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The return of the normal events

Chapter one

The nightmare

"WOO holidays!" I thought out aloud. "Freedom at last! No more homework no more school and most importantly no more worrying about the hollow pen" I sighed in relief as I sank into my bed and disappeared under his blankets.
"g'night sox" I yawned while the black and white cat purred and continued to lick her paws.
I lay sleepily in my bed exhausted and drifted into my dreams.

"SAVE ME! ETHAN HELP ME!" I hear a voice. I could not be sure who it was exactly but I could have sworn in sounded like Emily.
"What the…who are you and why are you doing this! NO STOP IT!" I exclaimed. I had no idea where I was but all I know is I was in a room engulfed with flames.
"Ha ha, you Kairo boys never learn do you?" A tall shadow stood over me. "Once you mess with the Onegins there's no turning back."
I tried to gasp for air but it felt like I had lost my ability to breathe.
"No this can't be happening…he's supposed to be gone for good!" I thought.
'Say your prayer Ethan you won't be living any longer than this' The man let out an evil laugh.
'NOOOOO!' I screamed desperately.

My eyes are wide open. There was buckets sweat dripping down my forehead. "It's okay" I told myself, "it was only a dream" I turned my eyes towards Sox. "Oh well I shouldn't think too much" I placed my hand on sox's head. "mrowrrr" She purred.
Sox rubbed her head against my thigh successfully catching my attention.
"What is that Sox?" I looked anxiously at her. There was something green attached to her collar
I took a closer look.
"NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" I grabbed the item and examined it carefully.
"No it can't be! This can't be the hollow pen!"
"I don't need the hollow pen anymore!...right?"
I stared at the pen that lay in my hands.

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