He said to wait…so she did. Seconds, minutes, hours… They dragged on. Her friends had headed out, wanting their own warm beds. She waited alone. Sleepy eyes fluttered shut, only to snap open at the slightest noise. Then the tiredness overcame her.

He approached the bench, only to see a curled up figure. Her warm jacket was draped over her, and she used her arms as a pillow, hair cascading down on all sides. A light smile, and he closed the distance, pausing, to pick up the girl and continue his journey.

Again, she woke. This time, instead of sadness, bitter, and quickly hidden, her eyes lit like a candle. She buried her head in his chest, happy and warm.

"They said you wouldn't come…I waited though, 'cause I knew you would. You were just running late, right?"

Her anxious eyes searched his, looking for something in the opposite pair. Before she could find the object of her brief search, he replied.

"You shouldn't have waited, Maka. I might not have come."

"You said to wait. I did. I believe you when you tell me things."

Childish… he thought. Always childish. He lowered her to the ground, near enough that she could walk straight home. He looked away before she made him cave, made him do what he had sworn not to. Looking back, he spoke, forcing the words not to hurt.



"Go. And next time…"

She looked up at him, begging him with her gaze not to say the words that would destroy her, that would destroy them both. He didn't have a choice here; she had to see that.

"Don't wait for me."

He turned, not waiting for her to speak, not wanting to hear her voice.

"I won't come back."