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chapter nine

Alice Point of View

I saw her. She was going to be at Port Angeles. I didn't know what she was doing there. But I had to find her. I didn't know what I was going to say to her when I found her. I just had to see her through my own eyes. I needed to warn her, but I didn't know how. All I knew was I had to save the love of Edward's life. I knew I would never forgive myself if I let her get hurt.

"Alice!" A sharp voice broke my thoughts. My dazed eyes looked over at Edward and Esme. Edward looked absolutely livid, maybe that's why he had said my name so sharply.

"How did it go," I asked.

"She accepted our invitation to stay with us." I had seen that, but I wasn't going to interrupt Esme. "Poor girl, she was sleeping under her desk when we came in. I'm glad she's coming to stay with us. I can finally cook for someone, oh that reminds me!"

I saw Esme going to the Market, I smiled to myself. Such small things could make my mother happy.

"This is a horrible idea! When we came to her office I smelled magic right on her door! She is clearly a witch or in grave danger." I tried my best not to stick my tongue out at Edward. Edward was so paranoid that it got the best of him at times.

I guess it unsettled him that he couldn't read her mind.

"I'm sure I can read her mind, I just don't feel a need too. Sure…. Whatever you say Edward.

He stalked off towards the car. "Are you coming to school or what?"

I thought back to my vision. I knew she would come to Port Angeles today but I didn't know when. I decided it was best not to risk it and just go there for the day. Nothing interesting at school would happen today. Besides, I could always shop for Mrs. Lewis while I was there. I would be waiting and productive.

Edward looked at me, oh crap!

I began to list the things I needed to buy Mrs. Lewis.

"What are you hiding from me?"

Edward's pointed glances showed me that I hadn't been careful about my thoughts. I continued to ignore him and began to sing Britney Spears songs in my head, just to annoy him.

"Hey I heard that!"

I mean, I love Britney Spears!

I giggled to myself. I was so excited to go out today. I could skip all the way there.

I went upstairs to grab my keys and kissed Jasper good-bye.

I bounced down the stairs where I was assaulted my Edward again. Oh my god, what did he still want?

One of his eyebrows rose up involuntarily, No not about your little secret. But don't think I've forgotten about that. Are you sure Jasper will be fine driving Mrs. Lewis home?"

I searched my visions for any future problems. My visions were slightly blurred around the edged when I looked into the afternoon. But I was 75 percent sure Jasper would be fine. I trusted him to have control over the situation.

Edward gave me a quick nod and left for school. It was as if we had never had the conversation. Edward and I alone understood Jasper's struggle and did not like to discuss it in fear that it would discourage him to work hard at his control. We did not like to demean Jasper for his lack of control. It was something he was not use to practicing.

I was about to get in my car when I had a vision.

I saw Esme coming with me. Yeah! The more the merrier. I could even tell her about my community service for Mrs. Lewis. She would be in a good mood because of it and buy more supplies so that she could remodel the old building a few miles away from our house.

I loved to see my mother happy. I couldn't remember my own mother so Esme was the per fect replacement. Actually I didn't consider her a replacement. She was my mother in my heart, regardless of blood.

I decided to wait patient for her to come back.

A minute passed, I was already bored.

I wonder what I could do with my time. I saw an image in my head.

I dashed to my room and grabbed my sketch book. I began to sketch a design that sparked in my head. I didn't want to lose the moment of inspiration, for I didn't know when it would come back. I peacefully sketch my ideas and hopes on the paper. The house was at peace with me, all that could be heard was the pencil sketching gently on the page.

I loved to draw, it allowed me a moment of peace, when I was drawing the world was silent around me. There were no complications of visions. It was just me and my pencil. There was no present or future. I was not plagued with what could happen, just what was. It calmed my constantly spinning mind.

I watched the thin legged model come to life. Her clothing soon weaved around her.

I threw my pencil aside and grabbed my paints. I added color and light to her. I didn't know what her name was but she felt close to me.

Time ticked on as I continued to breathe my soul into her.

