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CHAPTER1: Stupid student + Concerned teacher = ?

The sun shone brightly and the wind blew lightly, birds were chirping, the first years are in the grounds taking their physical education class..Ah! Such energetic kids. But as the first years are having fun the 4th year Class-C was having their Mathematics at that time and most of the students in the class were bored and have no energy at all to use their brains for the super long complex formula. But not Kaede..

"Ok.. so x is equals to twelve huh? Oh wait! If x is like this and y is like that then," she paused to think "I don't get it at all!!!"

Kaede is a very eager student, always doing her best on every subject but there was this little problem...she still can't pass anything! The only subject that she's good at was probably P.E. and Home Economics.

"Mou.. how did my answer became like this? The right answer is 3! Sheesh.." she asked herself. Tiny beads of sweat started to form in her forehead as she tried to solve again the complex equation. Her misery stopped when the bell rang. Another math session without a single correct answer....

"That's all for today." said - their math teacher. "But please put more attention, all of you, next meeting okay?" he said as he make a sort of disappointed face and stare at everyone.

"Yes sir!" the class said in chorus, lazily.

"O-Okay..." said the poor math teacher who can predict what would happen the next meeting.

The students started leaving the classroom to go to their next class. Kaede was one of the last students to leave but before she got out called her.

"What is it, Sir?" asked Kaede, quite confused... and nervous. I''m not sleeping earlier!

"Well... I can see you are very eager in my class. I'm actually hoping that your classmates would do the same but looks like I failed. I'm actually shocked that some of them get good grades without listening! But you see Minami, the point is, being eager in my class is not enough to pass this subject."

Gulp. This is it! I knew this day would come! She held on her bag tightly as if she would fall.

"I'm very concerned about you. You're a very good student; I want you to pass this subject. You're the only student in this class that listens to me you know.." her teacher looked at her with eyes of concern.

He really does care about me... unlike my mom... "What will happen to me sir?" she asked, kind of afraid what might happen to her if she doesn't pass or get a grade of 83 or higher - she won't be qualified for the course she wants for college!

"Don't worry Minami. It has just been a grading since school year starts so you'll have lots of time to improve," said . "And at those three months time I found a perfect person to teach you! He's really smart!"

"Really? Oh thank you sir! Who is it?" she asked as happiness flood her whole being.

"He's a bit nerdy, and I should say impatient at times, short tempered you know? But he's the best I could find." said her teacher.

"Don't excite me professor! Just say who that person is!" Kaede shouted because she lost her patience.

"Sorry about that." he said.

"It's ok. But you're still not saying who that person is..!" she really is getting impatient. She's late for Home Economics for a whole ten minutes for Pete's sake!

"Class-F's Setsu Yuuki."

Kaede was now chopping the ingredients they would use for their dish, still looked a bit dazed. ' Setsu Yuuki, huh? Is he really smart? He looks dorky to me...' She let out a sigh. 'Well maybe he really IS smart. I mean all people with glasses are smart right? But his glasses really look dorky..."

"Hey Kaede! Watch where you're chopping! You don't want any fingers on our dish do you?" a girl with red-colored hair which is fixed with the usual two buns nagged. Her name was Etsumi. Etsumi is Kaede's bestfriend since childhood. She's always there for her.

"Sorry..." Kaede said as she was pulled out from her thoughts.

"Is that finish already?" a girl with pink-colored, long haired said named Saori. She met Saori in her 2nd year of high school and they became really good friends. She loves to play the flute.

Kaede handed her the ingredients that she cut. I better concentrate on our cooking more than that dorky..err I mean Yuuki-san.

"By the way Kaede," a girl with dark blue-colored hair appeared carrying the washed pots and plates. "What did Sir Math told you?" Azumi, on Kaede's earlier years, had always been her enemy with no particular reason and also, then became friends with no particular reason too. Kind of weird if you ask me.

"He has a name you know," defended Kaede. Azumi is always a hard time remembering names of those whom she doesn't talk much. "Oh well, he told me my grades are failing."

"What! That's harsh. But I can see that coming." said a girl with orange-colored, shoulder length hair whose name is Haruka. She just transferred last year and became close with the gang, but there is one problem about her, she can't stop her tongue. She's kind of frank about everything.

"Haruka!" scolded Etsumi. Haruka apologized.

"It's okay Etsumi. I saw it coming too. Well anyway he said he was concerned to me because I'm his only student that's listening to him in class-"

"He noticed that to???" Azumi said. "You know, I don't know where you find the energy to listen to him. Just hearing his voice makes me feel sleepy."

"Right... Now will you guys let me finish?" Kaede glared at them. "He said he found someone who could teach me. You know, like a tutor."

"Who is it?" Saori asked.

"He said it's Setsu Yuuki from Class-F." she said.

"Oh... so that's Setsu guy's going to teach you. Good luck then."

"Yeah. I wish we could help you but we are just a little above your level Kaede. Just enough for us to pass." Haruka said with a little insult. "Or should we say way above your level cause you can't even get a grade in the exams higher than 80!" she laughed.

"Haruka!" Etsumi scolded her again as she hit her in the head.

"It's okay Etsumi. Its true anyway." It's true and it hurts Kaede. As if she realized that she's THAT stupid.

The class ended and it's time for them to go home.

"You're sure you don't want to go home with us?" Haruka asked with a bit of guilt in her face.

"Don't worry Haruka. This has nothing to do with you. I'm just waiting for Yuuki-san to say thanks." she replied.

"Okay. Take care then. See you tomorrow!" her friends said as they waved goodbye.

It's been forty-five minutes since her friends left and she still can't see even a shadow of Yuuki.

"Mou... Where is he? I'm sure he's not home yet. I've been waiting for him here at the school gate and I'm sure I haven't seen him."

Then she saw a boy about her age approaching the gate, holding a book, have chocolate-colored hair and- Bingo

Wearing dorky glasses.

As he got near the gate, Kaede approached him. "Hello! My name is Kaede Minami! You must be Setsu Yuuki am I right?" she asked. The boy stopped reading to look at her.

"Yes." he said.

What a short reply. Kaede thought to herself. "Well, I just want to say thank you for agreeing to be my tutor! It'll really help me a lot!"

"Say that after you passed Math."

Kaede flinched. "O-Okay." Sheesh... What a character he has...!

"If you don't mind I would like to continue reading and go home. Stop wasting your time. Go home and just study. Now I know why you don't pass." he said as he walked.

'What did he just say?!' Kaede fumed with rage but decided to calm down. "I'm still here in school because I waited for you!"

Yuuki stopped walking to face her. "I didn't say that you should wait for me. You could just say these things tomorrow." he turned on his back and walked away again.

"Oh God... Will I be able to last for at least an hour with him?" Kaede said while looking up to the sky.

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