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Summary: AU. Two people with troubled pasts find comfort in each other unknowingly. Their only means of conversation written on the wall of the basement. If there were to really meet, would it really be what they were searching for? ExB Dark themes

Chapter 1,

Bella stumbled through the darkness. She fell to her knees and scraped against the carpet. She hardly thought about it. She pushed herself to her feet and crashed into the hallway. She stumbled through the people there. They barely noticed her. The only one who did was a basketball player she had crashed into and spilled his beer.

"Watch where you're going!" he cried, pushing her away.

Bella regained her balance and stumbled through the party again. She had to find her friends. She found Jessica dancing with Tyler.


"Oh Bells! It's you! Oh my god I'm having such a great time!"

"C'mere baby," Tyler purred, pulling her against him and kissing her neck.

"Don't leave any marks! My dad will kill me!"

The dancing crowd was suffocating. She had to get out. She made it to the lawn before she collapsed again. The grass was wet and she could smell the mud. She heard some footsteps.

"Oh my god are you okay?"

It was a girl by the sound of her. Bella barely raised her head to see. A girl was looking at her alright. She had almond eyes and a perfectly shaped face. Her hair was feathered out, and cut short. She helped Bella stand. Her clothes were artfully torn and her nails were black.

"You wasted? You smell like it. But I think there's more on you than in you."

Bella looked at her with pleading eyes. She opened her mouth but couldn't speak. The girl looked surprised.

"Let's get you out of here. Em, let's go!"

Bella saw a boy come up. His hair was short and curly and he was huge. Bella shook her head frantically and gripped the girl's hands tighter.

"Second thought give me your keys," the girl said. He nodded and tossed his keys to her. She caught them easily and carried her away. Bella felt weightless when the girl carried her. She was so cold, the girl must have been chilly too. She seemed to notice because Bella felt her pull away just a little but enough so that she could still help her walk. She was loaded into a car and a moment later it was on.

"I'll blast the air for you, your skin is freezing."

Bella nodded and hugged her arms. She caught her reflection in the side view mirror. Her lips were bleeding and her eye was darkening.

"I'm going to take you to the hospital okay."

Bella shook her head no.

"Sorry, but you look pretty banged up. I won't be able to sleep at night if I don't. So please, for my sake?"

Bella tightened her grip on herself. The girl reached over and put her hand gently on Bella's shoulder. She looked over and the girl wore a soft smile.

"It's okay," she promised, "I won't let anyone else hurt you."


It was the kind of night Carlisle hated. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. It was a habit he had developed when he was feeling overworked. He smelled fresh blood and looked over.


"She collapsed at that party," Alice said as she carried Bella to a bed. "She passed out in my car."

"Alcohol?" Carlisle asked as he came over.

"On her for sure," Alice answered, "but I can't tell if she had any."

"By the scent of her blood she had a little. How are you?"

"Fine," she said with a small smile, "don't worry about me okay."

Carlisle nodded and looked at Bella. "Chief Swan's daughter," he mumbled, "he won't be happy."

"I suggest you wait on calling him," Alice sighed, "trust me."

Carlisle didn't ask any questions, he just nodded. He took out his stethoscope and put it against Bella's chest. It was an act of course, he could hear her heart just fine. It was a little faster than normal. He heard her breath change and looked over. She had opened her eyes and was looking curiously around.

"Hello Bella," Carlisle said with a smile.

Bella's eyes widened and she pushed away from him so violently she fell off the bed into Alice's arms. "Careful there."

"I won't hurt you," Carlisle said gently. "I'm just giving you a check up. You've lost some blood but not enough to hurt you. Can you tell me what happened?"

Bella bit her lip, aggravating a cut and drawing more blood. She shook her head no.

"Take your time," Carlisle said, checking her head for trauma. When he finished he looked in her eyes. "Follow my finger."

Bella obeyed.

"Open wide," Carlisle said. Bella flinched away from him. "Can I please see if you're injured?"

His touch was feather light as he braced her head lightly and checked her injuries. Bella opened her mouth and Carlisle flashed a light, again for show, into her mouth. "I suppose your throat hurts."

Bella nodded.

"What is it?" Alice asked.

