Punk Geeks

By: MagicBulletGirl

Story 2. Are You A Zombie?

Prompt #11: Zombie Repellent

Disclaimer: The puppets don't belong to me but they like to play.


Shinagawa smelled something awful. It hadn't been there when the Student Council left the classroom together after completing the afternoon's paperwork. However, Shinagawa was sure that it had appeared when both Adachi and Himeji returned from the restroom.

Worst of all, it seemed that he was the only one that noticed it.

Neither Chiba nor Izumi seemed to smell it.

"I don't know what you're talking about," replied the smart-aleck wannabe vice-president.

Chiba at least seemed to put some effort into his answer, taking a breath and appearing to think about it before saying, "I'm sorry Shinagawa. I just don't smell it."

How the fuck can you not!

It was like... the scent of one thousand yellow daisies penetrating his brain, but a thousand times more awful.

As they chatted about the latest school gossip, who was dating who and who had the highest marks (Chiba), Shinagawa sided up to Adachi slowly and sniffed discreetly.

The smell was there, but he couldn't tell if it was coming from her or not. After all she was standing next to Himeji.

"What's wrong Shinagawa-kun?"

Adachi had caught him off guard with his mind blank.

"Ah... nothing. Just... something in the air?"

The glance she gave him was blank, clearly unsure of what he meant.

Maybe there was his answer?

The minutes stretched slowly they went their separate ways home.

Finally only he and the two girls remained, and as the girls lived together, if he didn't say anything, he was almost certain he would never know which one was behind the fragrance bothering him.

He opened his mouth to speak, Adachi beat him to it.

"Rinka, go on ahead. I need to tell Shinagawa-kun something."

Himeji at Shinagawa with a knowing raised eyebrow, a slight sneer playing around her lips.

It burned him up to see her enjoying herself at his expense, but as Adachi's second repeat of "Shinagawa-kun" reached his ears his anger faded away.

"Huh? What is it Adachi?"

"Can you smell my perfume?"

Shinagawa sniffed the air... So it was Adachi all along?

"Huh? Yeah... What about it?" He suddenly felt very bad for thinking it was that awful... now that he knew it had been on her.

"But then... Are you a zombie?"

"What? Where did you get an idea like that?"

"Well Rinka gave it to me saying only zombies can smell it... you know because it's zombie repellant."

He stared dumbfounded at her.

"I'm not a zombie! I'm just a teenage boy!"

"Then... why could only you smell it?"

A window screeched open above them and Himeji leaned out the window, "Because I told them not to say anything!"

The words were in an annoying singsong pattern and the window promptly shut loudly.

"Well... that explains that," muttered Shinagawa.

"Shinagawa-kun, did it smell as bad as your face made it seem?"

Oh shit. What was he supposed to do? Lie to her? She was looking up at him now and if he didn't say anything she was going to know anyway.

"Yeah Adachi... It really did a number on my nose. Sorry."

"Don't worry. I didn't really like it much myself."

"But then why did you believe the zombie bit?"

"You haven't been eating much lately. I thought something was wrong."

"You thought I was a zombie?"

"Would you believe me if I said it made sense at the time?"

What am I going to do with this girl?


The End

AN: Hopefully the next chapter doesn't take me so long. Thank you for reading. Please enjoy.