Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Chapter 9

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Her older half-brother was already waiting for her when she arrived. He sat by the fountain, arms crossed, and looking very pissed off. His eyes narrowed when he saw her as he stood to meet her.

"You're late." He spat out those words forcefully.

"I'm sorry." Tsukasa rolled her eyes. "You asked me out on such short notice. How was I supposed to reach here on time anyway?"

"What?" Shiki snorted disbelievingly. "I asked you out? More like you demanded me to come out immediately, or you would kill me! I had to reschedule my date with Misumi!"

"What?" Tsukasa huffed indignantly. "Me? Why would I want to ask you…" Her words trailed off.

She slowly met Shiki's eyes, and realization hit both of them. Central Plaza was eerily quiet that day. Though there were many people, it seemed as if everyone's attention was on the two of them. The usual hustle and bustle of activity was missing. She gave a nervous laugh, and ran a hand through her hair.

"Maybe we should go somewhere else? Now? B-Big brother."

"T-That's right. We should leave, l-little sister."

Shiki was equally nervous. The two huddled together, with Shiki – reluctantly – placing an arm around the younger girl and Tsukasa – unwillingly – doing the same, trying to look like siblings on a normal outing. The two barely took a step when they were suddenly surrounded. The people had smirks on their faces and even the harmless old man who was selling bottled drinks by the fountain a minute ago looked like he was out for blood.

The two unlikely allies backed up slowly, and Tsukasa slowly reached for her bugworm, not wanting to make any sudden moves without knowing what their enemies might have up their sleeves.

"Can you take care of yourself?" She muttered under her breath, her sharp eyes flitting left and right as she assessed the situation.

He cracked his knuckles, and he slipped on the metal claw he hid underneath his jacket. "Don't underestimate me. Worry about yourself more." The two stood back-to-back, and despite their constant objections, they never looked more like siblings than now.

It was that harmless looking old man who made the first move, as he leaped towards Tsukasa. She dodged easily and countered with a kick in his stomach, sending him with a loud 'splash' into the fountain. The 'splash' seemed to be a signal as everyone moved in on them simultaneously.

Tsukasa and Shiki jumped apart as everyone lunged towards them. Tsukasa whirled around and gave the nearest guy a kick, throwing him against several others. She then flung her bugworm out, catching another guy and adding him onto the growing pile of people on the floor. Shiki dodged a punch and countered with his own using his metal claw, knocking the guy right out. The two fought steadily, and despite the odds, they were winning.

Tsukasa panted, it being a long time since she fought for so long against so many. She took a step back, and her back met with Shiki's. Shiki breathed hard, wincing as he clutched his side where someone was lucky enough to land a kick. He leaned back slightly onto Tsukasa, and the odd duo took a breather as they re-assessed the situation.

Most of the men were lying on the floor groaning, but there were still quite a few alert ones who managed to avoid the two and were now slowly advancing upon the tired pair.

"Man… Wha…" Shiki breathed hard. "What are these guys on? Who did you offend now?"

Tsukasa snorted. "What? Me? Who did you offend?" She looked at the enemies sprawled on the floor. "It doesn't look like they're on that drug anyway. Otherwise they wouldn't even feel pain."

The two straightened up and look towards the remaining enemies – tough, mean looking and still full of energy – who stopped a short distance from them. Tsukasa held up her bugworm and glared at the guys.

"Who sent you? What do you want?"

Shiki shuddered involuntarily; somewhat glad he was not on the receiving end of Tsukasa's glare, which was so much like that woman's. The man closest to them smirked, and mumbled something that neither could catch.

"What? Speak up!" Tsukasa was getting frustrated, itching to just punch the living daylights out of them.


The two froze when they heard that word, their eyes widening in surprise. Tsukasa slowly met Shiki's eyes before looking back to the men in front of them. She let down her bugworm and shrugged.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Tsukasa tried to inch to the side. Shiki looked at her as if she grew another head. "Maybe you mistaken us for someone else?" She pasted a big smile on her face. "But it's okay, I don't hold grudges. Well, see you around." She grabbed onto Shiki's hand and ran as fast as she could.

Bang! Bang!

An 'eep!" escaped from her lips as Tsukasa jumped back, knocking right into Shiki, the first bullet grazing her cheek while the second missed her by an inch. She turned and glared at the man, while Shiki rubbed his nose, which Tsukasa accidentally punched when she jumped backwards.

"That's dangerous." She took a step forward, and once again Shiki was thankful he did not have to deal with her wrath. "Playing with guns in public." She touched her cheek, the blood smearing her fingers.

"What if someone gets hurt?"

The aura surrounding her was totally different from just now. Hearing 'Hogougumi' did nothing to improve her mood either. The bugworm was still in her hand, the chain dangling menacingly. Her eyes narrowed.

"What do you want?"

Shiki blinked when the girl in front of him just seemingly vanished from under his nose and re-appeared right in front of the guy with the gun. The guy jumped, shocked at how fast her movements were. Tsukasa grabbed hold of the gun, forcing the muzzle under his neck. His eyes widened in shock.

"Wh-What! W-Wait!" He did not look as fearsome now that Tsukasa was the one controlling the gun.

"Who. Sent. You." The guy swallowed hard, shaking slightly under Tsukasa's glare and voice.

"Tell me now."

"W-Wait. T-They just said the ones who killed the remnants of H-Hogougumi would be rewarded!" The guy spoke hurriedly. "No one said that they would be this strong." He muttered the last bit under his breath, but Tsukasa caught it.

The guy blinked, and could have sworn he saw flowers blooming around the shortie holding him hostage.

However, whatever he might have saw disappeared just as fast when she pressed the muzzle deeper into his neck.

"They? Who's 'they'?"

"I-I-" He looked around, willing his comrades to help him out, but he could see no one. A laugh from his left caught his attention and he turned to see the blond guy with the metal claw sitting on one of his buddies. Shiki smirked.

"Looking for your other friends?" He waved a nonchalant hand around. "Don't bother. I took care of the rest of them."

"What?" Tsukasa turned, furious, scaring Shiki a little with her expression. "All of them?" She pouted. "Not fair!"

"Not fair?" He snorted. "This isn't a game."

"But I wanted to fight some more!"

"You were planning on running away a few minutes ago!"

"But I didn't! Why didn't you leave some for me?"

"You- Argh!" Shiki let out an exasperated sigh, once again wondering how on earth he could be related with this illogical girl in front of him.

The guy – sensing a chance with the shortie busy bickering with the blondie – shoved Tsukasa, breaking her grip on the gun. Tsukasa turned back, remembering that there was still another guy ahead of her. She stumbled, her eyes widening as the remaining guy aimed the gun towards her, laughing almost maniacally when he thought about the reward. Shiki swore, running towards the two. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.


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