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Chapter 2,

Carlisle rarely felt effected by the blistering winds of a Wisconsin winter but today he seemed to. Hunting was always such a chore in the winter with most of the animals seeking shelter from the snow. Why he chose the snowy north he wasn't always sure. He had always hated the cold, even when he was human. He remembered that much. But of course the humans today had it much better with their electricity.

He knew he was only bitter because he was thirsty. Sure he had been able to sink his fangs into a juicy moose but that wasn't good enough. Though he did have to admit he preferred them over the common deer. He heard something in the distance and ran towards it. To his surprise it was a woman. Over the wind he had hardly been able to hear her faint breathing. He scooped her up and rushed back home. Sure bringing a human home was never high on the list of things he should do, but he wasn't going to let her stay home and freeze.

She came around shortly after he warmed her up with a crackling fire and a fluffy woolen blanket he had made himself while he was visiting Ireland.

"Where am I?" she asked.

"I'm sorry," Carlisle said, "you were unconscious in the snow. I brought you home."

She smiled at him and said her thanks. He told her that the weather was bad and wasn't about to get better. She asked Carlisle his name and he asked hers. They spent the remaining hours of the night chatting about whatever came to mind.

Three days later the blizzard was slowing down. On their last night Carlisle wished that she could stay.

"And then you two had sex," Edward finished dryly.

"Well it was much more than that," Carlisle mumbled.

"Ah yes it was something magical and you saw fireworks and the blossoming beginnings of true love."

"Edward you don't have to be so dry all the time," Carlisle said.

"Edward can you please stop pestering your father?" Esme asked as she came into the room.

"Nevermind for now Esme, I have to get to work," Carlisle said, pecking his wife on the cheek. After he left Esme turned to Edward.

"You know you're being positively difficult."

"Mom you can't expect me to just hop into his lap and squeal with delight!"

"Edward he's your father!"

"Yes, and look how well that turned out for both of us!" Edward snapped before running out of the house.

Esme sighed as she watched her son go. It had been a miracle when the strange man who had saved her life reappeared. She had opened her eyes and there he was in all of his glory. Her heart would have raced out of her chest if it had still been beating. Without Charles in the way she could have her angel.

Or so she thought. She had no idea that the obstacle between her and her perfect life would be her own son.


Edward sighed and sat in his meadow. The sun was out today and it was warm on his skin. He stretched and laid back in the soft grass. It had been two months since they came here and already his father was the talk of the town. The brilliant Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wonderful talents. He had such perfect children, so mature and well behaved, and his perfect wife, so beautiful and charming.

"Yeah he's about as perfect as a stone," Edward grumbled.

If the circumstances had been different, Edward knew he would have loved Carlisle Cullen and that's what he hated the most. He jumped up and ran up a tree. He perched on one of the branches and looked over the forest.

He wasn't a vampire like his parents, but he wasn't a human like his peers. He was that awkward creature in between and he felt he had to constantly remind his new family of that when they tried to make him seem like he was one of them. But try if they wanted, they were never going to get rid of the human blood in him.

Tears of frustration welled in his deep green eyes and his fist balled. They insisted that he was a vampire and that he was just like them, just a little different. But when Emmett got too carried away in their wrestling he had broken his leg. When he managed to cut himself while working outside he had to scramble away from his suddenly blood thirsty brother Jasper. He had been strong enough to kill Charles, the miserable man who nearly took his mother from him, but he had not been strong enough to do what he should have. Carlisle had no right to save Esme with his venom, in Edward's opinion, not when he was the one that caused the fatal injuries.

When a human woman is pregnant with a vampire's baby the pregnancy is fast and intense. She had begun to show almost instantly and unfortunately Charles knew that it wasn't his child. While he had known that much, he had believed that she had been pregnant months before she began showing. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, that had been while he was away. Esme couldn't tell her husband what was happening because she had no idea herself. She only knew that she had committed adultery with the mysterious and perfect angel that had saved her life.