I finally finished my piece. She was flawless. Her clothing was some of my best ideas so far. But she wasn't my usual models. She was more innocent and understated.

I looked at her. I let my eyes lick up the page. I hadn't just drawn a faceless model. I knew this girl. I continued to search for hints of who it was.

My gaze landed on her eyes, chocolate brown. I had drawn her. I threw my sketchbook aside and groaned. Maybe my sketches couldn't block out all my visions.

Who was she?

As I continued to frustrate myself I heard Esme come home. Her steps tapped into the silent house. I rushed down the stairs to help her with the groceries.

I bounced into the kitchen scaring her. "Alice what are you still doing here? You're supposed to be at school."

I started to grab food and shove it in the cabinets. We quickly shelved everything.

"I need to go to Port Angeles, I'll explain in the car."

"Whatever you say dear, besides I need some more supplies for the house I'm remodeling. Just let me grab my purse."

I went to my car and she was with me in flash. I tore out of the drive way. I listened to the quiet purr of my Porsche accelerate on the dirt path.

"So tell me dear, why are we going to Port Angeles on a school day? Is there some special sale you can't miss?" she laughed as she gently teased me.

I giggled along with her. She was my mother; she was allowed to tease me from time to time. Even though Edward was going to kill me for telling Esme what I knew about the girl, I didn't care. Esme would be so happy to hear what I had to tell her. Besides she was bound to find out soon or later. I just had to make sure she knew to block Edward out until the time was right for him to know about her. I enjoyed a good mother daughter bonding time, since I didn't remember it from my human life.

I finally saw the city looming into my view. I smiled to myself. We were finally here, now if we were lucky I would get a vision showing me where she was.

I speed through the streets and quickly found a parking spot. We could go get Esme's supplies first. We got out of the car and began to make our way around the city.

People kept their distance from us but I could feel their lingering gazes on my skin as they were mesmerized by our beauty. Sometimes I wish I wasn't beautiful, I didn't liked being stared at. I liked people and wanted to get to know them. Maybe even make a friend. But it was impossible to get to know someone where they were too scared to speak and if they did they only said things to impress you. And I am not easily impressed. What pleases humans does not please the immortal. Materialistic items soon lose their appeal and that's what humans only seem to care about. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my Porsche, but it can't talk or20make conversation with it.

Hmm, I miss Jasper. I wonder what he's doing, I wondered.

I dove into my mind and felt it begin to spin images of him sitting in class. He wanted to bite this girl's neck. But I saw that he would resist. That's my Jasper. I'm so proud of him. I love him so much.

As I continued to gaze at my soul mate I saw images her at the corner of my mind. She was still coming today, but now the image was distorted. Something was going to change the timing and reason she came here.

That's interesting, I wonder what had changed.

I went back to focusing on Esme. She was lost in her own world of tools and paint. When she was getting supplies she always had the eyes of child. I danced over and decided I wanted to paint my room a different color.

I saw flashes of a sea foam green, that's interesting. I should paint my room that color. I hope Jasper would like the color. The sea foam green where the exact color of his human eyes. I jumped up in excitement, why hadn0t I done this earlier?

After we had purchased all our items we went clothing shopping. Now that was my turf and Esme knew this. She settled for sketching as I went into shopping heaven. You can never have enough clothing, you'll need it.

I continued to shop when I felt a vision invade my mine. NO! I dropped all the clothing I had in hands. I let the vision thoroughly flood through my mind as I soaked in the details.

I saw two paths, they were intertwined. I didn't know what to make of it.

Then I saw the course of action I had to take. Without even a second thought I picked up my phone and dialed Emmett's number.


"Emmett, you have to listen to me!"

Listen I can't talk Alice, Jasper almost ate our English teacher. I'm just going to drive Mrs. Lewis home and have Carlisle look at her.

"NO you can't do that. The people across the street saw the accident and will wonder why you didn't take her to the hospital, and we don't want them to start questioning things. Take her to the hospital. I don't think she even saw what really happened. Plus you can't just take her to Carlisle or else she will wonder why we didn't just take her to the hospital. Besides, Carlisle is already there on shift, so hurry up and drive there."

