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'Good luck me'

'You too Ethan'


The return of the normal events

Chapter one

The nightmare

'Its finally holidays! Freedom at last!' Ethan thought to himself

'No more homework no more school and most importantly no more worrying about the hollow pen'

He sank into his bed and disappeared under his blankets.

'g'night Sox 'The boy yawned and soon fell asleep



'What the…who are you and why are you doing this! NO STOP IT!'

'Ha ha, you Kairo boys never learn do you? Once you mess with the Onegins

there's no turning back'

'No this can't be happening your suppose to be gone for good!'

'Say your prays Ethan you wont be living any longer than this'



'NO! 'shouted Ethan as he soon realises that he was dreaming.

There was buckets sweat dripping down Ethan's forehead.

'Was that Irving?' Ethan stared at Sox for a few seconds

'Oh well I shouldn't think too much' he thought

'Mrowr' Sox rubbed his head against Ethan as if he was trying to get his attention.

'What is that Sox? ' Ethan asked curiously

There was something green attached to sox's collar

'WHOA!' Ethan yelled in surprise


Ethan grabbed the item and examined it carefully

'No it can't be! This can't be the hollow pen!'

'But if it is what do I need it for?'


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