Chapter 14

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Youji and Natsuo some how made it back in time for the last dance. A slow song played about staying friends even as years go by. The Zeros made their way through the crow to meet up with Ritsuka.

"Hey!" Ritsuka smiled. "You two made it back."

"What and miss the last dance?" Youji laughed.

"Never!" Natsuo giggled.

Soubi thought it was wonderful the boys were getting along so decided to slip into the background and watch. Ritsuka needed to be more social.


"As we go on!" Youji sang along as the three of them danced together. His arms draped around both boys' shoulders while theirs' were around his and each others waist in a big hug. "We remember!"

"All the times we had together!" Natsuo sang along.

"Yuiko and Yayoi sure look like they're having fun." Ritsuka giggled as he watched his two best friends hold hands. Yayoi was in heaven while Yuiko just swung her arms back and forth looking at Ritsuka.

"Sing with us Ritsuka!" Youji laughed.

Ritsuka threw his head back laughing and singing. "We will still be friends forever!"

Even if the only pictures he would get will be from Kio and the creep hand puppet photographer. It actually turned out to be one of the best nights of Ritsuka's life. It was all thanks to Youji and Natsuo for forcing him to go.


When they got home Kio greeted the Zero boys by giving their neko ears a firm tug. "Well they're still attached." The man muttered to himself. "Are you boys sure you danced the whole night?"

"Oh no." Youji shook his head slowly, while sliding his hand around Natsuo's waist. "We went out."

"But don't worry." Natsuo winked. "We only jumped on the bed."