Summary: Bella Swan(a witch) has an important mission. She must go undercover into the vampire world to see if they support Voldemort or not. She must collection information on the the Cullens to see where their loyalty really lies.

A/N: takes place during the 5th Harry Potter book and the beginning of Twilight. This is really new stuff for me to write so iunno how it's going to turn out. But very OCC AU


Bella's POV

Name: Charlotte Lewis

Height/weight: 5'9/190

Age: 42

Hobbies: read, writing, visiting museums, shopping.

Personality: shy, insecure, stubborn, shallow, curious, conservative, traditional, depressed, sexually repressed.

Occupation: teacher

Mission: To submerge oneself among the Cullens, gain their trust and find out whose side they belong too. Win their trust and get them to join our side. You will pose as a muggle.

Partners: Ginny and Fred Weasley James Adams

I glanced at the information in front of me. I tried to take in the fact that for the next 6 months I would be pretending to be a fat old sexually repressed woman. Just the thought of completing this mission made me shiver. Vampires were dangers. Even though I was a witchand could fully kill a vampire if I needed too, there was still the risk.

The other down side of this mission was that I couldn't perform magic unless it was absolutely necessary. I was to act and be treated like a muggle. That thought alone made me want to walk away from this mission.

But I knew I had to do this. I had volunteered to do this.

I couldn't let Dumbledore down. I had to do this for him and the world. I had to get the vampires on our side. Voldemort already had the dementors; if he gained all the vampires loyalty then we would surely be at a disadvantage.

I grabbed the stack of papers contain my identity and information of the Cullens and threw it in to my carry on. I grabbed my luggage containing all of Ms. Lewis' clothing and left to go catch a taxi because that what a muggle would do.


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