"Okay, I'll take her to the hospital, but how will the people across the street know if I'm taking her to the hospital or not."

I rolled my eyes.

"Because the hospital is in the opposite way of our house, if you drive her to our house they will know you didn't take her to the hospital. Esme and I are coming back right now, don't do anything stupid.

Yes pixie.

I heard the click of the phone and I turned to Esme to signal her that we had to go home.

"Alice! What happened?"

We began to speed walk out of the store while I quickly whispered the details to her. "On the way over with Mrs. Lewis, Jasper lost control and tried to bite her." Her eyes widened at me. "Jasper was driving and crashed the car into a tree. He didn't bite her but she is injured. Emmett is taking her to the hospital."

We walked briskly to the car; we didn't want to attract attention. As I reached the car, I had a vision. I saw her coming here still.



I saw her coming here in about one hour. Could I make it back in time?

I didn't know but I had to get back to my family.

We dove into the car and drove off at a speed that could have caused you whip lash.

I felt conflicted. Maybe I could have Esme drive back and I could stay back and wait for her. If I left now, I would miss her. And I didn't know when I would have another chance to meet her before it was too late.

But Jasper needed me. He probably was feeling horrible about his slip up. I needed to be there to make sure he was okay.

It was decided, I would just have to hope there would be a next time. Jasper came first.



For vampires time is always endless. We always have time that is our only constant. But in these rare moments when you are racing home to comfort your family, you realize that maybe we don't have unlimited time. Maybe every minute really is supposed to be appreciated. Maybe immortality was really a gift given to the few?

I tried not to focus on my negative thoughts; negative thoughts weren't good for the mind.

I just tried to focus on getting home to Jasper. I imagined what he smelled like. He would probably smell like the forest since he went hunting to cure his thirst.

I finally saw the exit sign saying 'Forks'. I cut over two lanes and sped off the highway, whirling around the twists and turns of the road until we saw the hospital. I pulled the car to the curb and jumped out, racing to find our family.

I saw that they were all in Carlisle's office.

For some reason I felt that Isabella was close yet I didn't know why.

Esme and I barged into Carlisle's office and we were met by a wave of anxiety


I quickly rushed over to Jasper. I jump up into his waiting arms and sniffed the air around him. What was he still doing here? Was he under control? I gazed into his future and saw him not harming anyone. I felt instantly better and allowed myself to relax into his arms.

"I told you this was a bad idea!" Rosalie's shilling voice announced making me want to plug my ears.

Great, we were fighting. I hate when we fight.

"Stop this argument. Regardless of what should have happened, we have to figure out what to do now. We can't change the past we can only alter the present. Now please excuse me, I have to check and see how Mrs. Lewis is doing. She sustained a mild concussion."

Rosalie was fuming and Emmett was mildly amused. I decided that I really didn't want to be in the path of an angry Rose and followed Carlisle out of the room with Esme.

Before I left I made sure that Jasper would be okay by himself. He nodded his head at me when our eyes met. He wanted me to go help. I love him so much.

We floated towards her room, room 387.

As we neared her room I noticed her door was wide open. That's odd. Carlisle also found this peculiar. We carefully entered the room not wanting to disturb her but when we entered her room we saw that her bed was empty.

Where had she gone?

Why didn't I see this?

Is she okay?

And how much did she see?

All these questions rushed through my mind and none of them were being answered. I sniffed the air, she had been in this room. But her scent was maybe an hour old. But what bothered me more was there was another scent laced with Mrs. Lewis's scent. And this scent brought on a wave of images in my head. I didn't know, but it felt like the distant taste of memory. I just wish I could remember whose scent this was.

This did not add up.

