sighed and moved his hands through Naruto's hair. He really wanted this. He needed to feel loved. He needed Naruto's hands on his skin. He needed Naruto more than ever.

Naruto kissed and licked Sasuke's neck, his hands were roaming everywhere, touching all the skin he could get. He licked Sasuke's nipple while playing with the other one rolling it between his fingers. His other hand was busy massaging Sasuke's hip softly.

Sasuke moaned quietly and wrapped his arms around Naruto's neck.

"... Naruto..." Sasuke whispered closing his eyes.

Naruto smiled as he massaged Sasuke's legs and kept on sucking on one of his perky nipples. Sasuke moaned softly and started panting a little.

Naruto kissed his way down to Sasuke's growing erection, taking a few seconds licking his navel and hips and then suddenly pushed his mouth on the pulsing organ, licking over it. Sasuke gasped loudly and arched off the bed.

Naruto closed his eyes and grabbed Sasuke's erection with one hand, he licked slowly the glistening head tasting the little drops of pre-cum and then covered it with his mouth, sucking slightly.

Sasuke moaned louder this time while Naruto bobbed his head up and down sucking hard enough to hollow his cheeks. Soon Sasuke was bucking his hips forward and gripping Naruto's hair with both hands, moaning loudly.

Naruto slowed down his bobbing and put three fingers against Sasuke's lips. The raven gripped Naruto's wrist with both hands and took the three fingers into his mouth, moving his tongue between them, coating them with his saliva. Naruto moaned at the feeling, God! Sasuke's squirming and moaning, along with his mouth was making him crazy and he couldn't hold back any longer. He took his fingers out of Sasuke's mouth and moved his hand to Sasuke's ass.

His finger reached Sasuke's quivering opening and he put it inside slowly, feeling the muscles clenching around the invading digit. The blond's mouth let go of Sasuke's cock with a pop and rested his hand on top of a trembling pale thigh.

"...Sh-should I... keep going..?" Naruto asked, and then he saw the need in Sasuke's eyes. The love, the hunger. The raven nodded and spread his legs wide.

Naruto pulled out his finger and then pushed it back in, going faster and faster each time. Sasuke moaned and gripped the blond's wrist with one hand and looked at Naruto. Naruto nodded and replaced the one finger with two. Sasuke moaned louder and tightened his grip on Naruto's wrist pushing the fingers deeper inside himself.

Naruto moaned too and spread his fingers slowly, feeling the inside of Sasuke. It was so tight and warm... Naruto started panting against Sasuke's arm. He started thrusting the fingers inside Sasuke faster, the raven was clenching oh so deliciously on his fingers and practicaly fucking himself with them, Naruto couldn't remember seeing him this horny.

"... M-more... Na-Naruto... oh God..." Sasuke panted. Naruto pushed in another finger, spreading them again. Sasuke gave a loud moan. It burned a little but he wanted this so much, it was driving him mad.

Sasuke suddenly let go of Naruto's wrist and put his arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

Naruto kissed Sasuke's collarbone and supported his weight with his left hand, that was next to Sasuke's body. He continued scissoring his fingers and moving them in and out of Sasuke's tight passage.

Sasuke moaned and panted, moving his body with the thrusts. "I-I'm ready... now..." Sasuke breathed out on top of Naruto's head.

"...Al-alright... alright" Naruto nodded pulling his fingers out of Sasuke. He sat on the bed and started to unbutton his shirt as fast as he could, he took it off and stood up quickly, opening his pants and pulling them down along with his boxers, he kicked them off and turn around to see Sasuke, on all fours, staring at him, panting softly.

"... Oh fuck..." Naruto moaned. "...L-lube... where?" Naruto said incoherently looking at Sasuke's body and that wild look on those black eyes.

