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A Dreamer's Heart ~ Chapter Six

Sarah became aware of sunlight shining on her face, and rolled to her other side with a disgruntled moan. Snuggling against the warm, sturdy body that lay by her side, she buried her face deep into the shadows of soft hair and scented skin. With one leg thrown over his possessively, and an arm draped across his chest, she breathed deeply as she fell back into a content sleep that she had never known before.

"It's nearly noon, you realize," Jareth questioned quietly before she drifted off completely, again. He wanted to cherish this blissful contentment as much as she obviously wanted, but nature had its calls, and his stomach was starting to complain for the want of food.

She mumbled something intelligible, and burrowed herself deeper against him. A pleasant smile graced his lips as he opened his eyes to look down at the mass of dark hair fanned over his chest and shoulder. "Sarah," he sing sung, twitching his shoulder under her head to jostle her a little bit. "Come, come, we must rise eventually."

Another stream of muffled speech came from her hidden lips, and, if Jareth were to try and decipher it, he would have came up with something that sounded like, 'keep your damn crystals off the floor so I don't fall on them.' But, that wouldn't make any sense whatsoever, so the goblin king forewent trying to translate her mumblings, and simply poked her in the ribs with an index finger. Not exactly the brightest of ideas, but, it had definitely gotten her to wake up.

Sarah squealed at the odd sensation in her ribs, and sprung into motion to roll over while bolting upright simultaneously. Being close to the edge of the bed, however, she quickly found herself flailing her arms as she began to slide off the mattress. Jareth struck out an arm to pull her back against his side, safely away from the edge. "You won't have such a hard time staying in the bed once we return to my castle," he informed her with a light chuckle. "My bed is more than large enough to accommodate both of us."

"You're bed?" Sarah questioned, suddenly fully awake. "Who said I was returning to your castle?"

Jareth's spine tingled defensively at her response. Slowly removing his arm from around her, he propped himself up on one elbow. "I had assumed that you would return with me after sharing such intimacies," he replied carefully. He had assumed more than that, to be sure, but was now faced with second guessing those assumptions.

"We call it sex up here in the Aboveground, Jareth," she quipped irritably, rolling over to throw her legs over the side and leave the bed. "It doesn't mean I'm in love with you, or, that I want to be whisked away to your castle," she added, grabbing her robe from her chair, securely tying the belt at her waist.

"Doesn't it?" he questioned, his own ire firing up as he rose to a full sitting position. "You have been more than fascinated with my being here," he pointed out confidently. "Touching me whenever the chance presented itself," he added arrogantly. "Your pulse races whenever I look upon you, touch you, or so much as speak to you, which makes your attraction to me very clear."

"Attraction!" she barked back at him. "None of this is real, Jareth! It's just a bunch of emotions running amuck!" She turned away to put some space between them as he moved to leave the bed. "There's no such thing as happily ever after in the real world," she stated in a quieter voice. "No one falls in love at first sight, nothing is forever, no one loves unconditionally as you swear you are capable of doing." She turned around to face him, ignoring how her heart felt like it was being torn apart by her own words. "That only exists in fiction books."

"Does it, now?" he questioned cynically. "Why can't you believe that I can love you?"

"Because you're the one I dream of," she answered, her entire countenance breaking down. "And, in my dreams, you're perfect. You're beautiful and arousing, powerful and strong, fearful and yet kind." She paused to take an unsteady breath. "Add that with the magic you posses, and its all perfect. Too perfect to believe it's real."

"I could give you 'everything' you desire!" he defended, magically clothing himself before advancing upon her. "You have seen what I am capable of, you know I am all of those things plus more! I will not accept your denial of me, not this time!"

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "But, it's not real. Your love just isn't real, it's only a fantasy that I've created like everything else you could offer me."

"You can't honestly believe that," he asked in an anguished tone.

"What I believe in doesn't exist in the real world, Jareth! Can't you see that? You have nothing real for me to hold onto!"

