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Date: Sometime during summer vacation.

Saturday 4:40 PM

Hi, Ella Martinez here. I've never actually written a blog before; I'm not exactly sure what you do. I'll start with introducing myself:

Name: Ella Valencia Martinez.

Age: 13. Finally.

Home: Somewhere in Arizona, United States of America, Earth.

Interests: Eh… Animals. Cute shoes. Family.

Anything else? My half sister and her family can fly. Honest.

I wasn't kidding there, Max has wings and everything. So does the rest of her family, but I'm not here to bring you up to speed on that. Go and read the books! I'm here to bring you up to speed on anything and everything that goes on in the Martinez household in the indefinite future.

See, the flock's staying here for a while (no one's sure how long) and since they are the craziest, funniest and downright nicest birdkids I know, I've decided to keep a blog while they're here, so I can record stuff as and when it happens. Fang gave me the idea of a blog, as his is so huge, and I thought I might as well write about something interesting while I was at it. And, since the day-to-day life of a thirteen year old girl isn't actually what you'd label as 'interesting', summer vacation with the flock is the perfect time…

You are visiting Ella's Blog: Summer Vacation with the Flock. Welcome!

Hits: 15.

Date: Sometime during summer vacation.

Day One: Monday 5:10 PM

The flock invaded this morning. I mean invaded. I was just coming out of the shower when a loud "oof" came from the roof (hey, that rhymed!) and a voice said-

"Gazzy! I said aim for the driveway, not the chimney!" Then:

"Well, guys, we're here! Do you think they're up yet? It's really early. What if they're still in bed?!"

Thankfully mom realised what was going on – the flock was on the roof – and hurried outside to greet them.

"Mom! It's so great to see you!"


"Sorry, sorry." Max sounded a little sheepish. I found out later that she'd launched herself from the gutter into mom's outstretched arms. Max is light, but not that light.

"That's okay, honey. Come inside, all of you. I made pancakes just now… Ella! Come and meet everyone!"

"I'm getting dressed!" Everyone laughed when I yelled that from my bedroom. It wasn't funny, I had wet hair, I'd lost my jeans underneath a pile of washing, and in my haste I'd managed to put my top on back to front. A button up top. The results were painful.

Fast forward twenty minutes and everyone was sitting in the poky kitchen that's really only made for three and a half people, taking up loads of room and munching on pancakes. Those people can eat. I mean, I can polish off five easily. I generally want to throw up after, but I can eat five pancakes. The flock can eat fifty. Each. You work that out, that's a whole lot of flour. Don't forget Total, who demands his own pancakes as well, (at least ten) and Akila, who thankfully was happy with Magnolia's dog food. I could see grocery shopping becoming a daily activity instead of just a weekly one.

After breakfast I had to take Magnolia out, and everyone minus mom came, insisting they wanted a tour of my town. Tour, my arse… I've read the books; they wanted to do a recon. Or find out where the best fast food places are. Possibly both.

So I gave them the lowdown on everything that goes on in my small, quaint town. The haciendas, the football stadium, my school (yuck), the woods, the mall. Nudge and Angel made me promise to take them there at some point, 'cause "It's, like, got clothes and shoe stores and a fountain and everything!" That was Nudge. Max didn't seem too keen on the whole idea, but I have a feeling Angel will persuade her to come. That kid scares me.

I also pointed out the usual, boring stuff like the hospital, police station, Wal-Mart, etcetera, and Max announced that while they were staying with us, the flock would be doing the same chores as they did in the E-shaped house, only this time they would actually get done. I was like, "Awww," the flock was like, "Ahhh!" He he.

Back home, mom let everyone choose rooms, which made me thank God we'd had an extension put in. Then the girls were all, "I wanna share with Ella!" and mom couldn't refuse, so I had to tidy up so there would be enough room. Then I found a half eaten box of chocolates that had been given to me for my birthday, and Angel, Nudge and Max helped me finish them. Yum.

Next it was 'find the bed sheets and pillows in the attic and assemble them into vaguely bed-like formations' time, which was, ahem, an experience, especially when Total got lost in a pillowcase. He barked like a real dog until we pulled him out, then went on to rant in English about how he should report us to the IFAW company. Iggy pointed out that it would be a bit hard to claim insurance when the claimer was a talking dog.

The 'make a bed without a mattress' part came next, which backfired when Fang broke a pillow. I'm not entirely sure what happened – one minute Fang was doing his creepy silent act while holding a pillow, the next it had exploded and feathers covered my room. Does the guy have acid in his fingernails? Actually, he might….

Lunch was the normal, scary, affair. I won't elaborate.

It's movie time now, and apparently the choice is 'Madagascar.' I love that film, Julian the Lemur is awesome. I have a poster of him on my wall. So, time for a few Fun Facts (!) and I'll sign off.

Word of the Day: Marsala. Dictionary definition: '(mar-sah-lă) n. a dark sweet fortified wine of a kind originally made in Sicily.'

Fact of the Day: Cows don't have upper front teeth.

Website of the Day: wwwDOToneplusyouDOTcomSLASHbbSLASHfight5 … Thanks Fang!

Video of the day: wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcomSLASHwatch?v=nkZOxNDg1es

Song of the Day: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what we could do tomorrow? Max wanted to sleep all day, and I think that's an okay plan, but do any of you guys have any ideas? You'll get a homemade Dr. Martinez Max-would-kill-for-one cookie if you do.

Over and out,



Fang: You're welcome. Sorry about the pillow.

Max_R: Yes, I would kill for a cookie. Do cows seriously have no upper front teeth?

NuDgE: Woo, mall! Max, YOU ARE COMING.

BlondeAndBeaming: I can help with the stubborn Max thing. Sorry about the pancakes.

Lisssssaaaaa: Go Fang, whoever he is! He reminds me of this super hottt guy I met at school a while back. His sister hated me.

V0iCE: Good things will happen at the mall, Maximum.

I'mNotToto: It was a very dangerous pillowcase, thank you very much. I was checking it didn't have bedbugs.

Gazz: Go Julian! You can thank yours featherly for that. Total, how do you type?

PyrosRule: We can blow up the mall tomorrow if you want, Max. Total, Dr. M's house doesn't have bedbugs, you have lice.