Chapter 1

"Call him!" The mint green haired boy pushed his fighter closer to the phone. "End the suffering and call him already!"

"But what if he says no?" The burgundy haired boy pouted. "I don't think me little heart could take it."

"That's it!" The other boy picked up the phone from the table. "I'll call him for you. Would you like me to ask him as well?"

The red head hung his head, trying to hide his blush in his hair. "Noooo… I can ask him."

"Then you better get to it." The other boy handed him the now ringing phone.

A few rings later a woman's voice came out from the other side of the phone make the boy's red neko ear twitch.

"Hello, Aoyagi residence."

"Oh snap!" He covered the phone's receiver with his hand. "It's his mom!"

The other's eyes widened. "Ask for him."

"Ummmm…" He put the phone back up to his ear. "Ca- ma- may I speak to Ritsuka please?"

"Why are you shaking?" The other boy whispered. "It's not like she can hurt us."

"One moment." The woman's tone lowered as he put the call on hold.

"I know that." The boy hissed at his friend's comment.

"Then why are you shaking?" The other boldly crossed his arms with a raised eye brow.

"I- I'm just nervous okay…"

This made the mint haired boy perk up with delight. But before he could make any mean comments the boy they had been waiting could finally be heard over the phone. Though he sounded tired or something.


"Hi! Ritsuka!" The red head beamed as the blush run from his face.


"Yep! Youji's here to!" Natsuo grinned sweetly towards his sacrifice.

"YO!" Youji yelled so Ritsuka could hear.

"Hi…" Ritsuka seemed really uncomfortable. "What's up?"

"Um… well…" Natsuo began to freeze. He was forgetting why he had even called Ritsuka in the first place.

"Oh great." Youji rolled his eyes. "Stop dragging it out and just ask him already."

Oh! Now he remembered and with that reminder his cheeks, once again, started to turn bright red. He was as shy as a school girl.

"Natsuo?" Ritsuka snapped him out of his daze and back to the question at hand. "Natsuo, are you there?"

"I'm here Ritsuka." Natsuo took a deep breath. "There's ummmm something I wanted to ask you."

"Okay…" Ritsuka was now getting suspicious. "What is it?"

"Come on Natsuo!" Youji was now cheering for his shy little fighter. "You can do it. Just ask him and get it over with…!"


Natsuo knew he had to do it. He couldn't back down now. The worst Ritsuka can do is say no.


Ritsuka is waiting! Natsuo knew he had to ask him now! He took a deep breath…




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