"Then, there is nothing more to be said," he stated in an impassive tone, and faded from her sight with his head turned to the side, and his eyes closed in defeat.

Sarah crumbled to the floor where she stood, and began balling wreaking sobs of anguish.

'Nah, that's not love, now is it?' her inner voice taunted.

"Shut up!" Sarah cried aloud. "Just shut the fuck up!" She buried her face in her hands, her elbows on the floor. "I never said I didn't love him! I said that he doesn't love me back! He can't… he just… can't."


"How DARE she deny me… again!" Jareth ranted heatedly, pacing in long, angry strides around the throne room. "Who is she to tell me what I am capable of! I am The Goblin King!" he continued to rant, throwing his arms in the air. "If I say I am in love, then I am in love, it's as simple as that!"

He honed his heated attention upon Dink, who had been returned home along with the king upon his departure from the lady's house. Jareth grabbed his faithful goblin up by the t-shirt bearing a smiley face upon it, compliments of Sarah. "It's simple, I say!" he shouted angrily, shaking the little goblin. "Why…" Jareth suddenly lost all his composure with his own unfinished question, and let Dink fall to the floor before vanishing from the throne room.

Dink looked around the room at his brothers, shaken to the core by what he felt from his king, and being shaken and dropped had nothing to do with it. "I not like that feeling from king," he told the others. They all nodded glumly.

"This all lady's fault!" Dink declared angrily, puffing up his chest while working his arms to get himself riled up. "King not happy because lady make him hurt!"

"Yeah!" the other goblins yelled in response, becoming riled along with their self chosen leader.

"What we gonna do?" Snot asked tentatively.

"We going to make lady make king happy again!" Dink announced definitively.


"How we going to do that?" Crumb asked.

"I don't know," Dink answered simply, suddenly sullen. "But, we think of something when we get there!" he declared loudly.



The small horde magically appeared in the hallway, little battle axes at the ready, helmets in place, to defend their king against the cruel lady who hurt him. Quietly, they stalked down the hall towards the lady's private room, only to pause with confusion at the sound of crying coming from inside. They felt the emotion as strongly as they heard her sobs as they approached the doorway with lowered weapons.

"I handle this," Dink announced quietly, stepping into the room to come up behind the lady.

Sarah suddenly felt that she wasn't alone, and lifted her head to look over her shoulder just as Dink entered her room, leaving the rest of the horde in the hallway, fully armed, she noticed.

"What do you want, Dink?" she asked, wiping at her face with the sleeve of her robe. "You need to go back home, and stay there."

"Why Lady cry?" Dink asked in a simple, curios manner, stopping to stand next to her as she knelt on the floor.

"I'm not cry…" she began to lie, then saw the determined set of Dink's little jaw. How his eyes narrowed at her knowingly. She huffed a half laugh. "It's complicated," she told him, diverting her gaze to her lap. "I didn't want him to leave. Not like that."

"You hurt king!" Dink shouted defensively, and poked Sarah in the arm with his pointed, long nailed finger while assuming his attack stance.

"Defend king!" the small horde chorused from the hallway, assuming the same stance as Dink in synchronicity.

"Ouch!" Sarah protested, rubbing the offended spot on her upper arm. Gathering her robe tighter around her, she rose to her full height. "You need to go home before he misses you, and comes back," she stated in a stronger, more authoritive tone.

"Good!" Dink countered challengingly. "Then you touchy touchy king and make him happy again!" he dictated, stabbing the air with his little spear in Sarah's direction.

"Stop calling it touchy touchy!" Sarah yelled in agitation. "It was sex! Nothing more! Just… sex!"

"What is sex?" Dink asked, trading in his defensiveness for curiosity, the rest of the horde following suit.