"If he was so perfect..." Edward began with a growl. He punched the branch, making it splinter. He jumped off just before it cracked and fell. Charles had been merciless. When the baby opened his eyes and they were green it was enough proof for the man. Edward knew that if science had known then what they know now they could have used the defense that it was a recessive gene. But Esme didn't know that and neither did Charles so, weak from his birth, she took his abuse.

Edward shook the memories from his mind and jumped down from the tree. He made his way home. The sun was starting to settle. There was nothing like a day in his meadow, thinking about his miserable life. He walked home at a casual pace, jumping lightly over logs and streams. When he reached Forks he decided to be seen. His skin didn't brilliantly sparkle like it should. He seemed to glow. He did like how it made him seem angelic to the people. The girls were crazy about him. He'd probably enjoy it if he didn't find it so annoying.

"Hop in Edward."

He looked over and saw Carlisle in his car. Edward stopped at looked at the man he was supposed to call his father and sighed. He could get into the car. But on the other hands Carlisle was trapped by the sun. Edward turned and ran off at a human pace. He detoured into the neighborhoods and Carlisle didn't follow. He slowed down and began to walk again. Forks was pretty when he got a chance to actually look at it. Much better than Wisconsin anyway in his opinion. He hated the cold winds.

His pocket buzzed but he ignored it. A phone call from Carlisle no doubt. He sighed and started heading at least in the direction of home. He thought back to school and the mysterious girl who wanted to disappear. Sure most of the teenagers here wanted to get out, but he had a feeling that she wasn't talking about leaving the rainy town. She probably got busted at the party and was grounded. That's what most of the kids in school were moaning and groaning about. He had thought about going but realized there was no point. Alice would have already seen his decision and gone to stop him.

He looked at the moist concrete he was walking on. Disappearing would be nice. He wanted to go away and be somewhere he was safe, just him and his mom. Emmett could come too but definitely not Rosalie. It would be just like old times again. He was too big to sit in his mother's lap and cuddle with her while she read him a story, but he would make do.

"Do you really not like me that much?"

Edward jumped and whirled around. He didn't realize that the sun had disappeared. Carlisle was standing behind him looking genuinely upset.

"Not like is such a weak phrase," he grumbled, turning and walking on.

"Edward you can't keep going on like this forever."

"Watch me."

"Edward stop!"

Edward took off running and once he was in the shelter of the woods he sped up. He reached home and Esme was sitting in the living room.

"There you are, Carlisle was looking for you."

"I don't care," Edward said.


"I don't like him, mom! I don't want to be here with him!"

"Edward he's your father!" Esme argued.

"I DON'T CARE! I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE WITH HIM!" Edward screamed before running upstairs to his room. He pushed by Jasper and Emmett and when he reached his room he slammed the door. Esme looked up and sighed. She closed her eyes and took some deep breaths. Carlisle was the man of her dreams and had been ever since they met. Those three days she was trapped by the blizzard were the best of her life. Not only because she spent the time with her angel, but because as a result she gained her precious son. Sex with Carlisle on that cold winters night was the best thing that had ever happened. His skin had been frozen but still their encounter left her sweaty and gasping for breath through the pleasure. He had held her tenderly and whispered how he wished he could keep her forever. She hadn't understood then but he was talking about his departure in the next year.

"Esme? Are you alright?"

She looked up and her husband smiled warmly at her. He sat beside her and she took shelter in his arms. "All I wanted was you and Edward," she whispered against his chest, "now I'm here with both of you and four more beautiful children, but he's so unhappy."

"Give him time," Carlisle said, "He's still a child."

"Technically, yes," Esme agreed.

"Listen Esme, I don't expect him to warm up to me right away."

"It's been twenty years, Carlisle!"

Carlisle sighed and leaned back against the cushions. Esme laid casually in his arms, chewing on her nail. He kissed the top of her head and gave her arm a squeeze. He knew from the was she was holding herself exactly what she was thinking about and it pained him.