"Bruising," Carlisle sighed, "you'll have a sore throat for a while and it'll be hard for you to talk."

Bella nodded.

"Bella, is there anywhere else I may need to examine?" Carlisle asked. Her hesitance told him everything. He nodded to Alice who left the room. Bella looked frightened to be alone with the doctor but his gentle smile soothed her. "You don't have to be afraid of me. I may be new here but I don't bite."

Bella glanced down and moved her lips a bit as if mumbling something.

"May I sit?" Carlisle asked, indicating to the side of the bed. Bella nodded and he sat lightly on the edge. "I know something has happened to you. I know you don't trust me because I am a man. I need to check for any sign of injury that you may have before it gets worse. My daughter will be in the room and I will be careful. You are a lovely girl, Bella, but I promise you there is absolutely no interest."

Bella nodded weakly and Alice came in a brief few seconds later. She helped Bella into a gown and then helped her lay down on the hospital bed. Carlisle was indeed very gentle but still, Bella gripped Alice's hand tight. Alice stroked her hair gently in an attempt to soothe her.

"We'll have to do a kit," Carlisle said.

Bella almost leapt out of the bed and her body ached. She shook her head no quickly.


"He can't know!" she rasped.

"The man who hurt you?"

She shook her head.

"She means her dad," Alice said. Bella looked at Carlisle with pleading eyes. The last thing she needed was for Charlie to know that she had not only been at the party, but had been...

Bella hugged her arms and shuddered. Carlisle sighed and reluctantly silently agreed. It went against everything he stood for as a doctor but the girl looked so desperate. He also knew that Charlie Swan would have a hard enough time dealing with his daughter going to such a party. It would be too much to have to know the extent of her injuries in one blow.

"I'll keep quiet for now," Carlisle agreed, "but you need to tell him Bella. Don't let this fester inside of you."

Bella nodded and got to her feet.

"Your father will pick you up here," Carlisle said. "That's the rule."

Bella nodded again. Carlisle left with Alice to call Charlie. Once out of the room, Alice turned on her father.

"You know legally..."

"But my conscious won't let me," Carlisle said shortly, "Alice sometimes you have to chose between what is right and legal. That girl has been through something horrible and she deserves to deal with it on her own terms. Telling her father will be a big step but one she'll have to take."

Alice opened her mouth to argue but she knew she was beat. After all, he had over two centuries of experience on her.

"Don't expect me to be happy about this."

"Oh I rarely make expectations when it comes to you dear," Carlisle teased lightly. Alice glared and walked off.


Bella was alone when Charlie arrived. He didn't look angry, but definitely upset. He rushed to her and cupped her face with his hands, examining the damage for himself.

"Bella you'll be the end of me," he sighed when he decided that not only was she fine, but he didn't know what to look for if she wasn't. "I told you I didn't want you going there! Well we busted the place. Several of your little friends are in heaps of trouble."

Bella didn't care. She actually kind of liked the idea of her friend Jessica locked up for the night until her parents came for her. Serves her right.

"And that Newton boy was there too," Charlie said, "I don't like you seeing him."

"I don't care if I never see him again," Bella whispered. Charlie was surprised she said so but chalked it up to her learning right from wrong. He approved of Mike Newton before he took an interest in his daughter. Charlie knew he was extremely biased and unfair towards boys that desired his little Bella, but she was his only child and he loved her with all of his heart.

"Come on," Charlie sighed, "let's get you home."

Bella nodded and walked shakily beside her father.


The next morning Bella was sitting on her bed looking at her hands. She had a few small cuts that she probably got from falling. She knew her face looked disgusting. She wondered how her body looked but she was too scared to look. She heard Charlie going off to work, he was dealing with all of the minors that were caught at the party.

She got up and went downstairs, not even bothering to change out of her pajamas. Charlie had left the t.v on. The news was talking about a party that had been busted, resulting in the arrest of twenty minors that were drunk.

"A mysterious call came in, alerting police of the party just outside of town."