'Oh boy,' Sarah thought, pinching the bridge of her nose as the horde filed in from the hallway to sit on the floor next to Dink, giving her their rapt attention. "Sex," she began to explain in a tired, weary tone. "Is when two people, who are attracted to each other, share physical intimacies that make you feel… really… wonderful," she explained choppily as images from the night before, shared with Jareth, vividly filled her mind.

"Then lady just sex with king, and make happy," Dink concluded innocently, the others nodded in agreement.

"It's not that simple," Sarah argued patiently, turning away from them while the strings of her heart tried to hold together in their company.

"It is simple!" Dink declared heatedly, rising to his feet. "King say it simple, then it simple!"

"I wish it was that simple. But, it's not," Sarah whispered, turning around to look at the grossly, cute goblins whom she'd come to be fond of. "Go back home before he misses you," she dictated in a small voice. "I'm sure he'll never want to come here again after what I said to him. Making him come back would only be a bad idea."

"ooh…" Dink voiced in frustration, his little body shaking with pent up aggravation. "King only touchy touchy with lady!" he yelled with angry frustration. "It simple! Lady make king happy. King make lady happy!"

"It's too late, Dink," Sarah stated regretfully, her heart constricting at the mistake she obviously made. "I've lost everything, and it's my own stupid fault."

Jareth, after realizing that a few goblins in particular were missing, had magically appeared in the hallway of Sarah's home, following the magic that preceded him. He'd been prepared to confront her, if need be, for the return of his horde. He'd been prepared for her indifference with that inner cruelty fully in place within her eyes. But, he hadn't been prepared for the heartfelt regret that he not only heard, but felt, emanating from her as she argued with his loyal goblin.

Sarah suddenly felt a magical shift in the air. Raising her chin defensively, she turned her line of vision towards the hallway. "Dink, how many goblins did you bring with you?"

"That not goblins, Lady," Dink answered in a know it all, yet reverent tone. "That king."

Taking Dink's reply as a cue, Jareth stepped forward, rounding the doorway to enter the room bearing his full arrogant airs. "You were not permitted to leave the kingdom," he addressed his goblins, though his eyes locked with Sarah's upon entering the room, and remained locked thus far.

Her breath left her lungs as though she'd been punched. He'd mentioned how she always had that reaction to him, even when she was younger, but now it just seemed out of place and contrite.

"I called them here," Sarah blatantly lied, thinking she was defending the goblins from his wrath.

"Did you now?" he asked cordially, though his tone held a far more sinister emotion. He knew full well that she spoke untrue to him. Not only did her voice have a different lilt to it, but her eyes dilated, and her heart raced faster than it had when he first entered the room. "Well, if that is true, then release them back to me at once," he commanded, holding his chin evenly as he watched her with an intense gaze. He was curious as to why she wanted to delay his departure, but he refused to make it easy for her.

"They've done nothing to warrant your wrath, Jareth," she informed him sternly, holding his gaze steadily. "In fact, they have done nothing but speak in high regard of you this entire time."

"Of that I'm sure," he stated cynically. "Now, release them from your power so I may return to my non existent life."

Sarah cringed visibly at his harsh words, her bravado faltered slightly under his steady, calculated gaze. "Answer me one question, first, and then you may take your goblins home."

'Yes, I'll forgive you,' he thought to himself. 'Yes, I love you, and I could never refuse you anything if only to make you happy.' Outwardly, he remained impassive and calculating, making her wait for his response with bated breath. "Ask your question," he finally dictated, diverting his gaze to remove his gloves as a pointed distraction.

"Dink seems to think that as long as we're intimate with each other, that we're both happy," she began hesitantly.

"Not a good subject to broach at the moment, I'd say," Jareth quipped. "But, what is your question?"

"I want to know if I'm the only one you've... been… intimate with."

"Not that it mattered to you, I'm sure. But, you are the first in a very, very long time. Now, if that will be all, I'll take my goblins, and leave."