Edward was in the darkness. It was warm and secure where he was. He opened his eyes just a little bit. He reached out his hand and pushed lightly on the walls around him. He heard the familiar sound again. It was his music. The sweet chime of sound in the form of words he couldn't understand, but he wanted to hear them anyway. He pushed again and this time the sound was different and he realized he had pushed too hard. He tilted his head up towards the noise and softly touched the same place again.

"I love you so much my darling."

He smiled and closed his eyes again. He drew back into himself and continued to rest. His mommy was happy.

Things changed shortly after. He felt so confined in his small space. He needed to stretch out his leg. If he was careful he wouldn't wake his mommy. He could hear her soft breathing. He could hear the other one's too. That sound was deeper and usually harsher, not nearly as gentle and sweet as his mommy's.

He had begun to turn around and he was a little uneasy about that. The walls around him began to shift and move. He closed his eyes again and braced his small body for the pain. And it came. He was pushed through something much too small and he couldn't breathe properly. He life support was pressed against his body and he didn't like it. He could hear screaming. His mommy was in pain! He didn't know what he was doing to hurt her but he had to stop! But he couldn't breathe right where he was. The walls around him were squeezing and pushing him towards something.

Then there was a bright light. It was overwhelming. Edward was scared so he did the only thing he could. He opened his mouth and screamed. Much to his surprise he had made a sound, and a loud one at that. The shock of cold air against his skin was unpleasant.

"It's a boy!"

"Come here my son."

Edward stopped crying in that instant. It was the sound of his mommy. He looked at her and she looked at him. She held him in her arms and he was warm. He was tucked in a blanket and safe against her warm chest.

"Oh, you are the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen," she whispered. Her face was streaked with tears and splotchy. The doctors took the baby to clean him and Edward began to wail again. He wanted to be back with his mommy. He found, however, that once he was clean he was returned to her arms.

"Edward," she whispered, "my sweet beautiful Edward you're finally here. Charles won't be back for a bit yet, but I know he will adore you as I do."

Edward nuzzled into her warm chest. His little fist balled and released as he got used to the new environment. He wasn't surrounded by liquid anymore but by air, but more importantly, by his mother.

The ringing school bell announced that class was over. He stood and took up his books. History next. He had to admit he was interested to find out if the girl had found his note. On his way through the crowded halls he bumped someone's shoulder. He looked over and she glanced up quickly. Her hair was long, brown and hanging around her face like a curtain. He knew her but not very well. If he remembered correctly she was the daughter of the police chief. With a sigh he continued on to class.

When he got to the class he sat in his usual back seat and was delighted when there was a note stuck to the bottom of the desk. He grabbed it and unfolded it.

Fine then, where would we go?

There was a little doodle of a suitcase with bumper stickers on it and a stick figure wearing sunglasses. Edward smiled to himself and grabbed his pencil. He began to draw the scene he wanted. A beautiful warm sunset on a quiet beach. The sand would be soft under his feet and the water would be just right. There was a slight breeze on his beach, and the dolphins played in the deep blue waters. He stuck the note to the bottom of the desk and worked on notes for the rest of the lecture.

When class ended he couldn't help but wonder who the mystery girl was. He joined up with his siblings and left for gym with Emmett.

"Heard Carlisle's pretty upset about you."

"Just because you four adore him doesn't mean I have to," Edward defended.

"I'm just saying is all," Emmett said holding his hands up. "He's a really great guy you know. I mean how many of us are doctors?"

"Well Rosie has a couple years of medical school..."


"You know what just because he's all noble and saves lives doesn't mean I'm going to kiss his ass okay!"

Emmett rolled his eyes and shuddered a bit at the thought of his face being anywhere near Carlisle's ass.

"Why do you hate him so much anyway? I mean it's not like he's treating you like a freaking redheaded stepchild!"

"What does that even mean?!" Edward moaned, running a hand through his reddish hair.

"The man has been nothing but kind and loving to you and you just...hate him."

"You know what let's try something different for today," Edward said angrily, "let's try not mentioning Saint Carlisle and all of his holiness for one day. Let's talk about what boys usually talk about."

