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Seven Days
Prologue-Day 0

"Ok, class, this week we're going to be studying pokemon breeding patterns." said the teacher.

The teacher was a woman, about thirty by her looks. They were in a classroom, and the only other people in there were five girls, between the ages of fifteen and nineteen.

"To do this, we're going into the pokemon ranch out back." continued the teacher.

They were in a university specialising in various pokemon related topics. There were in fact only nine students currently in the school, these five studying pokemon biology, and another four studying pokemon history. Behind the university was a very large area of wild land referred to as the ranch. This land was owned by the university, populated by as many species of pokemon as possible.

"For safety, we're going to need you to take these pills." continued the teacher. She stood up from her seat, walking towards the door and motioning for the students to follow her, which they did.

They gathered together in a room, where a large double door held the entrance into the ranch.

The teacher held out a pack of pills, giving three different pills to each of the girls.
They were all excited, having never been allowed out before. None of them noticed, or at least realised, that the teacher did not take any pills herself.

She made a signal in the air, and the doors opened. Out of a side door another woman approached, younger, with a smile.

"For your own safety you're going to be sprayed with certain chemicals on the way through the doors." she explained.

The girls nodded, and walked through the door, a liquid being sprayed onto each of them as they passed through, the two adults following them, also being sprayed.

They were maybe five minutes from the door when the girls all collapsed, asleep, onto the ground.

The teacher immediately walked over to them and begun stripped them naked. The other woman asked.
"Are you sure this is legal?"
"Yes, it was in the small print. It's watertight. They signed it." said the first woman, who had now finished undressing the unconscious girls. She picked a pokeball from inside her coat and opened it, revealing a Pidgeot.
"Ok, you know where they're going." she started, before stopping. "Wait!"

She reached into her coat again, picking out five little beads, and then putting one into each of the girl's ears.
"There. Translator beads." she said, before lifting the first girl onto the Pidgeot. "Kay, you can go.
The Pidgeot nodded, and flew off.

There was a loud noise, and a Venusaur approached from behind, looking hungrily at the two women.
"Excellent." said the teacher, as the other woman started to undress. "I was wondering what we were going to do while we waited."

* * *

Prologue done!