Tokyo Crazy Paradise fan fiction

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Author's notes: This is my first fanfic EVER. I really hope it sounds plausible and please review, though I'm not sure whether there are still people out there reading these TCP stories. Please feel free to give me 'constructive criticism', don't worry, my heart can take it.

This story takes place around two years after the epilogue. Enjoy (hopefully)!

"You there! What did you just do?! I saw you bend your head downwards when I walked pass! Don't DENY it!!!" This one-sided exchange was ended with sounds of someone being beaten up, or rather, more like being mauled by a ferocious animal.

She has not changed a single bit, even though it has been 2 years since her identity as Wakasa's daughter was exposed. Ryuji shook his head, smiling slightly, but it's good, I like every single thing about her, even her stubborn character.

"Aaah!! Why can't those guys get it into their heads? I mean, come on, it has been 2 years. You would think they have learnt their lesson after being beaten up so many times during those first few months!" Tsukasa fumed, storming her way over to Ryuji's side.

She is so beautiful, even more so when she is angry. Now, if only I could get her to keep her hair long and dress more femininely…Ryuji smiled slightly, having thoughts that would probably get him killed if Tsukasa could read his mind.

"Oi! Are you even listening? What's this?! Are you laughing at me?!" A fist came flying towards Ryuji's face, which was blocked rather easily.

"It has been 2 years, you ought to start getting used, if not, be used to it by now. Otherwise, at the rate you're going, I think that was the sixth man you hospitalised this week, Kuryugumi's going to be toppled from its top position, just because our seisai hospitalised most of our men," Ryuji stared hard at Tsukasa, watching her reaction.

As expected, a blush coloured her face, "Whom are you calling the 'seisai'? I haven't agreed to anything yet! Anyway, you know me. Do I look like a person who wants people to respect her? ………… Wait, that came out wrong."

I really can't stand her. Ryuji could not stop smiling, as he watches Tsukasa mumble to herself. I really…

"Anyway! Have you prepared for the graduation ceremony? It's the week after, you know! Really can't believe I'm finally graduating! Especially since Shige-chan (principal) decide to give us final exams! Thank goodness for Akira!" Tsukasa smiled, thinking back to the exam period.

Taku-nii was a monster. He made me feel as if I'm an idiot, just because I didn't know how to answer a few, fine, more like 9 out of 10 questions he asked. But still, it just shows that Taku-nii doesn't know how to teach. After all, I understood what Akira taught me, just like back then, when we had our first exams.

Ryuji turned and saw Tsukasa smiling very sweetly. I don't see her smiling like that to me before…He placed his face next to Tsukasa's and when Tsukasa turned to face him, their faces were only inches apart, giving her a shock.

"WHAT are you trying to do?!

"Nothing really… it's just that I don't like you mentioning his name and smiling so happily at the same time. So as punishment…"

Seeing the gleam in Ryuji's eyes, not unlike when a tiger sees his prey, Tsukasa inched backwards. Trying to stop the inevitable, she tried to explain, " Wait, are you angry because I didn't ask you instead? Come on, you had so many meetings to attend to everyday during that period of time, for the restructuring of Kuryugumi. Remember?!

Though I have no idea how you manage to score better than even though you had no time to study. Anyway, you're not that petty are you?!"

"Doesn't matter how good your explanation is. You should know when it comes to you, my feelings become all mixed up and I end up showing you my true feelings. That was what you wanted right? Besides, you should start getting used to this as well…" Ryuji grabbed Tsukasa's arm and closed the remaining distance between their faces.

love her so much