"But you don't watch sports and I doubt you even know who the quarterback of the state football team."

"Tiger Woods?"

"Jesus you're hopeless," Emmett sighed as they walked into the locker room to change. He and Edward kept their lockers at the end of the row. All the boys hated gym with Emmett Cullen. Edward was the quick dresser. He was a wee self conscious about his body and insisted that he felt gay getting undressed in front of other guys. Emmett however had no problem showing off his rippling perfectly cut body. He stood proud in boxers as he put his gym shorts on. While he didn't go out of his way to make sure every guy in the school knew that he was buff and could beat them all in anything they could think of, he did like the jealous vibes he got from his peers.

"Wow, show off much?"

"When you got it flaunt it," he said with a shrug as he pulled his shirt over his head. "And I got it."

Edward rolled his eyes and continued dressing.


Gym was always his least favorite sport. Being that this was his first time having so much interaction with humans it was sometimes hard to control his strength.

Emmett very rarely helped.

"Come on Eddie, ya wuss!" he razzed as they played basketball. Edward glared at him. He knew full well that showing any kind of inhuman abilities would mean packing up and moving his family. He could care less if Doctor Fang had to get a new job but he didn't want to uproot his mom or his siblings. As if they had room to complain anyway!

The ball was stolen from him by Emmett and a point was scored for the other team. Edward glared at him and he shrugged with that big smile of his on his face. Emmett got the ball back and dribbled it across the court to the goal.

"Second place bro, just accept it," Emmett teased.

Just as he was about to shoot, Edward charged and tackled Emmett to the ground. The teacher blew his whistle and pulled the boys up.

"Way to go dorkward," Emmett grumbled as they were told to sit the rest of the game out and walk laps.

"You started it!"

"You know jealousy is a very unhealthy trait."

Edward glared at his brother and took to a jog.


Edward saw Alice waiting for him outside of the locker rooms wearing that smile she always wore when she knew what was going on before being told.

"Oh shut up," he said before she had a chance to speak.

"Eddie you know you'd be happier if you didn't let him get to you."

"Don't call me Eddie," Edward grumbled. "And will all of you stop treating me like some little kid?!"

"Edward you have to look at it logically, of all of us you are the youngest both physically and actually."

Edward gave Alice a sour look. She did have a point. He would always look like he was seventeen or so even though he was into his late forties. He sighed and jammed his hands in his pocket. He was heading into a good long mope and would appreciate it if his siblings left him alone about it.

But the Cullen Clan was quite the nosy one. As soon as Jasper felt his mood he asked what was wrong, Emmett pried after Spanish and Rosalie huffed and said he was a drama queen. Okay so Rosalie's reaction wasn't that nosy or surprising.

"You all can seriously back off okay!" Edward snapped as they walked out to his car.

"Yeah guys let him mope in peace," Emmett said.

"Shut up Emmett!"

Emmett stuck his tongue out at his brother and Edward glared. He got into the car and started it. His siblings barely squished in before he took off, nearly running over Bella as she made her way to her car.

"Oh brilliant Edward let's run over the students," Rosalie snapped.

"Oh why don't you comb your hair or something."

"Can't we go one day without you two fighting?" Alice asked with an exasperated sigh. "Lord you're supposed to be siblings!"

Edward rolled his eyes and sped up when he turned into the long driveway. When he reached the house the vampires pilled out and went inside. Esme was working on her needlepoint in the living room, leaning casually against Carlisle's lap.

"Hey guys how was school?" Carlisle asked happily.


"Average as usual."




The parents glanced at each other. "What sucked Edward?" Esme asked.

"Nothing," he grumbled, dropping his backpack and going upstairs. He knew it annoyed Esme when he left his bag laying around and she knew that he was trying to annoy her. She still went over and picked it up. Carlisle sighed and put his book aside. He went up the stairs and knocked lightly on Edward's door.


"Go away."

Carlisle sighed and opened the door. He saw Edward laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling.

