CHAPTER2: The mean dork + the hallway=?

"Good morning..." Kaede said, gloomy, as she entered the room.

Etsumi and the rest of the gang is already in the classroom when she entered. "What happened to you? You looked puffed." Etsumi asked.

"Just study a bit longer than I intended to since I got home late." she replied as she sat down on her chair with her eyelids feeling heavy.

"What time did you got home anyway? I've been calling yesterday but your mom said you still not home," said Azumi who sat beside her. "I was gonna tell you that the club will have a meeting today."

Kaede and her friends belong to a club which goes to an orphanage every now and then to have help the kids and make them happy. They may lack some brains but they have a lot of heart.

"Oh... talk about mom," Kaede groaned. "She's one of the reasons why I extended my studying time. When I got home she started nagging me. It felt like years! But she got thirsty and stopped. If I'm not mistaken she nagged for about an hour." she then sighed.

"Just forget about it. So how was it?" Haruka asked.

"How's what?" Kaede asked, her brows furrowed.

"Haruka means, how was your meeting with Mr. Dorky Glasses." Azumi said.

Etsumi just shrugged and sighed at Azumi's action. "When will you start remembering people's names Azumi?"

Their conversation ended when their teacher entered the classroom. All of the students in class sat down on their seats and pulled their books, notebooks, and their pens from their bags.

TWO hours of grammar misery has ended when the bell rang. Everyone looked glad about this but it didn't last long because their next subject is Math.

"At last English is over! I'm about to have a nosebleed if the bell didn't rang!" Azumi said.

"Yeah. But Math is next. I don't think I'll be able to live long." Haruka said.

"But the subject and verbal announcement was quite easier than the other lessons so far, right?" Kaede said.

"Er... you mean the subject and verb agreement?" Saori asked Kaede. She looks like in the verge of laughing.

"Y-Yeah...that's what I mean. Sorry.." she said, laughing at herself to lessen her embarrassment.

"As we are talking about before Ms. English walked in, how was it?" Azumi asked Kaede. The other looked at her to, waiting for her answer.

"Well," Kaede started, nervously. She knew that if she tell them Azumi will say, 'Just avoid that Dorky Know-it-all. He'll just be a living nightmare!', Haruka would say 'What an attitude he has! I bet he has no friends!', and Etsumi would say robably say 'I don't think this tutoring will help you. I think the best thing is to say it to Mr. Tsuchida so he'll know how arrogant that Yuuki is!'. But she remembered that told her that Yuuki is also the best that he could get. Better to stick with an arrogant nerd than take the risk of her friends' teaching. She knew her friends' intelligence is not enough for her.

"Well?" Etsumi asked, excitedly.

"Well... he's... uhm..." Kaede paused to think of something to say. What now? What now?

"Mr. Math's coming any minute now. Are you gonna tell us or what?" Azumi said.

"He's..." she looked at her feet as if hoping to see some answers. "I'll just say it at lunch. Like Azumi said, 's coming any minute now. I don't want to cut the story short you know. But If you insist-"

"It's alright. I agree with you. I don't want to listen to an interrupted story, its better if it's just told straight." said Saori.

Thank you Saori! Kaede looked at her with gleaming eyes then they all sat down and wait for their teacher.

AS MATH progresses, Kaede's classmate's snores louder, Etsumi and Azumi's drools are flowing, and the other's eyelids getting heavier, half of Kaede's mind is focused on the problem and the other half on what would she say to her friends.

"Who wants to solve the problem on the board?" Mr. Tsuchida asked, facing the class he didn't looked shocked or surprised. Afterall, it's always like this everytime. "Do you want to give it a try Minami?"

"O-Okay.." Kaede said hesitantly.

"Don't worry, I'll help you when you have troubles answering. Come on."

Kaede walked to the board, gave her the chalk. She then faced the equation and thinks about how to answer it.

Their having word problems for today, and Kaede has a problem with this problem.

Hmm.. let's see. Five times the difference of 19 subtracted from a number is the same as the number increased by 5. Find the numbers. She re-read it again and again and again, still no answer.

She started writing the answer on the board:

Let x be the no.

Equation: 5(19-x) = x+15

95-5x = x+5
5x+x = 5-95
6x/6 = -90/6
x = -15

She boxed the final answer and looks at her teacher. "Is it correct?" she asked with a look of uncertainty on her face.

"" said. "The error is on the equation. It should be (x-19). Equations are very important Minami, if your equation is wrong then your solution will surely be incorrect. But nice try!" he smiled at Kaede.

Kaede returned to her seat, kind of sad about her answer. "Okay class. That's it for today! Your assignment is-" browsed the book, "page 50-52 letters A,C,D, and E. Please do your assignment okay? Whoever is assigned at the blackboard please kindly erase what is written and you may all have your lunch now." the teacher left the classroom.

"At last... freedom!" Haruka exclaimed as she raised her hands in the air.

"Good morning..." Said Azumi and Etsumi as they woke up from their deep slumber.

"I'm so hungry.. let's eat!" Saori suggested.

They all pulled out their lunchboxes from their bags and started eating. "Mind if you tell us now Kaede?" Saori asked.

Kaede is already prepared for this. "Well, Yuuki is very... nice, sweet, and helpful. He's fun to talk to." as she said this she crossed her fingers that is hidden on her back.

"Really?" Haruka asked, looked unconvinced.


"Well, that's okay then. I thought he was a Mr. Mean Dorky Know-it-all!" Azumi said.

"If he'll be like that, it'll better if we'll just be the ones to teach you." Etsumi said.

Just as I thought... Kaede thought. As she finished her lunch she leaves the room to go to the wash room. As she was about to take a turn down the hallway she saw Yuuki leaning at the wall.

"Yuuki-san, I-"

"Saturday, 9am, at the park in front of the horse statue. If you're just a minute late I'll leave." After he said that, he left and walked the path to his classroom.

"What an attitude. Who am I, his slave?" Kaede sighed and made her way to the washroom.

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