"..I want you now." Sasuke panted as he grabbed Naruto and forced him to sit on the bed. Before Naruto could do anything, Sasuke sucked lightly the head of the blond's pulsing organ before dropping his head further and taking half of Naruto's manhood into his mouth and giving a hard, long suck, when he felt Naruto's shudder he swallowed the blond's erection whole. Naruto threw his head back with a loud moan and rested one of his hands on the back of the ravens neck, the other hand made it's way to the pale man's back caressing and scratching the soft skin.

Naruto let out a scream as Sasuke tongued his tip and lightly cupped his balls. He began to scratch the soft skin of Sasuke's backside as the tongue pushed harder into his slit and the hand cupping his balls squeezed softly. Sasuke gave one last, long suck, before licking the tip and looking up at the blonde with hungry eyes.

Sasuke straddled Naruto and sat back on Naruto's lap and ground his ass onto the stiff organ.

The blond bucked up, his erection rubbing against Sasuke's crease and teasing his puckered hole. Sasuke groaned and leaned forward; crushing his erection painfully between their stomachs and rubbing his entrance harder against Naruto's erection, his face was close to the blonde's, his breath tickling Naruto's lips.

Naruto gulped and stared at Sasuke's face. The raven's eyes were closed and his mouth parted and so close to Naruto's, Sasuke licked his dry lips and the tip of his tongue brushed against Naruto's lips. The blond moaned in the back of his throat. "S-Sasuke... w-want to kiss... y-you..." The blond panted looking at those soft wet lips.

Sasuke opened his eyes slowly, blue and black met for a second and then Sasuke closed his eyes again and leaned forward and caught Naruto's mouth with his own wet lips. He nibbled playfully on the blond's bottom lip, Naruto closed his eyes and opened his mouth lightly, Sasuke moaned softly before plunging his tongue into the warmth of Naruto's mouth. He licked the roof of Naruto's mouth before finding his tongue and tangling them together.

They broke the passionate kiss and stared into their hungry eyes. Sasuke reached between his legs without breaking the eye contact and slowly let the tip of Naruto's erection slide past his ring of muscle, wincing slightly at the first intrusion.

Naruto groaned and watched with mild amazement as Sasuke slowly impaled himself to the hilt on his erection. He was too tight and felt so good.

Sasuke moaned loudly and stilled as he reached the base of Naruto's cock, waiting until he adjusted to the large and pulsing organ. Naruto tried very hard not to buck up into the tight heat that surrounded him. He didn't want to hurt the little raven.

Sasuke took deep breaths, and experimentally rolled his hips, feeling Naruto's organ stroke his inner walls. Naruto gasped and observed Sasuke's flushed appearance and strained expression. He gently rolled his hips upwards, Sasuke moaned and braced his hands on Naruto's chest.

"A-are.. you o-okay?" Naruto panted softly, placing his hands on Sasuke's slim hips.

Sasuke nodded and gripped the broad shoulders as the raised himself, groaning as he felt the hardness move out of him until only the head was inside and he slowly descended again.

Naruto started moaning and panting desperate to go faster, he gripped Sasuke's hips harder and groaned. Sasuke noted this and he raised himself again and slammed back down harshly. He cried out as his prostate was stroked and began a fast and unsteady pace.

Naruto's mouth attached itself to Sasuke's neck and started nipping and sucking, he put both arms around the raven to help him go faster. Sasuke could feel his sensitive nipples rubbing against Naruto's hard chest. All the pain of being filled was gone now and he couldn't think about anything but the incredible pleasure.

Sasuke raised himself quickly, arching his body towards Naruto and slammed back down. His face screwed up in intense pleasure as his prostate was hit dead on. Sasuke cupped Naruto's chin and brought their lips together. Both immediately opened their mouth and fought with each other until one's tongue was in the other's mouth. Sasuke sucked on the blonde's tongue vigorously as impaled himself continually.

As soon as they broke the kiss Sasuke got off of Naruto's lap and layed on his back, panting harshly and spreading his legs wide open. Naruto, still dazed for the sudden loss of pleasure looked at him and slowly his eyes found a little pink quivering hole. He groaned loudly, moved towards Sasuke, grabbed his legs and pushed into him immediately.