"Something happen at school?"

"I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to talk to you about anything."

Carlisle nodded and walked out. Moments later Esme appeared and Edward rolled his eyes.

"So he sends you in huh?"

"Edward you are forty-seven-years-old, you need to stop acting like a child."

Edward sat up and looked at his mother. She sat on his bed and took his hand. She sighed and gave his fingers a squeeze.


"Mom I know you love him," Edward said, "and I'm happy that you're happy. But I don't like him and you can't expect me to."

Esme fussed with his hair a bit. "You need a cut."

That was all she said. She kissed his cheek and walked out. Edward felt immense guilt pooling in his gut as he usually did when his mother deployed her secret weapon. Without saying a word on the subject his mother basically told him that she was sad because he didn't approve of his father.

He sighed and rolled onto his stomach, hugging his pillow. He wondered what the mystery girl was up to. For that matter he wondered who she was. He was hoping she was deep and intelligent and would make him laugh. He felt as though he needed someone like that for companionship. Someone who didn't worship his father and his noble ways but rather listened, unbiased, to his views on the vampire doctor.

"Ah what are the odds of finding a friend that understands me," he groaned into his pillow.


Bella was laying awake again. When she closed her eyes she saw the dark room and felt the pain again. She sighed and thought about what kind of note she was going to find in class that morning. Was whoever it was even going to write back? Was it just someone playing around with her? It was a possibility that she was going to have to keep in mind. It just wouldn't get too serious, that's all.

Charlie called up the stairs announcing that it was time to wake up. As if she had really slept. She got up and met him for breakfast. She chewed her pop tart quietly while Charlie finished off some cereal and toast. As far as he was concerned, she was upset about the party being busted and her grounding.

What kind of conversation would that be anyway? Bella pondered that as she drove to school. How did she sit her dad down for a serious talk like that? The man that loved and cared for her especially after her mother left to tour with Phil. How did she even bring it up? Charlie I had horrible rough mistake sex at the party was hardly a good icebreaker, although it would admittedly avoid beating around the bush.

All she could really hope for was that an answer would come to her. She knew that she was still in shock and she was starting to feel. She still refused to acknowledge what had happened. She slipped in the back of the building to avoid her friends. She didn't want to hang out with them anymore. Whenever she thought about it she saw Jessica's pure indifference to her bruised face and desperate rasping and Tyler more interested in getting Jess into the sack then Bella to the doctors. Then there was Mike.

Bella almost ran into someone she was so lost in thought. She looked at who it was and flushed a bit.


"For what? Nothing happened, no harm."

"Listen, um, I wanted to thank you for um...helping me."

Alice smiled and nodded. "It's nothing. I'm glad to have helped."

"I don't even know your name."

"It's Alice," she said with a smile. "Are you doing okay?"

"Yeah," Bella mumbled, "getting by. My dad was so angry that I was at the party."

"Mine too," Alice lied. She knew though that it would make Bella feel more comfortable and it would make her family seem more normal.

"Please thank him for helping me for me," Bella said.

"He'll probably tell me to tell you that it was no problem," Alice replied with a serene smile. Bella nodded awkwardly.

"I...um...have to get to class...but thank you...again."

"Have fun," Alice said with the same smile. Bella nodded and hurried off.

"See, I told you that you were terrifying," Jasper teased, coming out from hiding. He gave his wife a quick hug from behind and stole a kiss.


Edward got to his class and instantly checked under the desk for a return note. He found one and opened it.

A beach at sunset. Just as long as we can hide out it's perfect. It would be nice to get away from reality.

He couldn't agree more.


I don't know if I should continue in this style with each chapter being mainly about one character or another or not. I kinda like it but I'm not sure. Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Soon I shall get into exactly what Carlisle did to make Edward hate him in more detail. I wanted to try something different with their relationship as most of my stories (or any stories) have them as very close friends/siblings/father and son. Edward basically reminds me of my sister and myself when my mom remarried lol. Anyway enjoy and review!