This was so frustrating! I wanted to punch something! I mean how could I have not seen this? What use were my visions if I didn't even see things that directly affected my family? I mean I didn't really know how they work but still. They could be a little more helpful right now and help me find out where Mrs. Lewis is! This could go badly in so many ways. She could of gone to the police and told them we were vampires, wait no she doesn't know we are vampires. She could have gone crazy and killed herself, wait why would she do that? I am so lost without my visions. I'm starting to freak out and be over dramatic.

Oh. My. God. I'm slowly turning into Edward! Oh no, oh no, oh no, this can't be happening. I can't let this happen. I'm Alice. I am calm and always sure of things. I'm not Edward, the man who will proba bly die a virgin. I'm bubbly and like to shop. I don't mop in my room like some silly preteen.

I did some deep breathing exercises. Okay, I'm Alice Hale Cullen. That's it. I'm me.

Now that my mini freak out was done I could get back to looking for our teacher. As I finally calmed myself down I saw Edward himself come strolling through the door. He looked calm but as soon as he entered the room his face broke out into confusion. He must have read our minds. But he did something strange. He ran out of the room. What is going on? Is everyone off today?

Carlisle and Esme were thrown off by his actions too.

Maybe it was the lack of a mate? Maybe it had finally gone to his head. I really want to find Isabella now and get him to realize that love could be an amazing thing. I just wish I could find her.

No focus Alice, you have to find out where your English teacher went. It would be super awkward if you lost your English teacher. Plus Emmett would never let me live it down. I'd never hear the end of it.

Something weird just happened in my head. I saw a vision of her here, but then in Porte Angles. It was like for a brief moment in time she was in two places at once making my visions stretch. I was so confused. How was she here then there all of a sudden?

So many questions with no answer, after my little vision freak out Edward came rushing into the room. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

"I saw her!" Who? Mrs. Lewis? "I saw the girl in your visions. I saw her. This other scent in the room is hers."

HE SAW ISABELLA!! Or should I say Bella, I just found out that's what she likes to be called.

But still.


I felt myself begin to bounce rapidly up and down. I can't believe this. I'm so happy, so happy. I can't believe it. Yes. I already had our shopping trips mapped out. I knew her size but I wanted her to come with me and bond. I've never had a best friend before!

"Wow, Alice, calm down there. You're going to bounce right through the floor," stupid Edward, always ruining my buzz.

I stuck my tongue out at him, "Sorry Edward, sometimes I can't control the rate at which I bounce at."

"Children, children, lets settle down now. Now Alice and Edward tell me what you are talking about." Carlisle said looking confused.

"You saw her." Esme's eyes glowed as she approached Edward with a hug. Her little boy was growing up. She was happy to finally see him end up with someone to love.

"YOU TOLD HER?" Edward snapped at me. Esme recoiled, hurt shown in her face. Edward instantly regretted his words and ran to hug Esme. "I'm sorry mom, it's just Alice's visions are subjective. I don't want you getting your hopes up for nothing. These are dangerous times."

"I just want you to be happy, son," and Edward was forgiven.

Carlisle finally interrupted us, "Can someone tell me what is going on? We have a missing woman to worry about."

I couldn't help but giggle. Carlisle looked so confused. Wait until he finds out Edward is finally going to get a girl. He'll be so surprised!

"HEY," Stupid Mr. I can read thoughts and will give you no privacy.

"Oh shush Edward, you know it's true!" He totally knows it's true.

Carlisle looked like he was fast losing patients. Oh right! T ell him the story; Edward, tell him the story.

Edward rolled his eyes at me and began, "I was walking back to check on Mrs. Lewis when I ran into this girl. She was the girl Alice had had visions about. I was shocked to finally see her in real life, but I needed to come and check on you guys so I passed her. When I got to the room I realized her scent had been all over this room, so I figured she knew where Mrs. Lewis was or what she was. I ran back to find her. I chased her through the lobby then she just disappeared."

"Disappeared? In the three hundred years I've lived, I've never heard of this." Carlisle stated.

"Yes, just poof. Disappeared."

How weird, maybe this is connected to my vision? Edward glanced at me. I showed him the vision I had just had. I know it's weird.