Bella had to wonder if that girl that had saved her had something to do with that. For some reason she believed that the boy that had been with her may have been the one who called the cops. Goodness knows Bella wanted to. She hugged her arms and sat in the recliner. She closed her eyes and sighed. Her groin still hurt and she tried to ease the pain by leaning back a little. No luck. She got up and laid on the couch. Laying flat made her feel better, but she wanted to be curled up. She wanted to be held and told that she was going to be okay. But she couldn't tell Charlie. She would rather let him assume that she had just been at the party and gotten drunk.

"He...He..." she tried to say it out loud. She tried to express what had happened the night before. She tried to express what had happened while she was laying on a strange bed with him above her. All she could do was remember. Her voice cracked and the tears came. She was still scared, but only as if it had been a nightmare. That's what she told herself. It was a nightmare and that's all. She had fallen and hurt herself which was why she was so sore.

"I'm clumsy," she sighed, sitting up. "I fell into that desk because I had a drink and I can't hold my alcohol."

She had drunk a can of Sprite.

"We were just making out that's all."

She had pushed him away. She had been scared.

"I was just fooling around."

This wasn't working. She couldn't erase what had happened by pretending. She sighed and hugged her arms again. She had been wearing her low cut red shirt. Jess had said it would make her look sexy, and didn't she want to look sexy? Didn't she want her boyfriend to think she was sexy? And she had agreed to go upstairs with him. If she hadn't been wearing tight clothing...if she had been stronger...she didn't even hit him in the crotch...she hadn't really hit him period. She had wanted to have sex with him, that's why she dressed the way she had. Bella curled up and pulled the blanket off of the back of the sofa over her body. She hugged one of the throw pillows and bit her lip as she began to cry.


Going back to school was an odd experience. She suddenly didn't want to be around any of her friends. Jessica was complaining about how much trouble she was in and Tyler was moaning that his parents were never going to release him from grounding. Angela was just silently agreeing with their parents.

"Hey baby," Mike said sitting down and putting his arm around Bella's shoulders. She tensed and he covered it by kissing her cheek. "You disappeared after the party."

"Yeah Bells you were so wasted! You were stumbling around and you reeked! How much trouble are you in?"

"I have to go see a teacher about work," Bella mumbled, pulling away from them. She grabbed her stuff and ran off. When she was sure she was far enough away she came slowly to a stop. She fell to her knees and hugged her arms as waves of pain rushed through her body. He had touched her again. Her mind kept flashing back over and over again.

The school bell rang and she looked up. She made her way to her first class and sat in the back as usual. She took out her notebook and began doodling. She drew a single eye with a tear falling.

She ripped the paper out and crumpled it. She put it aside and started to try to pay attention. The bell rang and she got up to go to her next class.


"Try to think of it as a good thing," Alice urged as she walked with her brothers. "Carlisle is a good person you know."

"Yeah, sure," Edward sighed, "whatever."

"Look, whether you want to be or not, you're a vampire and you should learn to make the best of it."

"First off," Edward growled under his breath, "I'm not a vampire, nor am I a human. I'm the result of his hormones."

"Oh come on don't be like that," Alice moaned. "You know he felt guilty for what he did and you know he wants you to forgive him!"

"I don't want to talk about it," Edward snapped. He sped up and turned into his History class. He took the seat in the back and pulled out his notebook. His siblings were going through high school yet again but it was his first time. He rested his chin on his palm and sighed. Sometime during Mr. Bones' (Edward still rolled his eyes at the name) lecture on Egypt his eyes drifted. He spotted a paper ball and picked it up.

It was a bunch of doodles. He looked at the crying eye and saw words below it.

If I were to go away forever, would anyone look for me?

Edward tilted his head slightly and read the words again. He looked back up at the eye. It wasn't the greatest piece of art he had ever seen in his long life, but it was alright. He wondered who drew it. The paper smelled like a girl. Edward took up his pen and drew an eye beside hers. This one wasn't crying but it looked sad. He scribbled something before the bell rang and he stuck it to the bottom of the desk with a piece of gum.


Bella heard a crinkle when she shifted in her seat. She felt under the table and found paper. She took it and smoothed it out. It was her doodle but there was another one beside it.

If you were to go away forever, would you take me with you?

Bella raised her eyebrow and wrote back.


Kinda cheesy but I like it. I'll go a little into Edward's back story in the next chapter.