Sasuke let out a long, hard moan and grabbed Naruto's head, pushing it down and kissing him passionately. Naruto kissed him back as he thrusted into him, hard and fast.

As they parted for air, Sasuke opened his eyes and stared at Naruto's face. His eyes were closed tightly, his wet lips were parted letting out hot puffs of air. He was perfect. He didn't want this to end. He felt that he was getting tears in his eyes. He turned his head to the side when Naruto's lips tried to catch his own in a bruising kiss. The blond kissed his neck instead. But he didn't seem to mind it.

Sasuke tried to get lost in all the pleasure but he couldn't ignore the burning feeling inside his gut. This was probably the last time. Because Naruto didn't love him anymore. He tightened his arms around Naruto's neck and clenched his eyes shut.

"... God... so good... fuck..." Naruto groaned against the raven's neck. Sasuke opened his eyes. After this, Naruto would go back to Sai, and Sasuke could only let it happen. He let the tears out now, while his hold on Naruto got even stronger. He started to move with him.

"...N-Na-Naruto..." Sasuke moaned as he felt the tears running down his face. He started sobbing quietly and turned his head to the other side when Naruto tried to kiss him again. He tried to concentrate in the pleasure, pressing his eyes shut.

Naruto didn't notice Sasuke's tears or sobs, he only heard the little gasps and moans that Sasuke let out in time with the thrusts. He moved into Sasuke over and over, wanting it to last, but feeling the pleasure build up inside.

Sasuke spread his legs open wider and kept moaning in pleasure. He was close, he could feel it. It was almost over. He swallowed as he felt himself over the edge.

Naruto kept on placing open mouthed kisses all over Sasuke's neck and shoulders. Sasuke let his hands go through Naruto's golden locks of hair and pressed him harder against his neck.

"Sa-Sasuke... I-I'm..." Naruto moaned against Sasuke's wet neck.

"...C-come in-inside... of me..." Sasuke breathed, tears still streaming down his face. This was it.

"...F-fuck!" Naruto screamed as he rammed himself inside Sasuke, feeling the raven's insides milk him dry.

Sasuke came with a strangled sob, gripping Naruto's hair tightly and throwing his head back. His seed covering Naruto's stomach and his own.

Naruto collapsed on top of Sasuke, breathing hard. Sasuke cried silently, not wanting Naruto to know how much it hurt. How much he wanted to be loved by the blond.

"...T-that was... something worth... remembering... huh?" Naruto panted with a goofy smile and kissed Sasuke's neck.

"Y-yes..." Sasuke sobbed. Naruto felt it and turned to look at Sasuke's face. The raven's beautiful face was covered by tears. How could he not notice it before?

"...I... I'm sorry... I don't know what to say... do... do you want me to... leave you alone for a moment?" Naruto asked and kissed Sasuke's face, kissing the tears away.

Sasuke nodded, closing his eyes tightly.

Naruto nodded to himself as he stepped off the bed and put on his boxers, pants and shirt.

Sasuke opened his eyes and looked at Naruto. He pulled up the covers to cover himself, not wanting to dress.

Naruto turned to look at Sasuke. The raven was crying silently, clutching the covers with both fists.

"...I-it's o-okay... g-go..." Sasuke sobbed and smiled sadly at Naruto.

"... I don't want to leave you like this..." The blond whispered.

"... I-I wanted th-this... i-it's f-fine... j-just g-go..." Sasuke said, still smiling.

"Ok... I guess... I'll see you around..." Naruto said. Sasuke nodded to him.

"Goodbye then..." Naruto said after taking a deep breath. He turned around and walked towards the door and opened it. He looked back once and smiled sadly at Sasuke. Then he walked out of the room and closed the door again.

Sasuke broke down and started crying uncontrollably as he grabbed his head with both hands. Naruto was gone.