"Jareth, wait," she called hurriedly. 'What if I've been wrong this entire time? What if he really does love me, has always loved me. What if those promises from long ago were truly meant? What if…'

"I have important things to tend to, if you don't mind, what is it that you want before I simply vanish into thin air?"

'Vanish into thin air,' she thought with sudden realization. 'Like something in a fairy tale. Only… he's real.'

'Sarah!' her internal voice snapped from the back of her mind. 'Dammit girl, stop it with the melodramatics! Give him your damn heart already, before its too late!'

"Every time I believed someone loved me, I was hurt." She started saying in a small voice, pausing only to make sure he would listen. He slightly tilted his head to one side, waiting for her to continue, while watching the emotions of heartache fill her lovely features. "My own mother…" she continued in a choked voice, barely managing to hold back unbidden tears. "How can I expect someone to love me, when my own mother… just up and left?"

Jareth had never thought of that on Sarah's behalf. How could one believe they were wanted, needed, and loved when a parent simply walked away?

"Oh, but she loved the theatre," Sarah continued in a distant voice. "She loved the glamour, the lights, the fantasy, and she loved Jeremy like she never loved my dad. But, she obviously didn't love me." Sarah met Jareth's now sympathetic gaze with a pleading one. "How can I believe what you say, when I can't believe what I feel in my own heart is real?"

"Because I am the goblin king," he answered, stepping closer to her, cupping her cheek with a gentle palm. "And, I am not real according to your world." He placed his other hand at the side of her other cheek to gaze deeply into her eyes. "I am magic and dreams of fantasy and wonder." He caressed her bottom lip with his thumb. "I exist in a castle, in a land of make believe, far away. I am forever, and I have lost myself to a dreamer's heart."

"Mine? You… you've really fallen in love with me?"

"As deeply as you can dream possible."

She wanted to believe him so badly. "I want this dream to never end," she whispered. "I want your arms to hold me every day. I want to feel the magic when I touch you. I want to be loved, forever."

"Is that all?" he quipped with sudden lightness, grinning down at her as his eyes shone brightly with jubilation. "Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?"

She was stunned at first, blinking up at him dazedly until she realized he was merely playing with her. A broad smile graced her face, accompanied with a small laugh. "No, that's only for starters," she replied, catching her bottom lip between her teeth, her eyes gazed up at him slyly as she moved closer to lean against him fully. She ran her hands up his chest with fingers spread wide, snaking them up to his shoulders, and around to the back his neck. "I wish for a happy ending, like no one has ever written before."

He smiled down at her, sliding his hands around her body to firmly cup her behind, pulling her tightly against him. "That, my Lady, will be a piece of cake."

Dink and the other goblins watched in horrified fascination as king meshed his face against the lady's. Their expressions wrinkled grossly when the couple licked and sucked at each others tongues and mouths. And, each goblin felt the urge to vomit when the pair somehow managed to press themselves closer together, moaning and groaning in what was supposedly depicted as pleasure. Luckily, the couple magically faded from sight, leaving the goblins to breathe easier.

"We must not get caught near them too much," Dink declared to his brothers. "Touchy touchy is very disgusting." The other goblins nodded in agreement.

"But, lady not sad anymore," Stink remarked cheerfully.

"And king happy again," Snot added. Again, they all nodded in accord.

"King give lady magic that she never had," Dink stated smartly.

"I say we play in bubble water!" Crumb exclaimed suddenly. The horde cheered and cackled as one voice as they scurried down the hallway to the bathroom. "They too busy to miss us anymore!"

"Dink!" Sarah's disembodied voice rang out authoritively in the air. "Get this cow out of the king's bedroom, right now!"

Dink gasped with excited surprise. "Lady found ice cream!"

"What ice cream doing in king's room?"

"I don't know," Dink shrugged. "Come, we go get some before lady eat it all!"

The goblins cackled excitedly as they vanished from the humble cabin home that would soon be forgotten by the mortal realm.