"It is weird."

"Okay, you and the rest of the family have to focus on figuring out where Mrs. Charlotte went. I will go research people disappearing."

Okay, now the not so fun part, trying to find Mrs. Lewis. Edward rolled his eye s, he was probably mad Carlisle was taking this whole girl thing so far. But it was serious. In all the one hundred years he's live he has only found one girl attractive? Talk about tough standards to meet. This is important. If she dies, we might have to deal with grumpy unloved pants for another hundred years.

Edward rolled his eyes at me. It is me or is he doing that a lot lately?

Wait I should focus. Finding Mrs. Lewis is very important. She could have seen something or be traumatized.

Emmett and Rosalie finally made an appearance. Did Rosalie's hair look slightly messy? Oh my god! No. We suppose to be freaking out about Jasper attacking someone, not messing around. My sister is so insensitive.

"What's going on?" Rosalie's voice made me angry. Even her taste in shoes couldn't mask how selfish she was in this situation. Plus their lustful emotions probably weren't helping Jasper at all. I would be with Jasper right if I weren't dealing with Mrs. Lewis. I know he would want this all sorted out instead of just sitting in Carlisle's office.

"Okay let's split up. Rosalie and Emmett you go check the west wing and Alice and Edward check the East. Esme will you go home and prepare our home for what might happen and I will go research about the disappearance." Carlisle nodded, signaling for all of us to go do our assigned mission.

I hope jasper was okay. Should he really be held up in Carlisle's office near blood and people?

I tried glancing into his future. He was helping Carlisle research. There was my man. He was already bouncing back and ready to help. He was perfect; I couldn't have found a better man to spend the rest of eternity with.

"Alice, focus." Right, we had to find Mrs. Lewis. Where could she be?

Edward and I began to look through every door and asked nurses if they had seen an overweight middle aged woman running around. No luck so far. Maybe she had left the hospital?

But I wasn't giving up. A vision as to her whereabouts would have been helpful right now, but I refused to be pessimistic.

We continued to search when we ran into Esme looking completely hysterical.

"Who was in the house?" Edward didn't bother to be polite; he was upset to see his mother frantic. But I still wanted to know what was going on. It's not fair that he's a mind reader!

"Alice, be quiet. Someone was in the house and she saw an explosion near the fire place and flying people?"

Wait why didn't I see this? And Esme saw an explosion near the fire place? Wait, what's this about flying people? I don't understand.

"Wait, Esme, what do you mean an explosion?"

"Alice be quiet, let's just take her to Carlisle, he'll know what to do."

He held Esme's hand as we made our way back to Carlisle's office.

We knocked on his door when we got there; we heard the squeak of his chair as he got up. When he cracked open the door he automatically took in Esme's appearance and embraced her in a tight hug. Edward nodded and dragged me back to the spot we were previous looking.

What the hell Edward? I want to know what happened!!!!

"You know for a psychic you ask an awful lot of questions. And Carlisle is taking take of Esme, we have to keep looking."

But I want to know what's going on! This is so not fair. I stuck my tongue out at Edward. He is such a know it all.

"Isn't that the pot calling the kettle back?"

I shook my head furiously at him and refused to look at him the whole time we were looking for Mrs. Lewis.




We spent hours looking for her. We checked every room to every coat closet. And the others weren't having any better luck finding her. Where could she have gone? Could she have left the hospital?

After what felt like hours, Edward and I made our way back towards Carlisle's office. I could tell Edward was in no talking mood so I kept to myself. I was just hoping that everything would work out. Mrs. Lewis, I could feel, was an important puzzle piece that we needed in order to understand the wizard world. But where had she gone? I felt like slamming my head into a brick wall. Well I know that wouldn't do much but the sheer act of doing it might make me feel better.

As we passed the rooms towards Carlisle's office I noticed that there was sound coming out of Mrs. Lewis's hospital room. My head automatically snapped to the side to pear into Mrs. Lewis's room to see her talking to a nurse.

What is going on?


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